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Paulie Abeles

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Paulie Abeles
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Paulie Abeles

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  1. “Sins of Omission” Host Paulie Abeles interviews author Tim Wu, PhD. about his book “Who Controls the Internet?”

  2. Each week the popular Internet radio talk show “Sins of Omission” with Host Paulie Abeles features in-depth hour-long interviews with newsmakers designed to give listeners insight into current events ‘beyond the nightly news’. • TONIGHT: • So many of us use the internet constantly in our daily lives but how much do we really know about the content we are able to access, or the degree to which our privacy are protected. When the internet exploded into totalitarian countries, political pundits and statesmen alike, predicted a new world order of freedom and democracy. Increasingly, however, we have witnessed countries that have been able to reassert state control over the content their citizens view.

  3. Could it happen here?What impact is media consolidation having on the internet and how do we keep the internet free from 'tolls' or government or corporate censorship?What about the proposed 'CyberSecurity Act of 2009' that would give the U.S. Government unprecedented powers to shut down the internet in case of a national emergency--is it necessary to our national defense or a curtailment of civil liberties? Our guest tonight is uniquely qualified to address these issues. Tim Wu is a professor at Columbia Law School, the chairman of media reform organization Free Press, and the co-author of Who Controls the Internet? (Oxford U. Press, 2006). Wu was recognized in 2006 as one of 50 leaders in science and technology by Scientific American magazine. In 2007 Wu was listed as one of Harvard's 100 most influential graduates by the Harvard Alumni magazine. 

  4. Tim Wu's best known work is the development of Net Neutrality theory, but he has also written about copyright, international trade, and the study of law-breaking. He previously worked for Riverstone Networks in the telecommunications industry in Silicon Valley, and was a law clerk for Judge Richard Posner and Justice Stephen Breyer. He graduated from McGill University (B.Sc.), and Harvard Law School.  Wu has written for the New Yorker, the Washington Post, Forbes, Slate magazine, and others. He is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

  5. “Sins of Omission” with Host Paulie Abeles is broadcast live every Monday night at 9 p.m. (ET) at “Sins of Omission’ where the show frequently earns top honors as a “Daily Pick’ and “Weekly Best” by listeners. The archived show with Professor Tim Wu from October 12, 2009 can be found at: Listeners can also subscribe to “Sins of Omission” with Host Paulie Abeles on iTunes. This show is archived at: Staff Contact: John Burso Media Contact: Thomas Short Publicity: John Jefferson