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June 2007

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June 2007. Trends and Directions Employees as Brand Ambassadors. Prepared by:. Employees as Brand Ambassadors. Example: Disney. At the Disney Parks and Resorts, guests come into contact with cast over 2.5 billion times a year.

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june 2007
June 2007

Trends and Directions

Employees as Brand Ambassadors

Prepared by:

employees as brand ambassadors
Employees as Brand Ambassadors

Example: Disney

At the Disney Parks and Resorts, guests come into contact with cast over 2.5 billion times a year.

Each contact is a chance to win over a customer or lose one.

Michael Eisner

employees as brand ambassadors1
Employees as Brand Ambassadors
  • Three keys set the foundation for developing Employee Brand Ambassadors:
    • Respect
    • Communication
    • Growth
employees as brand ambassadors2
Employees as Brand Ambassadors

The Winning Game Plan:

  • Strong Foundation
  • Unwilling to Compromise Roster Selections
  • Passionate Development
  • Support Both the Employee and Their Customer Relationships
develop a strong foundation
Develop a Strong Foundation
  • The Importance of Culture
    • Values
    • Principles
    • Beliefs
  • Storytelling in the Organization
    • Having “Soul”
    • The Importance of Mythology

“Company Absolutes”

the employee comes first
The Employee Comes First

The Virtuous Cycle of Enlightened Hospitality

  • Interests of employees must be placed directly ahead of those of our guests
  • Team members “jazzed” about coming to work
    • Feeling motivated, enthusiastic, confident, proud, and at peace
company absolutes
Company Absolutes
  • Know what your concept stands for
  • Communicate this to your employees through words and actions
  • Do not waver on these points
  • Employees appreciate consistency and a moral compass
  • Respond swiftly to compromised “Absolutes”
company absolutes1
Company Absolutes
  • The Peer Pressure Paradox:
    • The arrival of the “new guy or girl”
    • The predominant attitude
      • This is how we do things
    • New person is going to make a choice
the inverted support pyramid
The Inverted Support Pyramid








  • Horizontal and vertical
  • Correlation between employee trust and factors such as positive word of mouth and profitability
  • Managers provide enabling support and earned empowerment

Example: Nordstrom

The minute you come up with a rule you give an employee a reason to say no to a customer. That’s the reason we hate rules.

James F. Nordstrom

  • Trust always affects two outcomes:
    • Speed
    • Cost







  • Every culture possesses lore and legend
  • Teaches values and reinforces ideals
  • Provides historical grounding
  • Illustrates aspirations and defines actions
your company story
Your Company Story
  • Avoid “corporate babble”
    • “Leveraging core assets” does not fire up employees
  • Legends give employees and customers a reason to care
  • Guides marketing and planning
storytelling in the organization
Storytelling in the Organization
  • Norman Brinker
  • Culinary students
  • Respect and concern for the person
  • Doing the right thing

Example: Brinker International

in search of larry
In Search of “Larry”

Have you seen this man?

the profile
The Profile

Seek out employees that instinctively align with your culture

  • Fred is a postal carrier in Denver
  • Work approach exemplifies empathy and personalized service
  • The misplaced package
the profile1
The Profile
  • Instinctively recognizes business is a transactional affair
  • Sense of obligation to both customer and company
  • Primary purpose is ensuring customers leave delighted

Larry the Airport Shuttle Driver

a.k.a “Fred”

the typical foh workplace
The “Typical” FOH Workplace

Five Employee Types

“Home at Last”

The Timex Crowd

The Teeter Totters

Energy Vampires

The W-2’s

hire the right people
Hire the Right People

The biggest mistakes hiring managers make is being impatient and unprepared

  • Select “representatives” for the organization
  • Determine the “Default Position”
  • Hire people who have the right attitude, and train the skill set
  • If you don’t want to hang around this person, then neither will your customer
have a plan and patience
Have a Plan… and Patience
  • People want to work with others who share their “success characteristics”
  • Learn from the past to succeed in the future
  • Successful employee traits
    • Where did they come from?
    • Friends, clubs, associations
go to the source
Go to the Source

Example: Home Depot

  • National Hiring Partnerships Program
  • Created an effective pipeline
    • AARP
    • Art Institutes
    • Operation Career Front
the social network
The Social Network

Example: Monical’s Pizza

  • Excellent reputation as an employer
  • Hourly job applicants references from existing employees
  • Current employees recruit individuals to take their position