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Feeding our neighbors, one bracelet at a time. PowerPoint Presentation
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Feeding our neighbors, one bracelet at a time.

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Feeding our neighbors, one bracelet at a time. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Feeding our neighbors, one bracelet at a time. . Founded 2013 in New Fairfield. Mission. Our mission is simple, and can be defined in one sentence…

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Feeding our neighbors,

one bracelet at a time.

Founded 2013 in New Fairfield


Our mission is simple, and can be defined in one sentence…

Mission Statement: Feed the hungry and provide hope through the distribution of bracelets.

Nobody should be uncertain of their next meal and or feel guilty about not being able to provide for their families. We’re here to not just feed people, but tell a story as believers and humanitarians, and help those who are struggling have faith.

the issue
The Issue
  • The facts are overwhelming, and the issue is growing:
  • 1 in 5 people don’t know where their next meal is coming from.
  • In Danbury, CT, where the Dorothy Day House is located, 6,738 residents were eligible for CT Food Stamp Program (SNAP).
  • 15% of families in Connecticut struggle to put food on the table, and often have to choose between paying bills or eating.
  • Hunger is not confined to certain people, regions and or job types. For many, it is a hard reality, that they must face everyday at every meal time.
  • 16.7 million children deal with hunger everyday.
  • 5.1% of U.S households seek help from emergency food banks.
our story who we are
Our Story/Who We Are


FaithWear is the product of an enlightening experience, and a team of teens, who are passionate about ending hunger in America.


Chris- Director

Corinne- Co-Director

Maria- Marketing

Allegra- Treasurer

Sophia/Devin- Creativity Directors

it started like this
It started like this…

I knew hunger was in issue, but never looked at it with a sense of action, until I visited Lawrence, Massachusetts. Lawrence is ranked one of the poorest cities in America, and the poorest city in Massachusetts, and for decades has been riddled with crime, hunger and homelessness. I worked at a meal center for a week, and had the opportunity to view a documentary while I was there on the city, and the facility that we were working in. When I heard how they built the facility, that’s when everything changed.

The facility was funded by 1.4 million dollars worth of fundraising, that had primarily come from t-shirts. I was amazed how something as simple as t-shirts could raise so much money, and facilitate the rehabilitation and betterment of so many lives.

I came home from that mission trip, and thought about how I could help make a difference. Out of curiosity, I looked up hunger statistics in my state (CT), and my area (Fairfield County), and found just how much some people were struggling to find food. And that’s when FaithWear was born, and with the help of some other youth group kids, our dream of making a big difference through small things, became a reality, and we embarked on our mission for change.

-Christopher Mannion

our work
Our Work

We make bracelets, not just to feed, but to spread a message and provide hope.

We are caring, and our bracelets have universal messages, so no matter what race, religion or orientation you are, you are welcome and would enjoy wearing our products.

Our bracelets are $2, and with one purchase, you can feed two people ($1 to feed one person).

The proceeds from our bracelets are NEVER pocketed for personal use. They go to charity, and always will be used to benefit the public.

We work with both our faith and the people we’re helping in mind.

We are feeding our neighbors, one bracelet at a time.

why choose hunger to support

We all love food, and many of us have it readily available to us whenever we desire. People also waste so much food to the extent that 2 billion hungry people could be fed each year if applied to the amount of food we waste.

We are so used to opening our fridge, eating half of something, and getting rid of it once we’re full. So many people however do not have that opportunity, and can only dream of what it must be like to have that nutritional security and certainty of their next meal.

We often forget how many of our neighbors need help, and often times, hunger is not a priority or is thrown under the rug compared to other world issues.

Hunger IS a curable problem in America, and there is no doubt that it is within our grasp to cure it.

It doesn’t take a village to help feed someone we know or love. It just takes compassion and charity, and can even be done by just one person.

Hunger is both important, and ultimately can be fixed.

Why choose hunger tosupport?
get involved
Get Involved


Help us sell our bracelets when they arrive. If you would like to sell them within an institution or community, email us!


Help us to raise funds for the hungry and our bracelets by fundraising on your own. Once you’re done, email us, and let us know the results!


If you’d like to start a division of FaithWear within your city or school (college, high school, elementary), email us and we’ll send you information!


We’re based in New Fairfield, CT

We can be reached by email:

Our website is: