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Baby Monitor Application

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Baby Monitor Application

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Baby Monitor Application

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  1. Baby Monitor Application Submitted by: John Sims Alan Slutter Frankie Williams

  2. What Will The Project Do? • Team project device will: • transmitter from a baby monitor unit (transmitter). To a application on an android device. • It will send and receive audio from the transmitter to the android device. • Other applications that work as baby monitors: • The two applications that were on the slide before communicate from mobile to mobile phone. • Both the mobile phone applications will send a text if there is sound around the area of the baby and can also play melodies through the application. • The cost of the applications are from free to around four dollars. • The down side is you already have to own to android devices in order for the applications to work.

  3. Project Scope ProblemParents have the inconvenience of having to move, and set up the baby monitor in whichever room they are currently in which creates a time issue for parents constantly on the move inside their home. Project GoalThe goal is to design a baby monitor that connects wirelessly, as well as through an Ethernet connection, and provide real-time audio to and from the baby monitor through an android phone application.  

  4. SMART Objectives Specific: The primary objective of the project is to design and prototype a baby monitor that will send and receive real time audio through an android phone application.  Measurable:  The baby monitor will be able to simultaneously send and receive real time audio processed through a micro-controller, Wi-Fi module, and Ethernet module. The wireless and Ethernet modules will be set to the distance of the user's home network. The android application will be programmed to receive constant real time audio, but send real time audio when the menu option is selected.  Assignable: Currently all group members are contributing to the content of the website, as well as researching currently available possible components. Once the design and construction phase begins, each member will be responsible for designing different portions of the prototype as follows:

  5. SMART Objectives (Cont.)

  6. SMART Objectives (Cont.) Realistic: In the interest of time our application may not have a user friendly design. Time Based: A prototype baby monitor and android application will be built by May 2013.

  7. Block Diagram This is our block diagram of our system:

  8. Initial Specifications • 120 Vac power supply. • AC to DC converter system to out put 5 V and 3.3 V. • Wi-Fi module is a Roving Networks RN-171. • Power source is 3.3 V. • Wi-Fi module at full transmit power is 190 mA using 802.11 b (2Mbps) • Wi-Fi module at full transmit power is 240 mA using 802.11 g (2Mbps) • Microprocessor is a freescale semiconductor MC9S08QG8. • Power source is 3.3 V. • Chips internal power max is 0.456 W at 3.8 V

  9. Background Research • Doing some research, there are similar Android applications that are similar to our project. Although these applications are similar, there are some differences between these existing applications, and our team project. • Baby Monitor and Alarm • Phone Alert, Mum’s Voice, Sweet Dreams, Activity Log, Ample Application Settings. • Baby Monitor • Baby Alarm Image Surveillance, Sleep Diary, Baby Tips, Low Battery Warning

  10. Background Research • 8,249,028 • Method and apparatus for identifying wireless transmitters • 8,170,607 • Communication system and method in a hybrid wired/wireless local area network

  11. Work Breakdown Structure

  12. Gantt Chart

  13. Risk Analysis

  14. Risk Matrix

  15. Test & Verification Plan • 1. Microphone Circuit • a. Design Microphone Circuit • b.PSpice/Multisim model • c.Build Circuit • d.ProgramMicro-Controller • 2. Speaker Circuit • a. Design Speaker Circuit • b. Pspice/Multisim model • c. Build Circuit • d. Program Micro-Controller

  16. Test & Verification Plan (Cont.) • 3. Wi-Fi Circuit • a. PSpice/Multisim model • b. Program Wi-Fi Controller • c. Test Wi-Fi Controller • 4. Micro-Controller • a. Design Micro-Controller Circuit • b. PSpice/Multisim model • c. Build Circuit • d. Program Microcontroller • e. Test Micro-Controller

  17. Test & Verification Plan (Cont.) • 5. Android Application • a. Program Application • b. Test Application • c. Integrate Application with Wi-Fi controller