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  1. Grammar

  2. 1. This is the best hotel in the city ___ I know. A. It B. where C. that D. Which 2. Your teacher of Chinese is a young lady ____ comes from Beijing. A. who B. which C. whom D. whose 3. Is there anything else ___ you require? A. which B. that C. who D. what

  3. 4. What’s the name of the man ____? A. you borrowed his car B. which car you borrowed C. whose car you borrowed D. his car you borrowed

  4. 关系副词where This is the factory. I worked in the factory ten years ago. This is the factorywhereI worked ten years ago. The school is near a park. My son studies in this school. The schoolwheremy studies is near a park.

  5. We visited the house. Lusun once lived in the house. We visited the housewhereLusun once lived.

  6. They’ll never forget July 1. Hong Kong returned to its motherland on July 1. They’ll never forget July 1whenHong Kong returned to its motherland. The days are gone forever. We used foreign oil during those days. The dayswhen we used foreign oil are gone forever. 关系副词when

  7. There was a time. The businessman lost heart at that time. There was a timewhenthe businessman lost heart.

  8. when引导的定语从句修饰表示时间的名词, 并在定语从句中作时间状语, 相当于“介词+关系代词(which)”。 I’ll never forget the day when I joined the league. = on which (=on the day)

  9. We still remembered the days when we travelled together. = in which(=in the days) The time ____ I first met Nelson Mandela was a very difficult period of my life. when

  10. where引导的定语从句修饰表示地点的名词, 并在定语从句中作地点状语, 相当于“介词+ 关系代词(which)”。 This is the house where I lived two years ago. = in which(=in the house)

  11. Harvard is a world-famous university. ThereWang An got his Doctor’s degree Harvard is a world-famous university where Wang An got his Doctor degree. The place _________ we visited yesterday is a school for disabled children. which/that

  12. 关系副词why There are many reasonswhypeople like traveling. forthe reasons =why I don’t like the way thatyou speak. inthe way =that 关系副词实际上是介词+先行词

  13. time 修饰时间 修饰地点 place reason 修饰原因

  14. 填 when, why & where并连线 The mines ( )we votedwas the 5th of August. The reason( )I workedwas because of my hard work. The time ( )I joined the ANC were 9km from Youth Leaguemy house. The building ( )I got a jobwas late at night. The date ( )I arrivedwas very grand. where why when where when

  15. 先行词在定从中的不同成分, 引导词不同: a. This is the placewherehe works. This is the placewhich (that)we visited last year. b. That was the time when he arrived. Do you still remember the daysthat (which)we spent together?

  16. c. This is the reasonwhy/for whichhe went. The reasonthat (which)he gave us was quitereasonable.

  17. 几种易混的情况 1. I’ll never forget the days _____________ we worked together. 2. I’ll never forget the days ______ ________ we spent together. 3. I went to the place ______________ I worked ten years ago. when /in which which 及物动词 where/ in which

  18. 4. I went to the place ______________ I visited ten years ago. 5. This is the reason _____________ he was late. 6. This is the reason __________________ he gave. 及物动词 which why/ for which that/which 及物动词

  19. 1. Is this the factory ____ he worked ten years ago? A. that B. where C. which D. the one 2. Is this factory ___ some foreign friends visited last Friday? A. That B. where C. which D. the one

  20. 3. I shall never forget those years __ I live in the farm __ you visited last week. A. when; where B. which; which C. when; which D. which; where 4. Do you know the reason ___he was late? A. for which B. for what C. which D. that

  21. 5. May the fourth is the day ____ we Chinese people will never forget. A. which B. when C. on which D. about which 6. Is that the reason ___ you are in favor of the proposal? A. which B. what C. why D. for that

  22. 7. I like the second football match ____ was held last week. A. which B. who C. that D. / 8. I will never forget the day____ we studied together. A. at which B. on that C. at that D. on which

  23. 9. I should like to use the same TV set ___ is used in your classroom. A. which B. who C. as D. whose 10. The Second World War ___ millions of people were killed ended in 1945. A. on which B. where C. in that D. during which

  24. 11. Who can think of a situation _____ this idiom can be used? A. which B. that C. where D. in that 12. We’re talking about the piano and the pianist _____ were in the concert we attended last night. A. which B. whom C. who D. that

  25. 13. I have many books, some of ___ are on chemistry. A. Them B. that C. which D. those 14. I don’t like ____ you speak to her. A. the way B. the way in that C. the way which D. the way of which

  26. 15. Can you tell me the name of the factory ___ you visited last week? A. what B. where C. / D. when 16. I can still remember the sitting-room ___ my mother and I used to sit in the evening. A. what B. which C. that D. where

  27. 17. It was an exciting moment for these football fans this year, ____ for the first time in years their team won the World Cup. A. that B. while C. which D. when

  28. 比较: 定语从句?还是……? Put the umbrellawhereit was. 地点状语从句 Put the bookswhereyou took them. 地点状语从句

  29. Put the book ____ it is when you have finished reading. A. which B. where C. in which D. at the place 地点状语从句

  30. When you read the book, you’d better make a mark ___ you have any questions. A. at which B. at where C. the place where D. where 定语从句

  31. 1. This is the man ___ wants to see you. 2. A clock is a machine _________ tells people the time. 3. I don’t know the reason ____ he was late for the class. 4. He lost my bike, _____ made me unhappy. A birthday is the date ____ one was born. who which/that why which when

  32. 5. Is there anyone _____ family is in Beijing? 6. He is doing such work __ I am. 7. Do you know the reason ____________ no one questioned Aristotle’s theory for about 2,000 years? whose as why/for which

  33. 下列各句均有一处错误,请找出并改正。 1. I still remember the day that we first met in our school. 2. I never forget the days when I spent with your family last summer. 3. The village which he was born has taken on a new look. when / on which when → that / which或去掉when which前加in 或which → where

  34. 4. This is the town where we paid a visit to last year. 5. Can you tell me the reason which you missed the class this morning. 6. Do you believe the reason why Tom gave for his being late for work? where → that / which或去掉where which 前加for或 which → why why → that / which 或去掉why

  35. 7. The girl got herself into a situation that she was likely to lose control of her car. 8. A modern city has been set up in the place where was a wasteland two years ago. that → where where → which / that