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The Ultimate Back to School Shopping List PowerPoint Presentation
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The Ultimate Back to School Shopping List

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The Ultimate Back to School Shopping List
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The Ultimate Back to School Shopping List

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  1. The Ultimate Back to School Shopping List Your kids may not want to face reality, but school will be back in session before long. Now, while supplies are aplenty, is the time to make a back to school shopping list. The following must-have supplies will help guarantee that their school experience is a productive and successful one.

  2. Basic Back to School Supplies No matter the age of your student, there are a few items that should be in everyone’s backpack come the first day of school. You’ll want these items on your list: • Glue stick: Things come undone, and glue sticks allow you to adhere them once again. • No. 2 pencils: Standardized bubble tests still call for good old traditional pencils. And math problems are usually done with pencil. • Pencil sharpener: Sharpening pencils is a must, so include on your list a portable sharpener with a shaving’s collector. • Large pink eraser: Those big erasers erase just about any wayward scribble.

  3. Highlighters: Get various colors so your student can do some color coding. • Ruler: Choose one that contains English and metric measurements. • Tape: Paperwork rips and tears and needs taping—sometimes urlat a moment’s notice. • Stapler: For stapling together all of those brilliant projects and reports. • Backpack: Most students require somewhere to stash all of their back to school supplies. • Lunchbox/lunch bag: We all have to eat! • Notepaper and three-ring binder to put it in. Also throw in some pocket folders for organizing paperwork. School Supplies for Elementary Students Little ones require a few extras when it comes to school supplies. Make sure to get your little tykes the following: • Pencil box for storing supplies • Crayons—of course! • Watercolor paints for all of those precious masterpieces • Art smock to protect clothing during the creation of those one-of-a-kind works of art • Construction/drawing paper to encourage creativity • Child scissors to teach fine motor skills

  4. School Supplies for Middle/High School and College Students • Book sox. Many older kids like to dress up their school books, and it helps protect your investment—especially if your child is borrowing books or you plan to resell them. Choose from a wide variety of themes and colors in book sox. • Combination locks for book and PE lockers • Pens for those bursts of genius • Permanent markers so kids can make their marks • Index cards–ruled and unruled to jog the memory during studying and when making speeches • Binder dividers to stay organized • Calculator: Check with the teacher regarding the required model. • Laptop or tablet computer and carrying case • Flash drive for storing all of that important data • Post-it notes for remembering brilliant ideas During your back to school shopping adventures, stop by P.C. Richard & Son. You’ll find some of the items you’re looking for, such as laptops and tablets. Article Resource: -