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Consultant Enrollment Training Call PowerPoint Presentation
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Consultant Enrollment Training Call

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Consultant Enrollment Training Call - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Consultant Enrollment Training Call. PRIOR TO ENROLLMENT DO THE FOLLOWING:. Decide on a url for both R+F websites Create gmail account for R+F emails Complete The Solution Tool. Determine regimen of choice ENROLL AT CONSULTANT’S . BIZ WEB SITE

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Decide on a urlfor both R+F websites

Create gmail account for R+F emails

Complete The Solution Tool.

Determine regimen of choice


Decide which Business Kit ($695 or $995)

Enroll into PULSE & CRP to ship next month.

Order business cards from RF Mall in PULSE.


Tour .com website/ Learn how to enroll a Preferred Customer (PC PERKS Enrollment Form is found in PULSE.)

Insider information, special pricing, superior service... Preferred Customers have Perks. Rodan + Fields Dermatologists offers everyone clinically proven products, expert support with the RF Connection, and cutting-edge skincare information. And with our exclusive PC Perks program, enhanced benefits and even greater value are just a few clicks away.

10% off* all Rodan + Fields products, all the time

Free shipping on regularly scheduled orders

Enhanced Customer Service including our exclusive PC Perks hotline and our PC Perks House Call, a quarterly e-newsletter especially for you.

Exclusive Preferred Customer promotions

Activate all these perks &convenience of timely automatic delivery of your favorite Rodan + Fields products with one-time enrollment fee of $19.95 & your first purchase of $80.00 or more.



  • Tour your .Biz website.
  • Practice enrolling a new consultant
  • Tour PULSE:
    • Complete your Pulse Wizard
    • Customize your PWS
  • Learn how to access Trainings & Presentations via Superstar Sisters Newsletter.
  • Open & Read Corporate “Insider Scoop” Newsletter every Monday morning.

One Hour Training During Enrollment

  • Continues with this power point:
  • Schedule additional trainings during the 1st month with sponsor.
  • Schedule Big Business Launches BBL’s; One this month & 2nd BBL next month. See BBL Agenda
  • Set Goal to reach EC status; Earn $1,000; Stay on course to earn an iPad2. See iPad2 Bonus Flyer.
Commit the hours you will work R+F

Calendar the weekly hours you plan to work your new Rodan + Fields business:

1. Phone Call blocking

2. Prospecting

3. Trainings

4. Presentations, BBL’s and local Meetings

5. 3 Way Conference Calls with sponsor

6. OPEN your Email newsletters & READ!!!

SPONSOR WILL Email or share These Ten PULSE documents & This Power point prior to enrollment:
  • Amp Up Your Earnings
  • PC PERKS Enrollment Form
  • Your Reason Why
  • Memory Jogger
  • Art of Inviting (Approach Language)
  • Story Outlines
  • BBL Agenda
  • iStart Flyer & Fast Start Flyer
  • Cheat Sheet
  • 90 Day Goal Plan

Email the following documents not found in PULSE to your New Consultant:

Critical Activities #1

Critical Activities #2

These documents are also available in Superstar Coaching at Log in by….

Critical Activity #1
  • Develop your Prospect List
  • Make a list of the people who you know.
  • Use the Memory Jogger to think of people you know. Think about the people you routinely encounter. Minimum of 100 people on your list.
  • Rate Your Prospect List & Identify your TOP 10! These folks “light up the room!”
  • Join Networking Groups; Join groups on, chamber organizations, non-profit volunteer, any opportunity to meet new people.
Critical activity #1 Continues:
  • Package Your Story
  • In 30 seconds your story should tell prospects who you are and what you do. Work with your sponsor to develop a clear and concise story that creates curiosity for people to want to learn more.
  • Prospecting Language
  • Develop your own 5 minute script using The Art of Inviting document found in PULSE. Practice the script with your sponsor until you have memorized it, and are totally comfortable in any situation using this language.
Inviting Script to Personalize
  • “Hi Susan, this is Mary. I hope you are doing well. I have something really exciting I want to share with you! Do you have 5 minutes right now? Great!
  • I am working with a company founded by Dr. Rodan & Dr. Fields. You may know them as the creators of Proactiv Solution for acne, you’ve heard of that right? Listen to their answer.
  • Susan, I thought of you because you are …(compliment: savvy, fun to be with, my favorite cousin, so connected you light up the room, successful at whatever you do). Pause & listen to their response to your compliments. See Art of Inviting Documents.
Additional Script to personalize

"Hi Debbie, this is Susan. Do you have a minute?

Great! I'm in between appointments today but I am calling you for a reason. Debbie, I am so excited- I just teamed up with the creators of Proactiv---have you heard of them (pause)?

Listen to her response…. Then continue. The Doctors are now doing for aging, what they did for acne and they are expanding into your area! I thought you'd be perfect for this--and although it may not be for you, I am looking for your support and referrals as we expand there.” (Next step: invite them to a meeting, conference call, or BBL to hear more).

Support Resources

Superstar Sisters: Join Superstar Sister Networking Group on Facebook; Read your Superstar Sisters Newsletter weekly. Watch for information for important Training Calls and Webinars.

15 min. Opportunity Call #1 R+F Millionaire, Sarah Robbins & Gabe Sedlak. Playback Call: 712.432.1085 Code 102236#

30 min. Opportunity Playback Call by Top R+F Income Earner, RomiNeustadt - 712-432-1085 Code: 523417

Register at Event Calendar coming soon!

support resources available to you
Support Resources Available to You!

1. Sarah Robbins Founding Consultant provides exceptional Consultant Training New Consultant Training Webinars & Recorded Training Calls

(Username: team Password: team) Click on Rockstar Recruiting Tab. First watch the New Consultant Training webinar & then the additional 13 Webinars that are available!

2. Sunday Team Training Call 712.432.0075 code 668998# Playback 712.432.1085 same code. 7:00 pm PST, 8:00 pm MT, 9:00 pm CST, 10:00 pm EST.

3. LIVE Business Opportunity Presentations in your area – posted at and Corporate events in Insider Scoop.

4. Rodan + Fields Consultant Support: 415.273.8000 (open 8am CST)

Or email: for Nurse Mary Radford


Social Media

Create personal Facebook page and announce your NEW business!

Search for Superstar Sisters Networking Team Facebook page. Ask to be added.

Enroll at

Familiarize yourself with:


2. presentations

3. You Tube Rodan + Fields videos

4. rfsuperstarsistersYou Tube channel



Donna Tisdale –

Melinda Hickey –

Elizabeth Haynes –