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  1. By: Ariel Estep

  2. Common Names For K2 Fake weed Mr. nice guy Spice Pep spice Spice silver Spice gold Spice diamond Smoke Skunk Genie Texas gold Fake pot Legal weed Synthetic marijuana Herbal incense

  3. Common abusers Age of common abusers:14-27 Used by: Prisoners and people on probation Kids in high school/middle school People in the military (k2 is now banned by all military branches

  4. Long Term Effects Elevated blood pressure (reported up to 100-200, that’s medically dangerous) Fast heart beat (reported up to rate of 150, this is also medically dangerous) Delusions High doses of hallucinations Paranoia

  5. Short Term Effects Increased Agitation Sleepiness Relaxation Pale Skin Vomiting, this suggesting that k2 affects the cardiovascular system of users and/or affects the central nervous system, causing severe life threatening hallucinations and in some cases seizures

  6. Possible effects • Seizures • Coma • Unconsciousness • Numbness • Tingling • Levels of anxiety • Panic attacks • Possible suicide attempts

  7. History Of K2 K2 is a concoction, a substance that reportedly gives a marijuana-like high K2 was created by a k2 compound and incense K2 compound is a drug substance The k2 compound was first created in the mid-1990s,in the lab of organic chemist John W Huffman

  8. History of k2 K2 compound was first sold by the people of china, as a plant stimulant K2 was first smoked as a drug, some where in Europe The k2 was picked up when some one decided to take k2 compound and mix it up with the mixture of incense, then smoke it to get very high

  9. History of k2 k2 is about 10 times more active than THC, (THC is the active ingredient in marijuana) The k2 compound has never been tested on humans K2 compound has been tested on mice and after the experiment the mice ended up dying

  10. History of k2 2004 the k2 product began appearing for sale all over the internet and in stores in Europe In 2008 sales through out Europe soared high for k2 2009 is when the sales starting taking off for Canada and USA

  11. History of k2 • In 2009 there were 53 calls made to the poison control center, for attempted suicide because of k2 • In 2010 there were 2500 calls made to the poison control center, for attempt suicide because of k2 • 2010 in Canada, there had been 12 cases of suicide • 2011 k2 products were spiked with powerful designer drugs (cocaine, heron, meth, crack, and other drugs like that)

  12. History of k2 2011 there has been nearly 30 cases of teenagers in the US, experiencing effects after smoking k2 2012 there are over 352 nationwide emergency room incidents which includes suicide, extremely elevated heart rate and blood pressure, comas, seizures, and anxiety attacks

  13. Stories of k2 In 2010 a 14 year old boy in Florida was admitted to the emergency room after experiencing seizures and difficulties breathing, it was said that he and his older brother had been smoking herbal incense another name for k2 Same thing happened to a 17 year old boy who lived in Texas, he smoked k2 before school and was rush to the emergency room because he was experiencing seizures

  14. Stories of k2 • Dr. Volker runs a toxicology lab in Germany, at the university hospital, he wanted to know more about k2, so he did something a little unusual, he and one of his colleagues tested the k2 products on themselves, they took a packet of a product called spice diamond, then they rolled 300 milligrams, that was a tenth of the packet, they shared it, so they would each get a small dose, and all it took was 5 minutes and the effects started kicking in, they had massive reddening to the eyes and very dry mouths, their heart rate doubled from 60 to 120 beats per min it took 6 hrs for the k2 to get out of their system

  15. Stories of k2 A 16 year old girl was at a party, and one of her friends gave her something to smoke, and she smoked it because she thought it was pot, but come to find out, it was k2 the girl was having the effect from the k2, a week later

  16. Stories of k2 • Police have reported an 18 year old boy smoking k2, then he started having a severe anxiety attack, then he start say that he was “going to hell” then soon after that he went home, then he shot and killed himself

  17. Facts about k2 Test have been done on k2 products and the test have found no illegal substances and they were not able to detect the active ingredients that could explain the high, plus they could not detect most of the herbs in k2

  18. Facts about k2 • Kansas was the first state to pass the law of banning the sale of the k2 products • Also European nations have banned all k2 products • Plus laws have been proposed to banning the sales of k2 in Missouri, Tennessee and several other states as well

  19. Facts about k2 Dozens of websites still continue to offer k2 products for sale K2 has a chemical structure that is shared with cancer causing agents When people smoke k2, its like the drug hijacks into the important parts of your brain like the temperature control, food intake, perception, memory and problem solving

  20. Facts about k2 • K2 is sold in tobacco shops, head shops and other stores • K2 is sold as incense and it is marked “not for human consumption” but yet people still use it in that way • The price of k2 averages is around $45 for 3 grams(that equals about 3 packs of sugar) that is said to be higher that good grade marijuana

  21. Facts about k2 K2 is most often smoked but it can be mixed in with food or with drinks K2 can be sold in a variety of colors and flavors and it usually is sold in foil packaging Said to give you a small hangover It is said that to smoke k2, was like playing Russian roulette, you don’t ever know what going to happen to you

  22. K3??? • Another name for k3 is funky monkey weed • K3 is like k2, but the only difference between them, is that k3 gets you higher and k3 is more dangerous • K3 is practically sold in the same places as k2, k3 is new and in proved • K3 is also sold in the same packaging, it is also said that the cashiers wont let you observe the product unless you plan to buy it

  23. K3??? K3 is cheaper than k2, for the same amount(k3 is $25) K3 is said to look a lot more like real weed The k3, active ingredients is a mystery, no one seems to know the active ingredients contained in k3 It is said that if you over dose yourself on k3 than you get high doses of hallucinations, or even death

  24. K3??? • K3 can give you a hangover, just like k2, but k3 was said to make it feel like you drank 12 bottle of cheap beer • K3 is said to leave a rotten taste in your mouth, long after the last puff • K3 also is said to blur your eye vision a little bit, and you also get warm/cold sensations down your arms legs

  25. K4??? K4 is basically the same as k3 and k2 K4 also known as “k4 train wreak” and k4 weed K4 is a legal but lethal new drug problem k4 helps to make up part of morphine K4 is about $20

  26. Allergic reaction • This is what could happen if you had a allergic reaction • Skin looking like its been burned

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  28. K2 is bad for everyone

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