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BrightSign Technical Training. Romeo Lucina-Bebel. Training Agenda. BrightSign HD & XD Product Overview Live Text Powerful Video Engine Live HD Video & TV HTML5. BrightSign is All-Inclusive. Everything you need for sophisticated digital signage.

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Romeo lucina bebel

BrightSign Technical Training

Romeo Lucina-Bebel

Training agenda
Training Agenda

BrightSign HD & XD Product Overview

Live Text

Powerful Video Engine

Live HD Video & TV


Brightsign is all inclusive
BrightSign is All-Inclusive

Everything you need for sophisticated digital signage.

BrightSign HD & XD: High performance solid-state devices

Free BrightAuthor: Powerful feature-rich software

BrightSign Network: Networking options for turnkey content management and delivery

Signage solutions that solve it all
Signage Solutions That Solve It All

From the market leader in digital signage players.

Models are packaged for specific applications so you pay only for the features you need.

Brightsign xd
BrightSign XD

Adding PC-class performance to the market leading digital signage media player.

Signature reliability, affordability and ease of use combined with state-of-the-art “PC-class” technology and features:

Powerful Video Engine



Swipe interactivity*

* Feature coming soon.

Brightsign xd models
BrightSign XD Models

Exceptional performance. Engaging sophistication.

XD230 Networked PlayerPowerful video engine capable of dual Full HD 1080p60 decode and simultaneous content playback from local, networked and streaming sources. Abundant content support including HTML5 and 3D content. And UDP network control for messaging between BrightSign and third-party devices. 

XD1030 Networked Interactive PlayerAll the features of the XD230 plus S/PDIF output for pure digital and surround sound audio, and a diverse range of interactive controls such as GPIO, serial, USB, UDP and mobile devices for engaging interactive displays.

XD1230 Networked Interactive Player with Live HDTVIncludes all the features BrightSign offers plus Live HDTV playback to play content from any broadcast channel (even HDCP-protected content) via the HDMI input or closed-circuit TV via the ATSC/Clear QAM tuner.

Pc class performance infinite possibilities
PC-Class Performance. Infinite Possibilities.

XD Features


Powerful Video Engine


Video Walls

Live TV


UDP Control

Live Text

RSS/Social Media Feeds



IP Streaming


Pc class performance infinite possibilities1
PC-Class Performance. Infinite Possibilities.

HD Features



Video Walls


UDP Control

Live Text

RSS/Social Media Feeds


IP Streaming


Brightsign hd
BrightSign HD

Affordable media players that deploy with ease and operate with confidence.

A powerful media handling platform delivering robust performance

Signature reliability and ease of use for simple plug and play content, intensive interactive kiosks and dynamic live content features

Supports a wide variety of applications from standalone displays to networked solutions with engaging interactivity

Brightsign hd models
BrightSign HD models

HD120Basic Interactive Bring your stand-alone display to life with the most affordable, Full-HD solution offering simple GPIO interactivity.

HD220Networked Looping Enjoy easy networked content updates and live data feeds along with flawless video playback, UDP support and synchronization.

HD1020Networked Interactive Engage your audience with a wide range of interactive options using GPIO, USB, serial and UDP connections and networked content for a truly impressive display.

Affordable quality. Robust capabilities.

Brightsign hd xd

Live Text

BrightSign HD & XD

Live text
Live Text

Instantly publish updates to Live Text fields without republishing the entire presentation

Live Text fields are:

Real-time text feeds added to a presentation that can be updated independently from the image and video content

Simple to integrate into any data feed – local or web sourced

Text fields that are placed on top of videos and image content

Instantly updated from either your BrightSign Network or a public or private data stream from a web service

Easily created and served using your BrightSign Network account

Alternately create and host your own XML Live Text feed on the Internet or link to a public or private live data source

ArgoTea – Chicago, New York City and St. Louis

Live text1
Live Text

Instantly publish updates to Live Text fields without republishing the entire presentation

Menu board pricing

Update prices and daily specials instantly from a remote location without republishing the video or image content.

Waitlist displays

Let your customers see who’s next in line – great for restaurants, salons, pharmacies and more.

Transportation and event schedules

Connect to schedule databases and display up to the minute arrival and departure times, event schedules, theater show times and more.

Corporate, manufacturing, call center statistics

Link to private data sources to display real-time statistics for your employees.

Live text2
Live Text

Step 1: Create and serve a Live Text feed

Use your BrightSign Network account and the Web UI to create and serve your own custom Live Text feed

Each Live Text feed can support any number of fields per feed

Alternatively locate the URL address of your public or private live data source

Live text3
Live Text

Step 2: Add the Live Text feed to your presentation

Within BrightAuthor, drag and drop the Live Text object onto a Video or Image Zone

Set the Live Text feed’s source and data update frequency

Set the field locations and size for each item on top of the video or image content

Edit field font size, color, etc.

Live text4
Live Text

Step 3: Publish the presentation and update content remotely

Update Live Text field data remotely using the Web UI

Alternatively, Live Text fields linked to public or private live data sources will automatically update the fields based on your frequency settings

Updates to Live Text fields are independent of the rest of your digital signage content

How to build update live text presentations
How to Build & Update Live Text Presentations

BrightAuthor & BrightSign Network’s Web UI

Brightsign xd multi video high speed jpeg playback

Powerful Video Engine

BrightSign XD - Multi-Video & High-Speed JPEG Playback

Powerful video engine
Powerful Video Engine

Advanced dual decoding and superior scaling deliver pristine 1080p video

Uncompromised decoding, capable of playing dual Full HD or several lower resolution videos simultaneously

For example: four 1080p30 or eight 720p videos*

Decodes up to two 1080p60 video streams at once

Superior scaling technology delivering pristine 1080p video for any screen or zone size

Simultaneous playback of content from local, streaming and live content sources

Accelerated JPEG decompression for instant image display and high-speed transitions

* Feature coming soon.

Brightsign xd1

Live Video & HDTV

BrightSign XD

Live hdtv

Complement your messaging with Live HDTV and maximize its exposure

Play any broadcast content, even protected HDCP content via the HDMI Input

Play cable TV or closed circuit TV broadcasts using the ATSC/Clear QAM Input

Automatically scale the playback from any zone size to full screen with pristine quality

Engage your audience with Live HDTV

Live hdtv retail display network
Live HDTV Retail Display Network

Play live video along with on-screen semi-transparent display overlays:

Price tag

TV specs


Brightsign xd2

HTML5 Content

BrightSign XD


More content development tools at your fingertips

Create content using familiar and state-of-the-art web development tools

Increase your creative options by adding HTML5 content to your BrightSign presentations

Add HTML5 content as full-screen or within zones using BrightAuthor

BrightSign XD acts as an HTML5 player with interactive capabilities, but does not support web-surfing


Using HTML5 Pages in BrightAuthor

BrightAuthor supports multiple HTML5 enabled zones

HTML 5 content can originate from a remote server, a local server, or the local storage (SD card) of an XD player