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Welcome to Accelerated Analysis

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Welcome to Accelerated Analysis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Accelerated Analysis. Room 261 Michele Gooding E-mail …mgooding@crsd.org. COURSE DESCRIPTION. This course is designed to provide a strong foundation in pre-calculus, mathematical techniques and applications to prepare students for advanced work in mathematics .

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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welcome to accelerated analysis

Welcome to Accelerated Analysis

Room 261

Michele Gooding


course description
  • This course is designed to provide a strong foundation in pre-calculus, mathematical techniques and applications to prepare students for advanced work in mathematics.
  • Moving at an accelerated pace, the main topics to be studied include:

1st Semester: advanced algebra

2nd Semester: trigonometry, probability/statistics,


Students electing this course should have completed

Accelerated Algebra 2 and Accelerated Geometry with

solid grades.

follow up course
  • A or B AP Calculus- AB level

*Goal is to take the AP Exam and place out of Calc 1 in college

  • C or D Accelerated Calculus

*Goal is to gain exposure at a less demanding pace for preparation for taking

college calculus or for strong performance on your college’s placement test

  • Electives A or B AP Statistics

C or D Accelerated Statistics

Computer Science


Grades will be weighted in the following categories:

You may access the parent portal for grade status.

quizzes and tests
  • Quizzes are formative assessments intended as a check point student learning. They are short and of small point value. Most quizzes will not be announced.
  • Tests are summative assessments given after each chapter or group of sections within a chapter. All tests will be announced.
reflection portfolio
Reflection Portfolio
  • I invite students to keep a Reflection Portfolio as an on-going activity throughout the year. It is a place for …reflecting! That is, rethinking, correcting and explaining successful processes after each summative assessment.
  • After a student has corrected any errors and explained how they have now met with success, their correction work goes into their Reflection Portfolio folder along with their test.
  • This portfolio will become a study vehicle used in class and at clinic. It will also serve as a “go to” in determining MP grades that are borderline.
  • Assignments will be checked sporadic for effort and completion.
  • A homework grade will be given with each test.
  • It will count approximately 10% of the MP grade
  • Homework is an INTERGAL component for success in this course.
homework is a process
Homework is a Process

1. Review and use your notes from class to refresh your memory on how to do the problems

2. Work on the assignment referring back to your notes frequently. Have your notes open and

next to you as you work.

homework is a process1
Homework is a Process

3. Check answers to see which problems need to be reworked. Then, rework them using your

notes to guide you. Always ask yourself these questions first:

Am I on the right page?

Am I doing the right problem?

Did I copy the problem correctly?

Did I answer the question being asked?

4. Identify questions to be addressed in the classroom… circle problem, “X” them, list problem,

jot down specific questions.

5. Ask these questions in class.

homework is a process2
Homework is a Process

6. Really listen to the answer, make corrections, make a note of the error you made, make a

change in your thought processand in your approach for success in future practice and on

upcoming quizzes and tests. 

7. Make a personal note of your discoveries in your class notes.

8. After this, if you are still confused, attend clinic bringing the questions with which you are struggling.

midterm final exams
  • Midterm/Final Exams are District Exams administered in January and June, respectively.
  • They are entirely multiple choice with both a calculator and non-calculator portion.
  • These exams count as 25% of 2nd and 4th Marking Period Grade.
  • Seniorswith an A for the year will be exempt from the final… 
  • ParentPortal…please create an account if you do not yet have one
  • INTERIMS …approximately 4½ weeks into the marking period
  • E-mail…mgooding@crsd.org

e-mail is your BEST bet for initial contact

  • Call… CRHS - South Math 215-944-1153