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SEN Reform Update for Head teachers PowerPoint Presentation
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SEN Reform Update for Head teachers

SEN Reform Update for Head teachers

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SEN Reform Update for Head teachers

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  1. SEN Reform Update for Head teachers June 2014 David Carroll SEN/Inclusion Lead & Principal Educational Psychologist

  2. Aims of the session • To provide a brief overview of national timescale for SEN reform • To update on local progress in implementing changes • Implications for schools of the changes

  3. 2. Timeline for implementing a new approach Legislation comes into force Consult on Code of Practice and transition Bill receives Royal Assent Regulations, statutory guidance and transitional arrangements published Children and young people with Statements and LDAs transfer to the new system* Information and support from: Pathfinder Champions; Council for Disabled Children (CDC); and funded delivery partnerships Convening key players and raising local awareness Reviewing success for reforms locally and agreeing improvements Planning service delivery and preparing for implementation LDA legislation is repealed* Lead for SEN reform in post Local transition plan published* Local offer published* EHC plans for new entrants Personal budgets available Statement legislation is repealed* • Developing plans for joint commissioning • Developing the local offer, fully involving parents and young people • Developing processes for assessment, planning and EHC plans • Identifying services which could be provided through personal budgets • Planning provision of local information, advice and support (with users) • Reviewing and developing local mediation and disagreement resolution arrangements • Engage local partners, including new partners such as further education and training providers • Joint commissioning underway locally – needs assessment, planning, market development, collaboration with families • Regular review of local offer, and awareness raising of local offer • Annual reviews of EHC plans. Children and young people with statements / LDAs transfer to the new system* • Review service budgets to offer increased personal budgets • Regular review of information, advice and support available to families New 0-25 SEN system becomes available * Subject to (national) consultation

  4. Progress in Tower Hamlets • Three work streams overseen by a project board • Integrated Commissioning • Implementing EHC Plans • The Local Offer • Over lapping themes such workforce development, engagement IT and safeguarding.

  5. Changes for LBTH schools • The Local Offer in each school • Preparing the way for Education Health & Care Plans • Converting statements into Plans

  6. Local offer • LAs must make available information on services for the full range of children and young people who are disabled and those with SEN. • Schools, FE colleges and health agencies must cooperate with the LA to make sure that the local offer includes information on their services and how to access them. • This will help parents to access the support they need and make choices about the best ways to do so.

  7. What Tower Hamlets expects schools and settings to provide for children, young people with SEND and their families Schools must comply with the requirements set out in the SEN Code of Practice. The information below must be available using clear and straightforward language in way that is easy for parents and young people to access. Settings should describe: • how they identify children and young people with SEN and assess their needs

  8. The school’s Local Offer (continued) • how they assess and review children and young people’s progress towards outcomes, including the opportunities available to work with parents and young people as part of this assessment and review • how they support children and young people in moving between phases of education and in preparing for adulthood. As young people prepare for adulthood outcomes should reflect their ambitions, which could include higher education, employment, independent living and participation in society;

  9. The school’s Local Offer (continued) • what adaptations to curriculum, teaching and the learning environment they make and how they access ancillary aids and assistive technology • how they secure expertise among teachers, lecturers or other professionals to support children and young people with SEN • how they assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the provision they make for children and young people with SEN

  10. The school’s Local Offer (continued) • how they enable children and young people with SEN to have access to facilities and extra-curricular activities available to all children in their setting • how they support and improve emotional and social development, including extra pastoral support arrangements for listening to the views of children and young people with SEN and measures to prevent bullying • informationon the school’s SEN policy, named contacts within the school

  11. Preparing the way for Education Health & Care Plans: What the LA has done? • Piloted new system with young children • Provided training on Person Centred Approaches • Supported networks such as the SENCo conferences • Drafted new guidance

  12. Preparing the way for Education Health & Care Plans: What the schools need to do? • Requests for assessment: • Key working with families; their views not just their permission • School advice; greater emphasis on outcomes • New ways of working: - say it once - focus on outcomes (more than ‘education’) • Use new templates on educational advice

  13. Converting statements into Plans • Further Person Centred Approaches Training • Adapting SEN Annual Reviews • Three year programme of change • Seconded SENCos to support schools • ‘Payment by Results’

  14. The conversion of statements into EHC Plans

  15. Link to DfE SEN Green Paper Pathfinders •