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Coming to a computer near you…

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  1. Coming to a computer near you… FAIR

  2. What is FAIR? FAIR stands for the new Florida Assessments for Instruction in Reading It is a web-based assessment which means you will take it on the computer It is administered three times this year Fall Winter Spring 2

  3. What is FAIR? Reading Comprehension • Students will read one, two or three passages and answer questions following each passage Maze • Students will read two passages • 3 minutes each Word Analysis (spelling) • Students will listen and spell words heard on the computer

  4. FAIR will… monitor your progress in reading predict your success on the upcoming FCAT assessment give you a Lexile® score to help you choose books at your reading level 4

  5. How do I get started? When you get settled in front of your computer, locate the headphones. You will be using them once you start the task. Your computer should already be set to the PMRN website, which is where you access the FAIR. Before you enter your name, you will be asked to enter a number called a “key”. Your teacher will provide the “key” for you to enter in the text box. 5

  6. Headphones on! You will test the sound and animation to be sure both are working correctly. Next you will put on the headphones located at your computer in order to make sure your computer is working properly. 7

  7. Sign on… The next step is to sign on. You will use the drop down menu to choose your grade level. Then you will scroll down until you find your name, OR You can enter your last name and click the search button and find your name. The next few slides show you what the sign-in process looks like. 11

  8. Practice time… Before you start the reading comprehension part of FAIR, the computer program will show you what to expect and give you directions on how to complete the task. Then it will allow you to practice with a sample task. 16

  9. Reading Comprehension You will have at least one passage to read and nomore than three passages. There is no time limit on this task. After each passage, you will see a scoreboard with the number of questions you answered correctly. 17

  10. What’s next? After you have finished the Reading Comprehension Task, your teacher will let you know whether you need to go on to the next task or if you will come back at another time. The next few slides will give you an overview of the other tasks. Remember, not everyone will take all 3 sections. The test is adapted to you and what you need as a reader. 21

  11. The MAZE Task You will read two 3-minute passages that are written at your grade level. You will press start and then begin reading the short passage. When you come to a blank space, you will use the drop-down menu to view 3 word choices. You will select the word that makes the most sense in the sentence you are reading. The following passage has been translated into Latin to protect the stories in the test, so you are not expected to be able to read it. It is to show you an example of what the Maze task will look like. 22

  12. The Word Analysis Task This is a 5-15 minute computer-adaptive spelling task that will adjust to your level once you have finished the first 5 words. On the Word Analysis task you will receive 5 words and then you may receive up to 25 more for a maximum of 30 words. When you click on the ear icon, you will hear a word to spell. The word will be used in a sentence, and then repeated. If you want to hear the word again at anytime, you can click the ear again and it will be repeated. You then type the word in the text box. 26

  13. Final thoughts on FAIR This test is designed with in mind. The purpose is to provide your teachers with information about you as a reader so they can focus their instruction on the areas you need. It will also show the progress you are making throughout the year in reading. YOU 31