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MOF overview. MOF recent review issue. Nets derived from the net of the primitive cubic lattice ( pcu ).

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mof recent review issue
MOF recent review issue


Nets derived from the net of the primitive cubic lattice (pcu).

Deconstructing the Crystal Structures of Metal–Organic Frameworks and Related Materials into Their Underlying Nets

Michael O’Keeffe*†‡ and Omar M. Yaghi*‡§

Chem. Rev., 2012, 112 (2), pp 675–702

DOI: 10.1021/cr200205j


Figure 5. (a) The Re6Se8(CN)6 unit. (b) The same abstracted as an octahedral SBU.

  • Chem. Rev., 2012, 112 (2), pp 675–702
  • Chem. Rev., 2012, 112 (2), pp 675–702
intergrown nets
Intergrown nets

Figure 4: Catenation of rings in nets intergrown with their dual structures.

The nets are shown augmented with triangles at the three-coordinated vertices and octahedra at the six-coordinated vertices. a, A pair of identical rings in the self-dual pyr net of MOF-150 (ref. 11). b, A six-membered ring of the qom net (red) of MOF-177 catenated with a ring of the dual net (blue). A pair of three-coordinated vertices are directly linked, as are pairs of six-coordinated vertices.

Nature427, 523-527 (5 February 2004) | doi:10.1038/nature02311; Received 9 September 2003; Accepted 16 December 2003


Figure 14. (a) Top- and (b) cross-sectional view the ZIF-8 membrane synthesized by secondary growth technique. Reproduced with permission from ref 278

Chem. Rev., 2012, 112 (2), pp 933–969


Nature Communications 3(604), 2012; DOI: 10.1038/ncomms1618 

Crystal structure of zinc-adeninate MOF. ZN2+, dark blue tetrahedra; C, gray spheres; O, red spheres; N, blue spheres; H, omitted for clarity. I

…exhibits a high surface area (4,300 m2 g−1), one of the lowest crystal densities (0.302 g cm−3) and the largest metal-organic framework pore volume reported to date (4.3 cm3 g−1).

co2 adsorption
CO2 adsorption

Figure 12. A portion of the crystallographic structure of Ni2(dobdc) following dosing with CO2. Green, gray, and red spheres represent Ni, C, and O atoms, respectively; H atoms are omitted for clarity.(193)


Table 10. Components of the Shifted Products of Steam Methane Reformation(417)

Chem. Rev., 2012, 112 (2), pp 724–781

ferroelectric mofs
Ferroelectric MOFs

Figure 9. Structures of [(NH4)Li(C4H4O6)]·H2O in the paraelectric phase (293 K): (a) unit cell along the c axis and (b) layer structure in the ab plane. Green dotted lines represent hydrogen bonds.

Chem. Rev., 2012, 112 (2), pp 1163–1195

Temperature dependence of dielectric constant of (a) [(NH4)Li(C4H4O6)]·H2O