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Make Your College Application Resume Stand Out PowerPoint Presentation
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Make Your College Application Resume Stand Out

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Make Your College Application Resume Stand Out
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Make Your College Application Resume Stand Out

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  1. Make Your College Application Resume Stand Out A lot of people seem to forget the importance of creating an impressive college application resume. They usually think that a resume is only necessary for people who are applying for a job. But this is absolutely incorrect. Even if you are just applying for a college or a university, a one-of-a-kind resume is already necessary. So how can you make sure that your resume stands out from everyone else’s? Here’s how!

  2. College Application Resume – What to Highlight Personal Information. On the upper part of your resume, make sure to write all your personal details including your full name, nickname, address, contact numbers and email address. In some cases, stating your birthday is also a good option.

  3. Academic Profile. The next thing your college application resume should have is your academic profile. This includes information about the schools you’ve attended before, the school year you’ve attended and the respective recognitions that you’ve received while you were still in high school. Make sure to write only factual and relevant information because the goal is to make your resume standout.

  4. Summer Programs. If you are a very active student and if you have engaged yourself in a lot of activities in your former school then find a place to write those things in your resume as well. List down all the summer programs you’ve attended and even the ones you’ve organized for your school or for whatever other purpose there might be. Make sure to write down the dates for these as well as the respective recognition you’ve received.

  5. Class Ranking. Don’t forget that there’s also a need for you to include your class standing in your resume. This information can help gauge the school whether or not you’re up to par with their standards. If your class ranking is not that high, this does not mean that you will automatically be disqualified from admission. You may still be considered for other things.

  6. Work Experience. Make sure to write some details about the jobs you’ve already engaged yourself in. Even if these are just part time jobs, it’s still ideal to include them in your resume. If you’ve had some volunteer experiences in the past, make sure to note them in your resume as well.

  7. Hobbies, Interests and Skills. The last part of your resume should be focused on the lighter facts about yourself like your hobbies and interests. Make sure that even these things are factual so don’t write that you’re into traveling if you’ve never really traveled at all. Don’t write that you love reading books if the last book you’ve read was a nursery book many years back. For your skills, include languages that you speak as well as other relevant skills.

  8. Bear in mind that your resume for college application should standout so it’s important to write everything impressive about your background while taking into consideration honesty and credibility too.