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The International School Award PowerPoint Presentation
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The International School Award

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The International School Award - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jackie Rayment MFL Adviser. The International School Award. Why?. The ISA now features in Part One of the SEF for schools in England as a 'significant award' that contributes to giving the school a 'distinctive character'.

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  • The ISA now features in Part One of the SEF for schools in England as a 'significant award' that contributes to giving the school a 'distinctive character'.
  • Featured in the new curriculum guidance from QCA, particularly with regard to the Global Dimension
  • Links to other initiatives -ECM, Community Cohesion, Sustainable Schools, The New Secondary Curriculum (Cross curricular dimensions)
  • Gives you opportunities to raise the school's profile through local and national media coverage 
what is it
What is it?
  • DCSF accreditation scheme administered by the British Council
  • Curriculum based international work in schools
  • Open to all UK schools free of charge
  • Award last for three years
how do we obtain the award
How do we obtain the award?
  • International ethos embarked upon or embedded across the school
  • Majority of students involved and impacted by the international work
  • Curriculum based work across a range of subjects
  • Collaborative Curriculum based work- with a number of partner schools for full award
  • Year round international activity
  • Evaluation from a variety of sources, allowing improvement
three levels of award
Three levels of award


  • embarking on internationalism, registering intent.
  • online framework to record existing activities and use Global Gateway to find a suitable partner school


  • developing Internationalism
  • more substantial curriculum-based international activities and have startedto work with international partner school(s)
  • ‘a number of teachers are developing internationalism’
  • Retrospective look at a school’s recent work.

Full ISA-

  • schools ready to demonstrate an ‘international ethos’ throughout the school, which is included in the school development plan. This will involve ‘substantial curriculum based international activity’ and schools must demonstrate collaborative work.
  • ‘ history of international activity over the past two years.’
full award
Full award
  • Submit action plan for projects to be carried out in the 2009-2010 academic year online by 13th November 2009
  • International policy & International Coordinator job description
  • 7 activities which “must, overall, involve a majority of curriculum subjects, impact a majority of pupils, and demonstrate some collaborativecurricular work with internationalpartner schools.”
  • You MUST have at least one example of in-depth curricular collaboration with international partner schools
  • Submission of a A4 portfolio by July -Once your initial application has been approved, you can start collating evidence of the international activities you submitted
  • These activities must correspond to the academic year Sept 09- July 10
  • Successful schools are invited to a ceremony in the following Autumn term, where they receive a certificate and an award
  • Valid for 3 years
useful links people
Useful links/people
  • International School Award team on 020 7389 4419
  • www.globalgateway.org.uk
  • partnerfinding@globalgateway.org.
  • johnrolfe@britishconcil.org.uk (ISA Coordinator)
  • isa@globalgateway.org (general e mail address)
  • jackie.rayment@hertscc.gov.uk (MFL & ISA)
  • lucy.grayson@hertscc.gov.uk ( Sustainable Schools Officer)
some thoughts ideas
Some thoughts /ideas
  • Steering group- like minded teachers
  • Audit current curriculum work
  • Go on TIPD/Use current links
  • Cross curricular days
  • Pupil voice/School council- Leadership/Ambassador programme
  • MFL/EAL-International fair/Teach a Friend a language/enhanced buddy programme
  • Technology- recipe exchange/ Coasters (motifs)
  • Art/Music/Dance-African masks/ drumming/dance
  • English/Library- reading post/letter exchange
  • Maths-Teaching in foreign language- use staff/ support staff skills
  • Science- African eco systems
  • Master classes in Swahili/Dutch etc.
  • Humanities- First World war/Second World war
  • Media-African/Canadian film
  • ICT/PHSE/RE databases of pen friends/link school’s recycling/feeding programme
  • PE- Dreams & Teams / Primary outreach

The sky is the limit!