find cheap branded spa chairs in the usa n.
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Find Cheap Branded Spa Chairs In The USA PowerPoint Presentation
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Find Cheap Branded Spa Chairs In The USA

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Find Cheap Branded Spa Chairs In The USA

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Find Cheap Branded Spa Chairs In The USA

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  1. Find Cheap Branded Spa Chairs In The USA

  2. The Cloud 9 All In One Multi Purpose Medi Spa Chair is perfect for massage, facials, injectibles, pedicures, manicures, and more. Its exquisite design features a UL listed lift actuator with an extensive height range, LEC's Strata 4" Memory Foam Cushioning System, and Natursoft upholstery, making it the most complete in comfort, function, and design.

  3. The Habana Lounger takes a hotel guests in-room experience to new levels of relaxation and enjoyment, said Jim Chenevey, CEO and President of Living Earth Crafts. It is exciting to be on the forefront of innovation offering a product that can truly revolutionize the hotel industry. Shown with Lamp and Activity Counter mounted on "right". Also available with Lamp and Activity Counter optionally mounted on the "left". Shown with optional Pivot Perfect Armrests

  4. The Habana II Lounger is a guest room lounger and workstation specifically designed to make work and relaxation easier and a whole lot more comfortable. It features electrically adjustable back and leg sections for perfect positioning for anything from reading, typing, watching movies, or just relaxing. Four inches of Living Earth Craft's plush Strata memory cushioning system top is wrapped in durable and easy to clean Natursoft upholstery and also features an optional detached side table with a dimmable reading lamp, surge protected power outlets for IPods, TVs or laptops, a notched Avonite service area for the house phone, food, drink, or other items. Give us a call for more details!

  5. The PS92I Ivory Tootsie Portable Pedicure Chair is an excellent solution for salons, spas, med spas, resorts, and more looking for a pedicure chair without plumbing. The massage chair top swivels and allows customers to relax in comfort with an adjustable footrest. It includes a portable footbath and disposable liner system that requires no plumbing whatsoever. The foot tub also has a heating mechanism that adjusts the temperature to a comfortable level.

  6. For More Details Please Visit The Website Email : Contact us: 770-875-2599