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How To Save Money On A Wedding – Top 27 Ways

There are numerous ways to save money abound, starting by setting a clearly defined budget on your venue, catering, dresses, and even entertainment.<br><br>This post will show you what to look out for at every stage, how to curb unnecessary expenses, right channeling of finance and how to save money on a wedding!<br><br>https://www.weddingforward.com/save-money-on-wedding-expenses/<br>

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How To Save Money On A Wedding – Top 27 Ways

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  1. HOW TO SAVE MONEY ON A WEDDING – TOP 27 WAYS www.weddingforward.comv

  2. Set Up A Clearly Defined Budget • When planning your wedding, set a defined budget of all the things necessary for you to pull off a wedding. Include all the tiniest things and mark a price to each. Follow the steps below and find essential tips to plan your wedding budget! • Start With A Hard Maximum Budget • One of the effective ways to save on a wedding is to be realistic with your planning and call for help. Collate a list of everything, down to the tiniest bit of things you need and make a rough sum. Check the savings of you and your partner to see how much you can come up with. • You can also call up both pairs of parents to know how much they’d support with or what they’d take care of. Exhaust all the help avenues open to you for the wedding. Whatever you get in total, is your hard maximum budget. • Make A List Of All Expenses • Make a broad list which contains everything about your wedding, leaving nothing out. Put down your wedding dress to the venue, floral budget up to your wedding food costs with real price ranges. It is easier to place prices on fixed items and services such as the wedding entertainment which includes the music, food, drinks, and photography.

  3. Consult companies or firms you want to work with for your wedding and weigh prices. You can also ask friends who are recently wedded or those in the business of event management. This way, you will get diverse price ranges within your budget. • Make a Buffer For Unknown Expenses • Making buffers for unprecedented expenses a part of your wedding budget is one life hack you can’t ignore. Make it between 15 – 30% of your budget and you can be of sure of a definite soft landing. You may not even get to use it at all. Something may go wrong with the wedding flowers or seats and the buffer cushions then lapses. • It’s also common knowledge that at weddings, the guests either have an affinity for the food or drinks. Your alcoholic beverages may need repeated supply because some guests cannot stop drinking. Your buffer comes to the rescue.

  4. Ways To Save Money On Wedding Invitations • Wedding invitations are beautiful and everything classy, but with wanting to save, it is not something to splurge on. More so, we are in a time where going paperless is easier, more efficient and faster. This is an avoidable waste which you can save a lot from. • Use Electronic Invitations • This is especially for the couple who have tech-savvy guests gracing their wedding. Send your wedding invites through emails or other social media private messaging platforms. You can also source for websites online which let you send invites for free. • Another way to do this is to set up your own websites with your best-loved up pictures and keep your guests aware of it. That way, they can RSVP online and keep up with your wedding planning process and adjustments. You can also choose either your maid of honor or best man to receive RSVP through phone calls. • Print Your Own Invitations • Printing your own wedding invitations, beyond saving costs also allows a room for creativity. If you have friends who love to design or draw, sweet talk them into helping you make some invites. If people with such talents are absent in your life, there are wedding invitation templates to the rescue.

  5. Etsy is a very huge place to find some of the most beautiful templates. Pay, then download a template that matches your wedding theme/colors and print away in the comfort of your home. This will save you so much money, enough to cater to other pressing needs. • DIY Invitations Are you looking for a way to not just save money, but get creative, stamp on your personality and have fun? DIY invitations are the way to go, one which will have very willing volunteers. It will also save you so much money as against professionally produced invites. You will need to buy materials and that should cost about 15% of total professionally made invites budget. Go on Pinterest where there is a parade of beautiful designs, make a pick and work with ones that best suit. Same goes for appreciation cards. Buy or make low budget minimalist thank-you cards.

  6. Ways To Save On Wedding Venue • The most convenient venue for your wedding is one so beautiful, strategically located and suits your budget. Ballrooms, hotel banquets, and halls are fine for those who are wealthy. But if you are looking at how to save money on a wedding through venues, below is how. • Skip The Saturdays • The popular hashtag “Saturdays are for weddings” is not a myth. Saturdays are really for weddings all over, maybe because most people do not have to go to work. If you are looking for ways to save money on a wedding, please skip Saturdays. Saturdays will definitely be the most expensive day and all booked. • Pick any of the weekdays or nights and you would still have a beautiful wedding. Getting married on a Sunday is not a bad idea either. How about you pick Wednesdays too? This way, you save a lump sum while having a beautiful cheap wedding. • Try Urban Venues • Couples who live in rural areas or the countryside’s have the beauty of wineries, breweries, fields, and yards for weddings. For couples who live in the cities or exclusive suburbs, we ask you to try out the urban venues. Places like restaurants, art galleries, museums, parks, and public yards are life savers.

  7. These are places which do not cater to the wedding, so prices will be reasonable. They may need you to pay for their food and drinks which will be the normal rate for other patrons. Only make sure they have areas that can sit in all your guests in comfort. • Use The Venue’s Resources The resources the venue may have depends on what place you have chosen to hold your wedding. Find out what the venue you chose will offer as part of the rental fee. How to save on wedding rentals is to make sure that the venue offers almost everything as part of the fee. Make sure to choose a venue with an opulent décor. Some places may choose to supply seats, table covers, linen, cutleries and all. But if you choose someplace like a public yard or park, you may have to spend money on decor, lightning and other logistics.

  8. How To Save Money On A Wedding Dress • Every bride wants her wedding dress to be the cynosure of all eyes. This you can get at budget-friendly. What is the need for splurging on a dress you’d probably wear only once in your life? Learn ways to save money on a wedding dress instead. • Borrowing a Dress And Accessories • Meet up that friend or aunt who just wedded and ask to borrow her wedding dress, maybe for a fee. There’s also that regardless wedding dress that is sometimes passed down to brides in some families. It may be out of date or not your style, but borrow it and take permission to the altar. You would end up looking like a million bucks. • Accessories are very important parts of your wedding ensemble, such as shoes, veil, tiara, bracelets and more. If you’re lucky to have heirlooms in the family, do borrow, as long as you keep them in good condition.

  9. Shop Sample Gowns Many brides may not like the sound of this, but this is one of the top wedding money saving tips. Buy sample gowns! Sample gowns are those ones on display, which stores give the potential buyers to try out. If you opt to buy these gowns, you will get them at heavy discounts. The downside of buying sample gowns is that they are not in good conditions most of the time, due to excessive handling. If you get ones without any faults, then you’re most lucky. Otherwise, you may have to spend a token to fix all the faults found. • Find Sales If your dream is not to borrow or buy sample gowns, there is still hope. Take advantage of sales by stores or designers. Watch out for when there are massive sales with huge price slash and go get your gown. You can also scout your favorite websites for when they begin sales, as you could get a $2500 Vera Wang gown for $320. Good preloved and old stock designer gowns are also everywhere at discounted prices. No one would know they were even preloved. This is a way to save money on your dress. You can resell when you’re done.

  10. Saving Wedding Money On Catering • Wedding food costs constitute a large chunk of the wedding budget. You have to pay for the food, drinks, labor and put a buffer in place, in case. With the tips below, you will find tricks which will help you save from catering. • Bring Your Own Food • Bringing your own food to your wedding is the number one smart thing to do. You’ll be saving more than half the amount you would give to a caterer or wedding vendor. This is something you can do within the comfort of your home. Go for foods or pastries that are easy to whip up. • If the number of guests you are expecting is a lot, get friends and relatives to help or take turns in making batches. You could also order the foods you want from any eatery and have them delivered to your venue at a normal price. • Avoid The Traditional Sit-Down Dinner • Traditional sit-down dinners are costly to pull off, although a very classy and extravagant affair. This is because they entail all the course meals that will burn a hole in your pocket in seconds. Brunches and lunches are well advised instead, as they cost less and with light food.

  11. No buffet where people can make their choice of foods, go for cocktails with a limited menu option. You could serve up homemade biscuits, tiny cheeseburgers, pigs in a blanket, cake and ice cream. Your chef could also make some southern fried chicken and pasta. The aim is to have fun! • Simplify Alcoholic Beverages Alcohol is a money sucker at celebrations, which may drain your buffer. To save some money here, you should make your own blend of alcohol. Another method is to create an open bar and pay for an alcoholic beverage that you can alternate for different cocktails. For example, with a bottle of tequila, a DIY margarita bar is ready. From same tequila, you can make passion cocktail, sangria, Bloody Mary, Paloma and more.All you need for your alcohol supply are different styles of cocktails. Augment with some choice wine as a way to save money on wedding expenses.

  12. Want to see more tips How To Save Money On A Wedding? See our full post here: https://www.weddingforward.com/save-money-on-wedding-expenses/

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