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Diocese of Leeds. Diocese of Leeds. ALL SAINTS CATHOLIC COLLEGE. “Consideration of academy status and joining a Catholic Multi Academy Trust Consultation briefing ”. Introduction. Welcome and Opening Prayer All Saints Catholic College Mission Statement Where we are now

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All saints catholic college

Diocese of Leeds

Diocese of Leeds


“Consideration of academy status and

joining a Catholic Multi Academy Trust

Consultation briefing ”


  • Welcome and Opening Prayer

  • All Saints Catholic College Mission Statement

  • Where we are now

  • How do we progress

  • What are the diocese considering

  • Where do we want to go

  • What does this mean for my child

  • What happens next

Diocese of Leeds

Opening prayer for catholic communities
Opening Prayer For Catholic Communities

  • God, our Father, creator of all, we cry out to you as humble servants of our Lord, Jesus Christ within our schools and parishes.

  • We give thanks for all we have received as we seek to teach, guide and guard the children in our care.

  • We call upon the gifts of our confirmation and the power of your Holy Spirit as we consider the future of the distinctive Catholic education of our children.

  • In all we think, say and do may we be Yours.

  • May we be wise and selfless and have the courage and strength to follow your way.

  • We ask this in Jesus’ name and through the power of your Holy Spirit.

  • Amen

Diocese of Leeds

All saints catholic college1
All Saints Catholic College

To love and serve

At All Saints Catholic College, our mission is to put Christ at the centre of our community, to

lead everyone on a personal journey based on the teachings and values of Jesus Christ.

We aim to provide opportunities to nurture and develop the Faith handed down to us by the

Catholic Church. In serving God, and one another, we encourage everyone to fulfil their

potential and realise their aspirations.

We strive to :

Share a life of faith through the celebration of the sacraments, through daily prayer and works of charity.

Affirm the worth and contribution of each member of our college, through the celebration of achievement

Support everyone to achieve their potential in all aspects of college life, whilst having expectations of the highest standards.

Create an atmosphere of order and well-being, where self-discipline, responsibility and maturity are strengthened.

Ensure high standards of behaviour through a culture of respect for God, oneself and for others.

Develop as an out-reaching community; to work in partnership with home, parishes and other

local groups.

Prepare everyone to face the future with confidence by making a positive contribution to the wider community as global citizens, and living out the Gospel.

Celebrate our community life and achievements by praising and thanking God through prayer and worship.


  • Received “Good with outstanding features”

    in the Leeds S48 RE InspectionMarch 2013

  • Received “Good”

    in the Ofsted Inspection February 2013

    “All Saints Catholic College is a school that lives out its Mission Statement.

    Pupils benefit from the Catholic life of the school because they feel a sense of belonging to a community with a spiritual and moral dimension.”

    Quote (Source: Leeds S48 Report, March 2013

Catholic schools
Catholic schools

  • Our Catholic schools are provided to assist Catholic parents in their duty of educating their children

  • Governors of our schools have to perform a largely strategic role in the life of the school

    • School improvement – establishing policies and targets designed to achieve those objectives

    • School standards and pupil performance – monitoring, evaluating and reviewing the progress of the school

    • Strategic view – setting aims and objectives

    • Critical friend – offering challenge and support to the Headteacher and the team

  • And in particular Foundation Governors have a responsibility to ensure that, at all times, the school is conducted in accordance with the Diocesan Trust deed and serves as a witness to Jesus Christ in every aspect of its work

How do we progress
How do we progress

  • At All Saints Catholic College, the primary aim is to be completely committed to the Catholic faith, believing that by putting Christ at the centre of everything we do, children are given a set of principles for life which are even more important than educational achievement.

    This is not to say that attainment is not important; we have extremely high expectations, yet we strongly believe in developing the child in mind, body and spirit.

  • Catholic schools are now a major component of the education system and as society changes, we have to too, in order to ensure we meet the needs of our children and young people.

  • We are now at the point of considering the next major change in Catholic education – that of becoming academies.

Key factors to look at
Key factors to look at


Information Gathering


Where are we

What works for us


What will our future look like

What is happening outside


Identify resources available

staffing structure



training & development


key stakeholders

Diocese of Leeds

So what is an academy
So what is an Academy

  • An academy is a state-funded school which operates independently within the requirements of national codes of practice for state schools

  • It receives its funding directly from central government rather than through a local authority

  • It is the current intention of the coalition government that all state schools should become Academies

    “In September 2010, 32 schools in England started term as shiny new "converter“ acadamies . By the end of the 2012 academic year, there were 1987 and the number continues to increase.

Building the future
Building the future

  • The phenomenal pace of developments in technology and communications, increasing secularisation and the challenges posed by a pluralistic and multi-cultural society face all schools alike.

  • These developments and challenges call for:

    ‘” … courageous renewal on the part of the Catholic school …

    And so, now as in the past, the Catholic school must be able to speak for itself effectively and convincingly “.

  • (Source: Diocese of Leeds, Office for Education and Schools, Building the Future – Considering Multi Academy Trusts, Guidance for Governors, October 2011, page 4)

Diocese of Leeds

What is a catholic multi academy trust
What is a Catholic Multi Academy Trust

  • A Catholic Multi Academy Trust is a number of Catholic Academies who agree to work together within an overarching trust body

  • The Diocese of Leeds has suggested groupings to explore the Catholic Multi Academy Trust to avoid any school being left isolated

Diocese of Leeds

The diocese proposed model
The Diocese Proposed Model

Multi Academy Trust A

Multi Academy Trust C

Diocesan Council

Multi Academy Trust D

Multi Academy Trust B

Multi Academy Trust E

Diocese of Leeds

Catholic multi academy trust

Catholic Multi Academy Trust




Primary School A


Primary School B


High School A


High School B


Primary School C


Diocese of Leeds

Trust board and lgb

Trust Board

4 Head teachers

2 Staff

2 Parents

Elected from schools

8 Foundation

Including clergy

To be confirmed!

Local Academy Council

Head teacher

1 or 2 Staff

2 Parent

6 Foundation

To be confirmed!

Trust Board and LGB

The mission of the catholic multi academy trust
The Mission of the Catholic Multi Academy Trust

With Jesus Christ at the centre of the life of the Trust we;

  • Seek to provide learning communities offering the highest possible standards of education

  • Are committed to working in partnership and trust for the common good

  • Strive to encourage and empower children and young people to recognise and realise their God-given potential and to discern their vocation in life

  • Recognise as learning communities inspired by faith, we celebrate achievement, offering each other challenge and support, as together we follow Christ in self-giving love and service

All saints catholic college

Key Principles

Trusts are collectively responsible for all children

Collective Responsibility

Promotion of strong positive links through partnership working with parishes and families

Partnership Working

Collaboration with other academies and trusts to share best practice


No individual school left in a vulnerable position

Support will be available from other schools


The Catholic faith is at the heart of the Trust and academies will promote spiritual, educational and pastoral provision for staff and pupils

United In Faith

Diocese of Leeds

Catholic multi academy trust1
Catholic Multi Academy Trust

A place with so much more on offer

  • A shared vision and core principles – liturgical, sacramental and spiritual life

  • Improved quality of educational provision

  • Development opportunities for all personnel

  • An improvement in teaching and learning

  • A clear Catholic identity and distinctiveness

  • Shared effective skills and resources

  • Establishment of best practices

  • Sustained safe/ family environments

  • Strengthened social cohesion

  • Enhanced parish links

  • Greater involvement and interaction of key stakeholders (Pupils, parents, carers, school, governors, parishioners, volunteers)

  • Eased transition for pupils to Secondary Education

Creating new opportunities in our region
Creating new opportunities in our region

The proposed Catholic Multi Academy Trust in Calderdale and Kirklees district may include 16 schools

14 Primary Schools

St Josephs-Halifax

St Mary’s-Halifax

Sacred Heart-Sowbery Bridge

St Joseph’s-Brighouse

St Malachy’s-Halifax

St Patrick’s-Elland

St Patrick’s-Birstall

St Joseph’s-Huddersfield

St Patricks-Huddersfield

Our Lady of Lourdes-Huddersfield

Holy Spirit-Heckmondwike

St Joseph’s-Dewsbury

St Mary’s-Batley

St Paulinus-Dewsbury

2 Secondary Schools

  • All Saints-Huddersfield

  • St John Fisher-Dewsbury

Diocese of Leeds

Schools who have expressed an interest to convert in the first stage december 2013

Primary Schools

St Mary’s-Halifax

Sacred Heart-Sowbery Bridge

St Malachy’s-Halifax

St Patrick’s-Elland

Holy Spirit-Heckmondwike

St Joseph’s-Dewsbury

Secondary Schools

All Saints-Huddersfield

St John Fisher-Dewsbury

Schools who have expressed an interest to convert - in the first stage December 2013

Diocese of Leeds

So what will it mean for my child
So what will it mean for my child

  • They will learn in the same school building

  • They will work with the same staff

  • They will wear the same uniform

  • The school times will be the same

  • They will serve and live as a part of their parish community

  • The school building and land will still be owned by the Diocese of Leeds

  • They will still be part of their local community

  • They will have greater opportunities … to develop their skills, knowledge and experience

    ‘Education is not and must never be considered as purely utilitarian.

    It is about forming the human person, equipping him or her to live life to the full – in short it is about imparting wisdom. And true wisdom is inseparable from knowledge of the Creator’.

    (Pope Benedict XVI, Address to Teachers and Religious, Twickenham, September 2010)

So why change
So why change

  • The Trust will give us the ability to maximise what we are able to deliver in education by sharing expertise, resources and services, including support for struggling schools

  • The Trust will be an example of collaborative working, providing school to school support and working closely with the local Catholic community

  • The Trust will provide expanded professional development opportunities for staff in Trust academies and help with succession planning

  • Greater flexibility with the financial resources available to us

    “It will help us become better at what we already do”

All saints catholic college



Academy Funding

Local Authority Funding

Percentage is top sliced to pay for central services

100% of the funding goes direct to the Academy Trust for distribution to the school

  • We can prioritise all our resources as a school in the way that best meets our objectives

  • We can exercise CHOICE and be innovative in how we spend our money

Key questions continued
Key questions continued

Would we continue to use the Local Authority ?

Yes, if that is best for us, however, the Local Authority landscape is evolving too with many more moving to selling their services or reducing capacity. This way we can plan and adapt in the best way for All Saints Catholic College

Yes, and we would need to assess how we would adapt to a new reporting structure. However, we have already had to implement significant standards and procedures to meet current regulations with regards to finance.

Would this bring greater responsibility and accountability ?

Challenges also provide opportunities

All saints catholic college

Where do we go from here

  • Our individual governing bodies are still considering whether a Catholic Multi-Academy Trust is the way forward for our schools

  • Schools that receive Diocesan approval will then apply to the DfE (central government) to convert

  • The schools which have not chosen to proceed at this point may join at a later stage

  • Nothing is yet finally decided - the process is at consultation stage

    • The consultation deadline date is 17th May 2013

    • Responses will be collated and reported to the governing body and then to all key stakeholders

  • Schools may withdraw at any stage from the process

To move forward we need to
To move forward we need to

  • Work as a team

  • Value and encourage staff

  • Support staff development

  • Promote best practice

  • Work collectively to improve pupil attainment and progress

  • Further develop a creative and engaging curriculum for all

  • Engage, consult and involve all stakeholders

  • Evaluate service provision

  • Review financial viability

  • Develop and implement a workable action plan

  • Implement control systems to monitor performance

  • Work together to develop a three year business plan

To succeed we need to manage and embrace change
To succeed we need to manage and embrace change

  • Be open and transparent about the need for change

    • Clear communication

    • Clear direction

    • Clear Catholic identity and distinctiveness

    • Strong positive leadership

  • Acknowledge the importance of partnership working

    • Governors, Staff, Pupils, Parents, Carers, Parishioners and the wider community

    • Private, public and third sector organisations

    • Local schools and local communities

  • Influence and promote change to enhance quality of educational provision

    • Encourage staff to develop their potential

    • Inspire and promote excellence

    • Provide safe and friendly environments

Building upon success
Building upon success …

We’ll work with integrity to make a difference and

deliver the Catholic Multi Academy’s Trust Missionand aims:-

  • create prayerful communities (3-19 years) based on Christian values, notably those of ‘Love, Justice, Peace, Truth and Respect for All’, and to encourage individuals in their commitment to these ideals

  • encourage everyone to do their best to achieve the highest standards in all areas of activity

  • enable children to grow into confident, open, resourceful young people with a sense of responsibility and of service

  • create vibrant Catholic Christian communities by working by a spirit of partnership and mutual support and respect

  • encourage, celebrate and empower all learners to make a positive contribution to society by living out the Gospel Values

  • recognize the uniqueness of each Academy within the Trust and work in partnership and collaboration in a spirit of mutual support to ensure the continued development and progress of all

Further information and questions
Further Information and Questions

  • Useful Websites





  • Any Questions

    • Please feel free to ask questions

    • Or please forward any questions/queries on the pro forma you may have to the head teacher via post or email

Thank you for your time and your continued support

Thank you for your timeand your continued support

The Head teacher and Governors


All Saints Catholic College