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Barbara van Koppen IWMI

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Barbara van Koppen IWMI - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Barbara van Koppen IWMI
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  1. “Water flows towards Money and power” Equity in access to water resources Priority General Authorisations and Water Allocation Reform in South Africa Barbara van Koppen IWMI

  2. Vision: protecting and expanding HDIs’Schedule 1 and “5-10x” Schedule 1 water usesfor jobs, poverty alleviation & rural development

  3. Priority 3: The third highest priority is accorded to the allocation of water for poverty eradication, the improvement of livelihoods of the poor and the marginalized, and uses that will contribute to greater racial and gender equity. : The national target is 30% water in the hands of South African black and women citizens

  4. So what? Do we now get water from the haves, especially in stressed basins? Can we now get a loan? Can we sell?

  5. Current licensing processes are often costly, very lengthy, bureaucratic and inaccessible to many South Africans Licensing discriminates ! 70-90% of water resources used by 10% of the largest registered users The passage of a law that commits us as government to perform tasks that we do not have the resources to undertake is time wasting of the worst kind (Asmal 1997) ~ 25 ha

  6. General Authorisations (GA) may be gazetted for specific catchments for the allocation of water resources to black and women users. This will facilitate the uptake of water by these designated groups to ensure the set race and gender targets. • Are GAs just an ‘administrative rest-category’ (Hodgson 2004)? Enforcement? Loans? Sale? So: • Link to priority in NWRS2 • Inform and empower people • Mobilize banks • Use it or lose it • Monitor uptake and impact

  7. Conclusion: pro-poor licensing: Regulate the few large-scale users Support the majority of small-scale users

  8. Thank you