hello i m jurek something about me n.
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Hello I’m Jurek Something about me… PowerPoint Presentation
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Hello I’m Jurek Something about me…

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Hello I’m Jurek Something about me… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hello I’m Jurek Something about me…. I live….

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Hello I’m Jurek Something about me…

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i live
I live…

I live inthe center of Poland in Łódź with my Mum, Grandmum and Sister. I’vegota Dog hernameis Łatka and nowshehas 5 puppiesallhave 4 weeks. I havegota house on a suburbsof the city so thereit’squiet and safe. By tram I can be in center inabout 25 minutes.

my hobby
My hobby …

…is BMX bike. I like to ride a bike and I’mdoingitalwaysif I havegot time. I thinkit’s great feelingifyoulearnnewtricks. Sometimes to learnsomethingstupidyouhavetryitvery long time but it’s great feelingwhenyoucan do it.

free time in winter
Free time inwinter…

…I’mkeen on iceskating. I likegoingwith my friends to skating rink, all of my friendscaniceskatewell so we have lot of funtogether. Sometimes we do stupidfunnythings but service aren’t happy aboutthat.

my favourite movie
My favourite movie …

is Fast and Furious and I think allparts of this film are great . I like cars. I thinkthatgoodtunedcars areexcellent. Alsoraces and fastactionsaremakingthismovie super one.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV