the eu japan broader approach activities
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The EU-Japan Broader Approach Activities

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The EU-Japan Broader Approach Activities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The EU-Japan Broader Approach Activities. SOFT 2006 ( Warsaw, 11-15 September) Shinzaburo Matsuda Japan Atomic Energy Agency. Origin of Broader Approach Activities. Joint Declaration at the Ministerial Meeting for ITER (Moscow,28 June 2005) ---- ITER Site,Contribution, and

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the eu japan broader approach activities

The EU-Japan Broader Approach Activities

SOFT 2006 ( Warsaw, 11-15 September)

Shinzaburo Matsuda

Japan Atomic Energy Agency

origin of broader approach activities

Origin of Broader Approach Activities

Joint Declarationat theMinisterial Meeting for ITER (Moscow,28 June 2005) ---- ITER Site,Contribution, and

EU-JA Joint Paper(Attachment to Joint Declaration)

Joint implementation of broader approach activities in the territory of the non-Host, on a time frame compatible with the ITER construction phase.

+ Funding contribution: 46bnY, and 339mnE

+ Candidate projects

IFMIF(EVEDA and/or Facility)

ITER research center(s): including

- computational simulation center for fusion science

- a center for remote experimentation

Fusion power plant technology co-ordination center, including a

center for international design activities for the demonstration


A new plasma experimental device (Satellite Tokamak)

The Broader Approach project(s) will be chosen by the non-Host from the above-mentioned projects.

Projects which are not included in the above list could be chosen at the initiative of the non-Host provided that they contribute to a rapid realization of fusion energy and the Host and non-Host jointly decide to undertake them.


Background of Fusion Energy R&D in Japan and in EU

Japan: JAEC Report “Technical Feasibility of Fusion Energy (May 2000)”

JAEC report “Strategy of the Fusion Research and Development (Oct.


Start of BA Discussion between EU and JA: July 21, 2005 at Garching

Since then, numerous number of legal and technical experts meetings and governmental negotiation meetings have been held to develop agreed plans on BA activities.


Road Map to Fusion DEMO Reactor

Structural Material Dev.

Blanket Technology

Heavy Irradiation


Structure Development

Fusion Engineering Research

Test Blanket




Tokamak DEMO Reactor

Fusion Plasma Research

ITER&DEMO Physics Support Activities


JT-60 Superconducting Coils

The BA Activities comprise the following three Projects

1) Engineering Validation and Engineering Design Activities for the

International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility (IFMIF/EVEDA)

2) International Fusion Energy Research Center (IFERC),

a)A DEMO Design and, R&D coordination Center

b)A Computational Simulation Center

c)An ITER Remote Experimentation Center

3) Satellite Tokamak Programme

Upgrade of JT-60 Tokamak to an advanced superconducting

tokamak (JT-60SA)

management structure for broader approach
Management Structure for Broader Approach

BA Agreement

(Agreement between Japanese Government and EURATOM)

Implementing Agency

Implementing Agency

Steering Committee

Appointment of a Project Leader

Approval of Project Plans,

Work Programmes and Annual Reports

Approval of the Structure of the Project Teams

Other Functions to Direct and Supervise

EU Domestic Agency





Project Committee

Project Committee

Project Committee

Project Leader

Project Leader

Project Leader

Satellite Tokamak(JT-60SA)

Project Team

International Fusion Energy Research Center(IFERC)

Project Team

IFMIF Engineering Validation

and Engineering Design Activity


Project Team

BA Project

Relative Allocation of Contributions from the Parties

(in percentages)

The overall EU contribution is 339 MiEuro value May 2005, and

The overall JA contribution is 46 Byen value May 2005.

Mostly in kind.

Provisional Schedule

for Implementation of the BA Projects

Major Facilities and Activities in IFMIF/EVEDA Project

Accelerator Facility

Target Facility

Test Facilities


Li Flow

D+ Beams

Irradiation Specimens

of Fusion Materials



Li Purification

Electro- Magnetic Pump

Design Integration

  • Prototype Accelerator- Full power Beam Test (low energy part from ion source up to the first section of drift tube linac)
  • Accelerator Test Building
  • Li Loop Fabrication/Test
  • Diagnostics, Erosion/corrosion, Purification
  • Remote Handling Technique
  • System Engineering Design


  • High Flux Test Module
  • Fission Neutron Irradiation Test
  • Small Specimen Test Technique
  • System Engineering Design

Joint Team

  • Design of Buildings and Utilities
  • Safety and Integration Issues
international fusion energy research center
International Fusion Energy Research Center

International Fusion Energy Research Center

DEMO Design and R&D

Co-ordination Center



ITER Remote Experimentation Center

Check of experimental conditions, Machine Control, etc

Setting Experimental Parameters

Data Acquisition and Analysis

Satellite Tokamak


Fusion Computer Simulation Center


Modification of JT-60U (JT-60SA) for BA and National Programs
  • Enhanced flexibility in aspect ratio (A=2.6-3.1) and plasma shape.
  • High power heating/current-drive system, 41MW for 100 s, will be prepared.
  • High beta steady-state operation (N~4, fBS~70%) for DEMO and high density ELMy H-mode operation (ne~9x1019m-3) for ITER are planned.

Three Projects are identified suitable for Broader Approach

Activities between EU and Japan. They are:


Possible schedule for initial and subsequent procedure for signature

and ratification of the Agreement will be fixed quite soon.

Establishment of Steering Committee, Nomination of Implementing

Agency, Project Leader, and Project Team Members have to be made

in near future.

Preparatory work has been started such as discussion on IFERC,

review of conceptual design of JT-60SA, IFMIF/EDEDA design, etc.

The BA Activities are open to other ITER members and their

participation will be welcome.