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Active Solution. Canceling the emitted noise by a counter noise. ANC Building Blocks . Error microphone. Reference microphone. Speaker. Controller. Reference microphone Error microphone Speaker Controller. Content. General overview System Architecture Air flow Thermal dissipation

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Active Solution

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  1. Active Solution Canceling the emitted noise by a counter noise

  2. ANC Building Blocks Error microphone Reference microphone Speaker Controller • Reference microphone • Error microphone • Speaker • Controller

  3. Content • General overview • System Architecture • Air flow • Thermal dissipation • Noise reduction • Server room recommendation Installation • The Active silencer fan tray • System benefits • Cabinet specification

  4. The ARA™ • AcoustiRACK™- A range of Soundproofed Rack mount Cabinets with Active Noise Reduction & Active Heat Dissipation • The ARA™ is divided to two main parts: • KnurrMiracel® Cabinet • Hot swap Silentium ASFT™ The Knurr rack is available as Silentium ready in various dimensions or customize.

  5. ARA™ Air Flow System (1) • Undisturbed air flow • No impact on original server heat dissipation capabilities • Inlet air flow through dust filters • Design to prevent hotspot within the rack Air Outlet Rear Front Air Inlet

  6. ARA™ Air Flow System • Recommended internal gap of 140mm from door to Enable maximum Heat dissipation • Recommended using blanking plates to prevent Air circulations within the rack. • Recommended to clean Air filter every two month.

  7. ARA™ Thermal dissipation • Thermocouple control • The fan tray design to dissipate 8KW when keeping inlet Vs. Outlet of the rack ∆T no more than 200C. • The fan tray dissipate 8KW when keeping ∆T Inlet to the rack Vs. server equipment Inlet around 50C. • Max. inlet temperature is about 200C in server room. • Max. inlet temperature is about 250C in office environment. • Recommended to clean Air filter every two month to keep performance. • Redundancy • 2 * Hot Swap fan trays • 4* 24v DC power supply • Must use blanking plates in the free gap to prevent air flow shortcut • Top to bottom equipment inside the rack is not recommended.

  8. Data center recommendation installation The efficiency of the combination between theTraditional method cooling to the Corridor method Hot zone above the ceiling Hot corridor Hot corridor Hot corridor Cold corridor Cold corridor Cold air from the floor

  9. Data center recommendation installation advantages Hot zone above the ceiling Hot corridor Hot corridor Hot corridor Cold corridor Cold corridor • Smaller space volume to cool – Save more energy compare to “from to back” corridor design = Save cost. • No need to control the air in the surrounding • Air is directed to the rack inlet. • The air is directed to the ceiling not against its nature environment • Can be located near by perforated rack – the hot air is enforced to the top by its nature as well as by the fan tray. • Glass door and visual LED alert. Cold air from the floor

  10. The Active Silencer Fan Tray™ (ASFT™) is a fan drawer, designed for assisting ventilation by forcing air into and out of an enclosure, while preventing noise from escaping. ASFT™ - Active Silencer Fan Tray This product is the most advanced solution for the growing IT noise problems faced by today’s workforce. The ASFT™ reduces the auxiliary fan noise by 20dBA and the remaining installed equipment noise to the surrounding noise level

  11. Up to 20dB(A) broadband noise reduction Two dustproof fans (each 24VDC). Significantly reduce the fan motor in approx. 20dBA & installed equipment noise in up to 30dBA (average 20dBA) Anti-vibration soft fan gasket Thermocouple fan speed control - the ASFT™ provides the customer with flexible airflow control Dimensions: 4U, 830(L)x445x(W)mm Gross Weight: 24Kg PSU: 24v, 220W max. per fan tray Operation mode Power 150w per fan tray Input Socket: DC Connector CE, FCC compliance ASFT™ - TECHNICAL DETAILS

  12. ARATM Benefits (1) • Allows deployment in the office for all leading server brands in the market • A “SERVER ROOM IN A CABINET” • Save on Server Room Costs • Use Office Space More Effectively • Easy secure access • QUIET WORK ENVIRONMENT • Up to 30dBA equipment noise attenuation • Intrinsic minimal noise level of 46dBA • Active noise reduction technology

  13. ARATM Benefits (2) • ACTIVE HEAT DISSIPATION • High capacity thermal solution up to 8KW • Efficient airflow path • ADVANCED MECHANICAL DESIGN • Heavy Duty Aluminum Construction • 180° door opening angle • Protects equipment from dust • Modular Solution • Suitable For Different Applications • Flexible hardware choice • Varied dimensions • Full range of accessories available • Knurr Miracel® advanced high quality and reliable technology.

  14. Miracel®AcoustiRackTMActive Specification

  15. AcoustiRackTMActive

  16. Spare parts • 24V PSU • Dust filter • Acoustic Blanking plates • 19” rack accessories

  17. To Purchase, contact US Rack Distributors Inc www.usrackdistributors.com 877-840-5530 To find a certified Dealer

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