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Transform the look of your switches with incredible chromatic finishes PowerPoint Presentation
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Transform the look of your switches with incredible chromatic finishes

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Transform the look of your switches with incredible chromatic finishes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Do you love lights? Then you have the same passion like us PEC Lights is a leader in new and fashionable lights. You will find a variety lights, which will make you think what to choose.

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Transform the look of your switches with incredible chromatic finishes

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    1. PEC LIGHTS We Offer Indoor, Outdoor lights, Circuit, Fire and Security protection, Lamps and LED‘s, Heating and Ventilation. In a few words, you would find your favorite and fashionable lights solutions here.

    2. Transform the look of your switches with incredible chromatic finishes Everybody has beautiful lights in their houses but what if those lights have iridescent finish switches. This is the newest addition to the list of electrical accessories where not just the lights but it is the switches that have a bright chrome finish to them. They range from semi bright, semi matt to dark matte finishes which are very satiny. These beautiful looking switches have a visual effect that is profound. Chrome finishes have a very subtle and duller appearance compared to any bright texture. The contemporary metal finish touches not just add to the beauty but has particular merits too. The companies online have various switches that with finishes and they are mentioned below.

    3. Ingot rocker switches A Brushed Chrome Lights Switch is falls under the category of the ingot rocker switches that are available online. They have a satin finish and have a profile design that is ultra slim. There are screwless ranges also available on the internet, and you can always choose from the tonnes of options available. Some of the notable features that these possess are as follows. There is a satiny chrome finish that is not lustrous but has an elegant shine. They are high quality and provide unprecedented value for money. They are modular in nature.

    4. Two way six gang ingot They too have a black outer rim, and like any Brushed Chrome Lights Switch they provide unprecedented money value. They look elegant and have great metallic fonts. Some of the other features are. These switches have sockets or inserts in them. They have a clip cover that can be easily fitted along and are made by keeping the safety standards in mind. They have an internal gasket that secures the switches from moisture.

    5. Intermediate 1 gang The switch comes with a rocker switch that is a black rocker and has an outer trim that is black in color. Some of the notable features that these switches have are as follows. These switches are black colored and timeless in style. They are made of high-quality materials like thermoset materials that are heat resistant. The construction of the switches is of steel that is premium grade. Have a great front where the surface is lightly lacquered so that there can be no traces of fingerprints. They have a smooth, sleek surface. These switches guarantee lasting shine. You can expect to have maximum durability and performance out of the switches.

    6. The enhanced look These switches mentioned above are not just beautiful additions to your switchboards but are effective as well. These plates have an edge that is rounded and have a chrome effect that is brushed. It is also called the matte chrome finish and does not stain easily. A few wipes and it shines like a new penny. These decorative switches can be used for any electrical appliance and are shock free. All these years it felt that just having fans and other accessories in different styles appealed to the eyes but switches now have the equal effect. Get yours now as there are tonnes of types available online at a reasonable price.

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