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Benefits of a virtual merchant PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits of a virtual merchant

Benefits of a virtual merchant

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Benefits of a virtual merchant

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  1. Virtual Merchant Payscout Inc

  2. A virtual merchant pertains to a website that offers services and sells products to customers through online transactions with credit or debit card processing. People visit your store to look for their desired products, buy them online and get them in the mail a few days later. You can do all of these from your computer. • Virtual merchants have several features that turn a simple website into an online store. It has e-commerce abilities in the form of processing payments and shipping the products physically or digitally. Some traditional stores may establish an online presence that only describes them and the products they offer, but they may not sell anything on the web. Benefits of a Virtual Merchant

  3. A virtual merchant is different from a simple informational website as it uses a merchant account to make a safe online storefront. A merchant account establishes a contract between credit card processing companies and the store. A portion of every transaction made through the online store is paid to the processor vendor by the virtual merchant.

  4. A virtual merchant expands a website’s functionality by being a fully usable storefront. It helps lessen the overall costs and work associated with building an online storefront. Using a virtual merchant allows you to enhance customer service levels, integrate with your current site for brand continuity, offer a positive sales experience, reduce maintenance and administration times for online retail sites and eliminate geographic barriers from customers, allowing for local and worldwide sales. Benefits of a Virtual Merchant

  5. Companies trying to establish credibility through an online presence aim to make every transaction as safe as possible. Virtual merchant services provides all the required security measures to keep the payment information of every customer private such as storing account information in multi-tiered firewall protection. The payment process is also protected through SSL encryption to prevent interruption of data during an order.

  6. The convenience of ordering process encourages customers to purchase online. Functionalities like shopping carts and making an account to remember buying information contribute to customer retention. When customers purchase products online, an order processing form will tell them to enter their billing address and credit card information as well as shipping address and preferred shipping option.

  7. Virtual merchant software monitors these functionalities guarantee a smooth online shopping experience. The software is offered in two formats – in-house or hosted. If you choose the former, you have to install the software on your own website servers and include the merchant application in your current website. As a hosted option, the virtual merchant service retains the payment portal and lets you adjust its appearance and create your own store on their database and server. Both provide a range of benefits like reliable management and customization.

  8. There are lots of virtual merchant services that serve both offline and online businesses. Many that focus on online retail provide more functionalities and features like the virtual terminals to establish a complete payment gateway for creating a smooth shopping experience and processing purchases.

  9. Payscout is a trusted provider of reliable merchant banking services catering to both online storefronts and traditional stores. The company is known for offering comprehensive services and low merchant account costs.