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Bellwork. What are the three ways a bridge can fail? Buckling Snapping Torsion. Bridge Building. 11/19/13. Shapes Recap. Triangles – Very good Circles – Good (small scale only) Squares – Okay (not ridged). Tips For Building Bridges. Start with a beam bridge

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  • What are the three ways a bridge can fail?
  • Buckling
  • Snapping
  • Torsion




shapes recap
Shapes Recap
  • Triangles – Very good
  • Circles – Good (small scale only)
  • Squares – Okay (not ridged)
tips for building bridges
Tips For Building Bridges
  • Start with a beam bridge
  • Make sure it is a least 29 cm to cover the gap
  • Make sure the glue is DRY (overnight)
  • Make the deck flat for the car with a hole in it
  • Make the ends strong and beam girders go all the way across.
notes on bridge project
Notes on Bridge Project

Beam Bridge: (all bridges)

  • Beams should go all the way across
  • Have strong ends

Ajo Way & I-10 Tucson, AZ

notes on bridge project1

start with beam bridge

the truss structure has to aid in the supporting the load

3.5 cm clearance

AZ Route 88 – Canyon Lake, AZ

Notes on Bridge Project
notes on bridge project2
Notes on Bridge Project


  • start with beam bridge
  • the arch structure has to aid in the holding the load
  • the abutments need to be on the table

London Bridge

Lake Havasu City, AZ

Navajo Bridge

Marble Canyon, AZ

Mike O'Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

notes on bridge project3
Notes on Bridge Project

McPhaul Bridge

Yuma, AZ

notes on bridge project4
Notes on Bridge Project

Cameron Suspension Bridge

Cameron, AZ

notes on bridge project5
Notes on Bridge Project

Royal Gorge Bridge,

Cañon City, CO

notes on bridge project6
Notes on Bridge Project

101 & 63rd Ave cable-stay Bridge

Glendale, AZ

notes on bridge project7
Notes on Bridge Project

Suspension and Cable Stayed:

  • start with beam bridge
  • deck can not be more then 30 cm
  • towers need to be on the table
  • placement of the towers
  • string needs to aid in holding the load
  • string to the weights is not counted as the length measurement
  • can use anchor weights, 10 lb each side
tips for building bridges1
Tips For Building Bridges
  • Start with a beam bridge!!!
  • Optional - You can decorate with markers, color pencils or crayons (but NOT paint)
  • Bonus for max load in each category
    • Beam
    • Truss / Arch
    • Suspension / Cable-stayed
bridge testing
Bridge Testing
  • The center of the deck needs to has a hole (1.0 cm diameter) for the load tester
  • Each bridge will be weighed before the testing
  • Each group will add mass (0.50 or 1.0 kg) to the bucket
  • Need to wait a few seconds between each added mass
  • A max load is when there is buckling or snapping of the bridge
  • Finish Mini Bridge questions
  • Print group name(s) on list
  • Get two manila folders
  • Work at the desks NOT in the lab area
  • At the end of class
  • Place bridge in period cabinet
  • Return materials
  • Clean up – glue, scrapes, etc. (last 5 min.)
  • Yes, you can work on the bridge outside of class and over the weekend
  • Need to be working on the project!
mini bridge questions
Mini-Bridge Questions:

(Use complete sentence for full credit)

  • What worked well for your design?
  • How did you improve your design over the trials?
  • What problems did you encounter?
  • Where did your bridge(s) collapse?
  • How did this activity help you with the project that is due on next week?
bridge building
Bridge Building


Millau Viaduct - Millau, France