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STREAMLINING. enable • automate • innovate . Internet “Did you know’s”. How much is Internet traffic growing each year? How many SMS text messages are being sent around the globe each month? How many people are online around the world? How many people have shopped at Amazon?

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enable • automate • innovate

internet did you know s
Internet “Did you know’s”
  • How much is Internet traffic growing each year?
  • How many SMS text messages are being sent around the globe each month?
  • How many people are online around the world?
  • How many people have shopped at Amazon?
  • How much revenue was generated in B2B through the Internet in 2004?
streamlining the new agenda
Streamlining: the new agenda




driving productivity

+ performance




streamlining in action
Streamlining in action
  • Procter & Gamble, Phillips and Coca-Cola are backing a new web-based approach that will streamline the development of global marketing campaigns – “automation of laborious processes will give more scope for innovation, save cost and speed up campaign development”.
  • “UK Government has pledged to streamline business for offshore oil and gas operators in the North Sea by developing an e-commerce portal for the industry. The aim is to speed up application for consents, approvals and reporting – “it’s vital that business and government make the most of cutting-edge technology to make daily business easier and faster”.
  • “Dutch distributor Van Gerd and Loos is investing in a new scanning and wireless computing solution to streamline and fully automate its distribution process to provide parcel tracking via WAP phones over the Net”.
  • “Michael Dell attributes his company’s success to ruthless streamlining of its manufacturing processes and linking its suppliers on the Net to deliver build to order and eliminate inventory”.
  • “Covisint aims to streamline an entire industry by moving business to business processes online for major automakers – “this streamlines the industry supply chain by simplifying procurement, reducing costs and speeding up the order to delivering process”
10 new internet based tools
10 new Internet-based tools
  • Speeds up time for response and communication, eg: real time
  • Lower costs eg automated contacts, “zero touch”
  • New forms of convenience for customers
  • More information / more insight eg: 1 on 1 marketing
  • New routes to market / new sources of growth
  • New ways to communicate eg: mobile, virtual learning
  • New software tools eg: Xml, middleware
  • New software applications eg: Broadvision, Commerce One
  • Coopetition eg: boundaries blur, alliances
  • New forms of outsourcing eg: ASPs
          • Profit growth
          • Revenue growth
streamlining four key points of leverage
Streamlining: four key points of leverage

1. Procurement

2. Supply Chain Management

3. Knowledge Management

4. CRM




looking for eai priorities across the value chain
Looking for eai priorities across the value chain

Basic Business: Processes








Product excellence




Operational excellence

Customer intimacy


How use technology to turn a basic business process into a core source of customer value-added and advantage

pilot test
Pilot + Test
  • GE initial e-procurement pilot cost $15k
  • Hill & Knowlton (PR) invested $300k on a new KM system ($2m return in 12 months)
  • Fisher Scientific invested $50k to pilot a new web invoicing system
  • Herman Miller put up $1m to build ‘DealerNet’
  • “neutralise + co-opt”!
10 things to aim at
10 things to aim at
  • Dare
  • ‘Neutralise + Co-opt’
  • It is the Technology…
  • Develop a strong ‘new technologies’ team
  • … it’s also the processes and structures
  • Involve partners + customers
  • Continuous learning + development
  • “Hearts + minds”
  • Align the rewards structure
  • “MMR”
aligning technology with process organisation strategy change



Aligning technology with process/ organisation / strategy change





new technology tools approaches across the value chain
New technology tools/ approaches across the value chain