prescriptive guidance for soa n.
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Prescriptive Guidance for SOA PowerPoint Presentation
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Prescriptive Guidance for SOA

Prescriptive Guidance for SOA

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Prescriptive Guidance for SOA

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  1. Prescriptive Guidance for SOA Peter Roden Director of Technology Development OASIS

  2. “The largest standards group for electronic commerce on the Web” What is OASIS? • OASIS = Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards • OASIS has been developing e-Standards since 1993 • OASIS is a member-led, international non-profit standards consortium concentrating on structured information and global e-business standards. • Close to 5000 members and 500 organizations • Supports over 60 technical committees producing royalty-free and RAND standards in an open process.

  3. OASIS Member Distribution 50% Technology Providers • Software vendors • Industry organisations • Individuals / small developers 15% Government & Academic • Governments • Universities • Research centres & related nonprofits • 35% • Users and influencers • User companies • Vertical industry organisations • Individuals / small consultancies

  4. OASIS Membership Expanding Globally


  6. OASIS Technical Standards ASAP, BTP, ebXML-BP, WSBPEL, WSCAF CIQ, CGM, DocBook, OpenDocument, UBL AVDL, eGOV, Election, eProc, Emergency, Legal XML, Materials, PLCS, PPS, TaxML, TransWs, WAS, XLIFF, (Auto Repair) ORCHESTRATION & MANAGEMENT DATA CONTENT DCML (x3), WSDM, WSRF, WS-Notification SPML, XACML, (DSML) ABCM, (Conformance), ebSOA, FWSI, SOA Blueprints, SOA-RM SECURITY & ACCESS SOA DESCRIPTION ebXML CPPA, HumanML, UIML, WSRP DSS, PKI, SAML, WS-Security, XCBF DITA, EntityRes, Topic Maps, Pub. Subj, XDI, XRI ebXML, RegRep, UDDI MESSAGING DISCOVERY ebXML MSG, ebXML IIC, WS-Reliability, WS-RX Relax NG, XSLT Conformance COMMON MESSAGE (XML) COMMON TRANSPORT

  7. Infrastructure work is maturing The action is moving up the "stack" to content and semantics Stronger emphasis on service orientation: interoperability and re-use End users are providing more of the content Technical trends in OASIS work ORCHESTRATION & MANAGEMENT DATA CONTENT SOA SECURITY & ACCESS DESCRIPTION MESSAGING DISCOVERY COMMON MESSAGE (XML) COMMON TRANSPORT

  8. Prescriptive: “to lay down as a guide, direction, or rule of action”

  9. Business Centric Methodology TC • BCM templates for the Repository • Information architecture • Connections

  10. SOA Blueprints TC • Methodology • “Open-Source” RFP • Built around Generico • Donation from CapGemini for defining Business Requirements • Donation from WellsFargo • “Open-Source” POC • Vendor-Neutral source of information and benchmarks • Best Practices & Patterns • • Reference implementations from BEA, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun

  11. SOA Blueprint Goals • Part of a long term project, SOA Blueprints aims to: • Define a baseline standardized set of enterprise applications • Focus on SOA principles • Highlight SOA design patterns and best practices • Encourage SOA adoption • Be industry agnostic • Be applicable to as many organizations as possible • The specification will lead to: • An agreement on SOA terminology • A reference open source implementation • An implementation by vendors • Additional modules with particular industry focus

  12. SOA Blueprints Implementation Environments • Definition of services independent of implementation, location or use • Implementation and hosting of services as a provider • Location and usage of services as a consumer • Assembly of services from other services and business rules • Support for synchronous, asynchronous and conversational services • Orchestration of application presentation built on services and rules • Automated data transformation between disparate data structures • Provisioning of local and remote services • Support for simulating, testing and debugging of services

  13. ebSOA Update the ebXML Architecture in an SOA context Framework for WS Implementation design a template for Web services deployment to enable systems integrators, software vendors, and in-house developers to build e-commerce solutions more quickly SOA Reference Model define a reference model for Service Oriented Architecture Semantic Execution Environment guidelines, justifications and implementation directions for an execution environment for Semantic Web services More OASIS SOA Prescriptive Work

  14. End-User Company Benefits • Influence direction and priorities of standards development by aligning your strategic requirements with the standards • Learn and adopt best practices • Improve Vendor and Partner selection through a better understanding of why they are choosing their implementation and product directions • Shift training expenses to standards participation to better educate technical staff on trends and developments of technology • Observe practical implementations from multiple vendors for given business scenarios • Speed up your implementations by participating in multi-vendor interoperability demonstrations with your specific use cases

  15. Peter Roden Director of Technology Development OASIS 630 Boston Road Billerica, MA 01821 USA +1 978 667 5115 Ext. 210 (Voice) +1 978 761 1648 (Mobile) +1 978 667 5114 (Fax)