sinbad and genie n.
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Sinbad and Genie

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Sinbad and Genie. INGL-0080-N0 6 Dr. Jesús López. By: Keyla La Santa and Yellimar Borges.

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Sinbad and Genie

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    1. Sinbad and Genie INGL-0080-N0 6 Dr. JesúsLópez By: Keyla La Santa and Yellimar Borges

    2. Sinbad was a sailor walking along the beach and one day he heard a voice calling him, he looked around and no one was there, but there was an old bottle in the sand. Then he picked up the bottle and look at and open it and see that there is a small circumference person who was a genius. He was asking for help to please let him go out and Sinbad opened the bottle to let it out. For now comes the great genius and says thanks sailor. The summary of the history

    3. The genius had long been in the bottle and was very hungry since their last meal was 5,000 years ago. For a moment the genius thought, and was going to eat the sailor, but Sinbad was smarter than him and said that he was very little that had 5,000 years in small bottle and the genie was angry and he showed that they could be small and get inside the bottle, when Sinbad did put the cap to the bottle and said goodbye for another 5,000 years more and continued walking.

    4. The moral of this history is that not for been a genie, strong, big and with powers is more than other people because we see now Sinbad trick the genie and send it back to the old bottle and leaving the genie 5,000 years more. The moral of the history