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Yamaha PSR 185 PowerPoint Presentation
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Yamaha PSR 185

Yamaha PSR 185

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Yamaha PSR 185

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  1. Yamaha PSR 185

  2. Features • 100 different voices to set the keyboard sounds • 40 different songs(pre-recorded with keyboard sounds) • A "one touch" setting which allows for song play on the touch of a key • 61 keys, and 5 full octaves • 4 sound effect buttons which create different music/nature (including howling, congo drums, lion roars, etc.) sounds at the players command. • Input and output ports for headphones, amplifiers etc.


  4. How To Change The Piano Sounds • If the red light is not lit up above the VOICE button. If not then push the gray button under the light until the light is red. (Purple arrow is pointing to the voice button) • Enter the style of which desired on the number pad (it will light up the numbers you press…if you want a number lower then 10 hit the 0 button first then the number desired) (arrow that is blue is the number pad) • Start jamming out on the keyboard until your bored, then you can stop

  5. How to Change/Use the Sound Effects • Push the Gray button next to the sound effects label until the display screen shows a 1 (or which ever number the sound effects is set at) • Keep pressing the gray button to the desired group effects (the highest number the sound effects will go to is 4) • Once you have chosen your effect group press one of the 4 turquoise buttons to get the effect 4. If you want to change the different drum effects press the other gray button until the desired group number is lit up on the display screen

  6. What Does The Style To And How Do I Change It? • On the bottom of the keyboard underneath the keys there are letters starting from the left going from C through two octaves until F#. • The style adds a back up beat to your playing. NO keys are played below the F# that starts the style. • How to Change: • Make sure the STYLE is lit up • Enter the number of which style you want (if it is below 10 enter the 0 first then the number desired) • Press a key below the second F# (starting from the left going right). • At any point when you want to stop the style or the song just hit the START/STOP red button to the bottom right of the number pad

  7. “Minus One” Button • The orange button on the button right of the key pad (the first orange button starting from the top right) • If the red button is lit up then the top frequency will cut out….if it is off then all frequencies will play….the keyboard sounds will not change.

  8. “Fill-In” • Will change the 2 octaves (the F# two octaves up from the left) into a different sound than the top part of the keyboard. • This will only happen if the red dots on the display screen (for the beat) are NOT flashing….if they are ON then the back up style will come on instead of the different sounds. • To stop any just hit the START/STOP button or hit the VOICE button so all the keys are the same.

  9. One Touch Setting • One touch settings the convenient one touch setting mode instantly and automatically call up the right voice and tempo when you select from any of the accompaniment or rhythm styles - as well as from the special demo songs and jam tracks.

  10. Bibliography • • Yamaha PSR 185

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