what is binary option trading n.
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What Is Binary Option Trading?

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What Is Binary Option Trading? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What Is Binary Option Trading?.

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what is binary option trading
What Is Binary Option Trading?
  • When buying a binary option the potential return it offers is certain and known before the purchase is made. Binary options can be bought on virtually any financial product and can be bought in both directions of trade either by buying a “Call”/“Up” option or a “Put”/“Down” option.
  • This means that an investor can go long or short on any financial product simply by buying a binary option. Binary options are offered against a fixed expiry time
  • Binary options (BO) – rapidly growing segment of the world financial market
  • At the moment, the analytical niche for binary options is just beginning to emerge
  • Classical market analysis (news, technical analysis, universal signals etc.) are not suitable for binary options
  • Special analytics for BO is almost absent, or is created manually and delivered with significant delays
  • Despite its infancy, the binary options industry is long overdue in automated trading, by the analogy with the developed stock market and FOREX
forms of binary t rading
Forms of Binary Trading
  • Touch
  • No touch
  • Commonly used term One-Touch
  • Example:
  • If Google stock is at $700; Trader predicts stock will touch $702 mark during the trading period. “Call”
binary stock option platform
Binary Stock Option Platform
  • Citradesoffers services to different levels of clientele
  • Offering 4 Levels which our clients can enroll in.
  • Entry/Beginner
  • Protrader
  • Autotrade
  • Managed Accounts
beginner level 1
Beginner Level 1
  • $250-500 minimum investment includes:  
  • eBook
  • Online courses
  • One on one trading with coach
  • Free signals for 2 months
  • Insured trade up to $500
  • Up to 50% bonus
  • However, this presentation is going to be more focused on more advanced packages.
  • $1000-$5000 minimum investment includes:
  • All features included in beginning program
  • Daily Signal Service via: email, Livechat, phone, Skype
  • Supporting websites
  • Market updates
  • Personal broker
  • 4 free trades a month (once a week)
  • Up to 100% bonus
  • $5000-10,000 minimum investment includes:
  • Fully managed Auto-Trader
  • Capped Risk Trading
  • Trade Verification
  • Adaptive Risk Management
  • No commission, No Margins
  • VIP Account with Exclusive Benefits
  • Automated System Requirements:
  • Fund your account
  • Verify legal documentation
  • Autotrade investments will make capitalistic gains.
autotrading ready solution
AutotradingReady Solution.
  • Faunus Analytics and Citradesrepresent new unique solution:
  • Based on Faunus Analytics trade signals, created specially for binary options and working effectively from 2011
  • Over 150 popular underlying assets and expiry times
  • Signal generation– every hour, 24x5
  • Allows to automatically deliver signals to Citradestrading platform
  • High speed (<0.25 sec), reliability and security
  • Average integration time ~1 week
  • Product fully ready for implementation
  • Have you ever thought of a managed account but could not afford it?
  • Ever wanted more than Signals Service that was just not working out for you?
  • Too busy with work? Family?
  • To execute trades and make money in the markets
  • The solution to these problems has arrived. It is called AUTOTRADE, and it is available now at www.Citrades.com
how autotrade works
How Autotrade Works?
  • Citradesnew Autotrade program is an Automated Trading System that is built in with Human Verification
  • This means the human analyst is watching all the trades that the system executes. It’s a perfect combination of high tech trading software and human analysis and risk management.
  • The analyst can use tools like rollover and buy out to get out of a trade or extend a trade if necessary
autotrading advantages advantages

For Traders

  • Greater confidence in your own abilities
  • Improving the efficiency of trading and psychological stability
  • No need to be constantly with the trading terminal. More freedom.
  • Impartial monitoring of trading, reduced number of complaints and technical support contacts
  • Increasing the level of education, transforming the expectations, awareness of the possible achievable results
  • Consistent Income Stream (10 % per Month on Average)
  • No Worry About Stock Market Movement (Up or Down, even Collapse) (Good for professionals working during normal hours; 9-5)
  • You may withdraw/receive 5 % of your Principal per month after six months from initial deposit.
why autotrade is beneficial
Why Autotrade is beneficial
  • The best thing about this is that its an automated system, but the human risk managers can:
  • Pull out of a trade.
  • Extend a trade
  • Increase size on trade.
  • Buy out or sell a trade.
  • In an effort to better explain our AutotradeProgram, the next few slides are sample of trades from one of these accounts.
  • Please keep in mind that there are 3 variables that are crucial when thinking about this program:

1.Desired % return per month (10%-50%)

2.  Desired level of risk based on this % (50%-90% security)

3.  Desired bonus/leverage to help increase trading power, minimize risk, and allow for hedging of positions. (25%-100%)

sample trades
Sample Trades


9 Won

4 Lost

Wins Ratio: 69.2%

sample trades1
Sample Trades

Details for trading day (4/18/2013)


Total Signals: 31

Total Wins: 22

Wins Ratio: 70.97%

sample trades2
Sample Trades

Details for trading day (4/19/2013)


Total Signals: 23

Total Wins: 13

Wins Ratio: 56.52%

how about the results march 2013
How About the Results? March 2013.
  • Number of signals: ~10000 per month (all reliability levels)
  • Win ratio percentage: from 50 to 70% per month
  • Open reporting(aggregates and detailed data ) is available and could be implemented into any web-site
  • Reporting is automatically updated every hour
top assets march 2013
Top Assets– March 2013




Precious metals


autotrade fixed return
Autotrade Fixed Return
  • For a very limited time Citrades.comis offering a fixed return of anywhere between 10% - 50% on your investment for the first month.  
  • The 10-50 % scale depends on the level of risk you want to come in at, 10% being low risk and 50 % being high risk.
  • What makes this Autotrade offer so unique and attractive?
  • On any given session, the system will not risk more than 10% of your balance, which from a risk standpoint is conservative
  • Choosing the systems risk level per trade based on % of total balance :
  • 2.5%
  • 5%
  • 10%
what does the signal c onsist of
What Does the Signal Consist of?

Assets (FOREX, indices, stocks, energies, commodities)

Option type (CALL, PUT)

Updated 2012-01-12 13:01 Your time zone – Europe\London (GMT+0)

Update time. Signals are delivered at the beginning of every hour.

Reliability level– unique risk control parameter, showing which direction an asset will move and with which probability.

financial scoring
Financial Scoring
  • Basis of trading signals– financial scoring technology, created by Faunus Analytics specialists at the beginning of 21st century.
  • Financial scoringis the adaptation of classical (banking) scoring, intended for research and forecasting of market time series.
  • Scoring technology is widely used in banks, investment and insurance companies for solving serious business tasks (granting the loans, clients segmentation, collection, fraud fighting etc.)
  • The solution for BO – specially developed mathematical models, oriented towards the binary outcome of the event with a certain probability (reliability)
  • Models are automatically rebuilt and optimized in accordance with the current market situation
  • Models use strict risk management
  • Choosing the systems risk level per trade based on % of total balance :
  • 2.5%
  • 5%
  • 10%
  • Models have the ability for deep setting and customization
how does it work
How does it work?



Customer Account 1


Cititrader API

Faunus API (JSON)

Signal Gateway

Customer Account 2

Faunus Analytics Servers

Customer Account N

marketing example
Marketing (example)
  • The new word in automated trading. Meet theCiBot!
  • CiBot–your personal trading robot
  • CiBotwill choose the optimal size and asset of the trade
  • CiBotwill immediately deliver signals to your trading account
  • CiBotkeep risks under control
  • CiBot. Trading binary options have never

been that easy!


about the company
About the Company
  • Founded in 2009, privately held
  • 20+ employees
  • Headoffice– Moscow, Russia. Europeanoffice – Prague, Czech Republic.
  • The basic range of services: Advanced data analytics, Business Intelligence, data-mining.
  • Own in-house R&D Department
  • Among the clients – the largest international banks and telco companies
  • Separate investment direction – Faunus Asset Management.
  • Main web-site – www.faunusanalytics.com
vip managed account
VIP-Managed Account 
  • 20,000 minimum investment includes:
  • Personal Broker + Analyst team 
  • Daily analysis, attention to every detail
  • Weekly results
  • Corporate accounts
  • Interest bearing accounts on non traded funds
  • VIP Benefits
  • Free iPhone 5 or iPad
vip managed account1
VIP-Managed Account 

Managed Accounts Ultimately is the Best Option

  • Most attention is applied to our VIP Accounts
  • They are handled with most care
  • 24/7 Live Support with a personal broker
  • Only 1 financial Expert will be handling the account; where as, Autotrade will always have continuous trading.
  • VIP Accounts are a little more conservatively in tougher market periods.
thank you for your attention
Thank you for Your attention!


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