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Virtual Office

Virtual Office

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Virtual Office

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  1. Virtual Office Presented By Global Virtual Address Marine Faisal Suite No. 702, 7th Floor 10-A, Block 6, PECHS Sharah-e-Faisal Karachi 75400, Pakistan PK: +92 (21) 762-5645 Email: Web:

  2. Overview • What is Virtual Office? (Virtual Address) • Virtual Assistant • Virtual Number (Telephone Service)

  3. Virtual Office • Virtual Address • A shared office; used by several but limited clients • Sharing • Business address • Phone & Fax Services • Mail & Courier Services • Conference Facilities

  4. Why Virtual Office? • Typically, the users of virtual office services would be those, but not limited to: • Seeking a low-risk alternative to renting a conventional office • Testing a new product or service idea • Downsizing from a conventional office • Migrating from using post-office box • Seeking to establish a business presence in the provider's country or city • Seeking a business address within an expensive location, for corporate image purpose • Seeking a business address as its registered business address for complying to government regulation • Seeking supportive business services such as answering services • Seeking a proxy for collection of mails and parcels Source: Wikipedia

  5. Risks Involved… • While virtual office services offer benefits, there are several criticisms: • High volume of companies using the same address • Lack of government regulation, resulting in fly-by-night providers • Usage by fraudulent companies due to ease of registration • Lack of structured training of service staff, as its a niche industry Source: Wikipedia

  6. Virtual Assistant • A Virtual Assistant (or simply VA), is an independent contractor providing administrative, technical, or sometimes creative assistance to clients--usually to other independent entrepreneurs and solo and small business practices, such as that of a lawyer or realtor. Virtual assistants work from their own office (hence "virtual"), thus making it a fairly popular (and growing) profession Source: Wikipedia

  7. Why Virtual Assistant? • A virtual assistant has his/her own office equipment unlike the employee who needs software and hardware, as well as a work space in the office. • A virtual assistant works as an independent contractor, therefore, you are not responsible to pay any employee related taxes, insurance, benefits, training or legal issues, etc. • A virtual assistant can be contracted on an as-needed or an on-going basis, depending upon your budget and your needs for clerical support. It’s a cost effective means to get the work done. • Online secretaries typically have a passion for secretarial work, which is why they are in business for themselves. Under most circumstances, they become very involved in the work given to them, as they begin to treat your business as their own. • Very little training is involved, if any. They are able to start working for you immediately. • You pay only for the time and materials used, not for wasted time on the phone or at the coffee machine. • You can focus your energies on the revenue producing side of your business while a virtual assistant does the "grunt work". The more work you are able to delegate to your Virtual Assistant, the more focused you can be on taking your business to that next level, generating more income. • Virtual assistants are committed to helping you grow your business. Their livelihood depends on your satisfaction and success.

  8. Risks Involved… • Lack of face-to-face communication increases chances of miscommunications or misunderstandings • Technical difficulties hindering communications or work progress • Feelings of separation or disassociation among employees • Less camaraderie among workers meaning possibilities for less cohesive work teams • Problems separating your free time from your work time because your work is always "there" • Less convenient to run errands at lunch time • Feelings of isolation if you are always home alone • Lack of support - both administrative and managerial

  9. Virtual Numbers • A virtual telephone number lets you choose a telephone number from other local calling areas outside of the geographical location where you answer your telephone. Virtual numbers allow you to add telephone numbers to your phone line so that you are no longer restricted to one telephone number per line. • Virtual telephone numbers have many benefits for both residential and business users. For instance imagine that your children where away at college, they could call your virtual telephone number so that they did not have to make a long distance call to reach you. Many businesses are finding that virtual phone numbers can allow them to create a local presence in a local without actually having to open an office there. For instance you may wish to get a 212 phone number in New York City to give the appearance that you have an office there. • A virtual number can be used in a number of different ways. It can be forwarded to an existing telephone number so that you can receive calls on your primary telephone line. It can also be used with mobile telephones so that calls are received on your cell phone. A virtual number can also be used with voice over ip service or a hosted pbx solution.

  10. Why Virtual Numbers? Common uses of Virtual Telephone Numbers: • Reducing long distance charges between locations • Reducing telecommunication costs • Give your business a local presence • Provide remote office workers with a local phone number • Easy setup of Virtual PBX • Project a professional image to the callers

  11. Risks Involved… • Make sure it is legal in the country you operate

  12. Pricing • United Arab Emirates • Dubai • Green Community Dh 619.00 • Airport Free Zone Dh 749.00 • City Centre Dh 879.00 • Burjuman Dh 1,099.00 • Abu Dhabi • Airport Road Dh 749.00 • Al Bateen Dh 879.00 • United Kingdom • Central London from £14.99 - £49.99 • United States of America • Different States mainly, Georgia, New York, California, Texas, Massachusetts • Pakistan • Karachi • Shahra-e-Faisal • Zam Zama Road • West Wharf Road • Defense Housing Authority (DHA) • Clifton

  13. Availability of Services • Availability after submission of client(s) information • Online through credit cards • Cash on Delivery (COD) • Walk-in Payment

  14. Building Security Measures • Pakistan • CNIC • Passport Number • Home Address, Telephone • Legal paper contract/signed bond • United Arab Emirates • Identification Number • Passport Number • Home Address, Telephone • Legal paper signed contract/bond • United States of America • Identification Number • Passport Number • Home Address, Telephone • Legal paper signed contract/bond • United Kingdom • Identification Number • Passport Number • Home Address, Telephone • Legal paper signed contract/bond

  15. Who needs Virtual Services? • Individual or Student • Individual • To pay your monthly utility bills or any other work • Student • We can do research, type, and make presentation slides • Self Employed • Small Business Owner • Business Travel or Sales Person • Real Estate Agent • Non-Profit Organization