Career banding overview and plan for implementation
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Career Banding Overview and Plan for Implementation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Career Banding Overview and Plan for Implementation. Topics to be Covered Today. What is career banding (General Overview) Describe the current situation Outline the plan/process for implementation Phase I (between now and Feb 2007) Phase II (continuing after Feb 2007)

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Topics to be covered today
Topics to be Covered Today

  • What is career banding (General Overview)

  • Describe the current situation

  • Outline the plan/process for implementation

    Phase I (between now and Feb 2007)

    Phase II (continuing after Feb 2007)

    Phase III (moving forward, if released)

  • Address the funding issue

  • Overview the tools and terms

  • Overview materials in handout

  • Questions and Answers

Phase i between now and february 2007
Phase I(Between now and February, 2007)

  • Job Families Released and Approved:

    • Administrative Support and Social Research

    • Facility Maintenance (Building and Mechanical Trades)

    • Institutional Services (General Utility Workers and Grounds)

Process for phase i to be followed for each job family
Process for Phase I(To be followed for each job family)

  • Establish an Implementation Team

  • Train team on concepts of career banding

  • Review of tools, policies, and forms by Implementation Team

  • Crosswalk positions to banded classes

  • Review of crosswalk by Implementation Team

  • Resolve crosswalk discrepancies

  • Formulate position allocation list

  • Submit list to OSP for approval

  • Change positions to banded titles

Phase ii after february for approved classes
Phase II(After February for Approved Classes)

  • Conduct training for all managers and supervisors on career banding concepts, policies, tools and forms for these modules:

    • Competencies and Competency Assessments

    • Salary Administration

    • Recruitment and Selection

    • Performance Management

    • Training and Development

    • Employee Relations (Dispute Resolution Process)

Phase ii cont
Phase II, Cont.

  • Assess competencies of employees

    • Contributing, journey, advanced

  • Place employees into salary bands

  • Determine relationship to JMR

  • Implementation is revenue neutral

  • Continue to maintain both class/comp systems

    • Graded and banded classes

Phase iii full implementation of career banding
Phase III(Full Implementation of Career Banding)

  • If released, implement remaining job families using above process (band positions, then employees)

  • Continue training on all career banding classification/compensation modules

  • Review and approve salary recommendations and “classification” requests

  • Pursue innovative methods for funding

Show me the money
Show Me the Money

  • Career Banding has not been funded

  • Present Class/Comp system has never been fully funded (COLA, CGRA, bonuses)

  • All current salary admin. actions except legislative salary increases are funded from internal sources

  • Funding will come from re-deploying internal funds currently used for IRAs, reclasses, promotions, range revisions, new hires, vacant positions, salary reserve, etc.

Terms and tools
Terms and Tools

  • Important new terms to learn

    • Job Family

    • Banded class

    • Competencies (contributing, journey, advanced)

    • Market Rate

    • Business need

    • Pay Factors (FAIR)

Tools and terms
Tools and Terms

  • New Tools to use

    • Job description (in People Admin)

    • Banded Class Specs

    • Competency Profiles

    • Competency Assessment Forms

    • Salary Decision Worksheet

Questions and answers
Questions and Answers

  • The UNC GA Human Resources classification/compensation website will continue to be developed and all new policies, forms, tools and presentations will be posted there as well as frequently asked questions

  • What are your questions today?