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Peach Injury Network LLC PowerPoint Presentation
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Peach Injury Network LLC

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Peach Injury Network LLC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Peach Injury Network LLC

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  1. Peach Injury Network LLC AboutPeach Injury Network LLC: Peach Injury Network funds high quality medical care services on lien-basis to persons who have been injured by the negligence of others. Our excellent customer service and skillful case manager services are what differentiate us from the rest. We are local and we are here to serve your clients and your practice. Peach Injury Network LLC: Attorney Services Peach Injury Network will assist you to obtain high quality medical care for your injured clients through our network providers while you and your staff focus on the legal issues. Our online platform allows you to refer clients to our network providers and get them approved and scheduled promptly and efficiently. Our platform also allows you to retrieve medical records and itemized billing statements saving you and your staff time, trouble, and expenses, eliminating delays in sending demand packages to the insurance carriers.

  2. Peach Injury Network LLC Peach Injury Network LLC: Healthcare Providers Services Treating an injured patient and holding your bill until the case settles may represent a high risk for your practice. Peach Injury Network will assume that risk and get your fees paid promptly allowing your practice to focus on treating and maximizing their medical recovery. Furthermore, our network gives your patients the opportunity to obtain treatment by our selective group of specialized medical professionals. Peach Injury Network LLC: Patients Services When patients were injured by the negligence of others, we work with your attorney and our network of caring medical providers to get the medical treatment you need without worrying about how to pay your medical bills. Peach Injury Network Providers specialized areas are as follows: Surgical Services Medical Consultation Diagnostic Testing Pain Management Procedures Physical Therapy

  3. Peach Injury Network LLC Surgical Services Brain Surgeries Facial Reconstruction Orthopaedic Surgeries Spine Surgeries Neurosurgery Plastic Surgeries Ambulatory Surgical Centers Inpatient and outpatient hospital services Medical Consultation Physical Evaluations Pain Management Neurologist Orthopedic Surgeon Neurosurgeon Diagnostic Testing MRI MRA CT Scan Ultrasound X-ray Pain Management Procedures Epidural Injections Facet Injections Radio-Frequency Ablations Medial Branch Nerve Block Physical Therapy