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  1. “Sins of Omission” Host Paulie Abeles Interviews Renowned Child Psychologist Dr. Lynette Long About The Sex Trafficking

  2. Each week the popular Internet radio talk show “Sins of Omission” with Host Paulie Abeles features in-depth hour-long interviews with newsmakers designed to give listeners insight into current events ‘beyond the nightly news’.TONIGHT: The United Nations’ estimates that sex trafficking generates more than $8 billion in revenue each year and will soon outstrip the profits of both drugs and arms trafficking while it claims between 2-4 million new victims every 12 months.

  3. The National Human Trafficking Resource Center defines sex trafficking as a 'modern form of slavery' in which a person (usually young girls and women) are forced to engage in sex acts. These women and young girls are lured by promises of jobs, marriage or are sometimes sold  by parents, husbands or boyfriends. Last year the US Department of Justice reported just 1300 prosecutions. Is that truly the extent of the problem in the U.S.? And what is the legacy of this abuse- even for victims that manage to get free? Our guest tonight is renowned child psychologist, Dr. Lynette Long. Dr. Long received her BS and PhD. from

  4. the University of Illinois is perhaps best known for her seminal work on children, the bestselling “The Handbook for Latchkey Children and their Parents” and “On My Own: The Kids Guide to Self-Care. She has taught at both Loyola Univiversity and American University as an Associate Professor---and is the author of more than 11 bestselling books on making math fun for kids. “Sins of Omission” with Host Paulie Abeles is broadcast live every Monday night at 9 p.m. (ET) at “Sins of Omission’ where the show frequently earns top honors as a “Daily Pick’ and

  5. “Weekly Best” by listeners. The archived show with Dr. Lynette Long from August 10, 2009 can be found at: Listeners can also subscribe to “Sins of Omission” with Host Paulie Abeles on iTunes. This show is archived at: Staff Contact: John Burso Media Contact: Thomas Short Publicity: John Jefferson