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Resume Preparation

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Resume Preparation Objectives Personal Career Vision Presentations Resumes & Correspondence Career Vision Presentations In 2-3 minutes, tell us about: Your ideal career(s) How reality limits your vision Do your career goals change when faced with reality?

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Resume Preparation

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Presentation Transcript
  • Personal Career Vision Presentations
  • Resumes & Correspondence
career vision presentations
Career Vision Presentations
  • In 2-3 minutes, tell us about:
  • Your ideal career(s)
  • How reality limits your vision
  • Do your career goals change when faced with reality?
  • How can we help you follow your passion?
  • Think of an important purchase you have made (i.e. house, car, clothing, electronics)
  • What did you like (not like) about the product that made you buy it?
  • What did you like (not like) about the salesperson that made you buy it?
how does this relate to you
How does this relate to you?
  • In the job search process, you are both the product AND the salesperson.
  • What are some of the things that you want others to like about you?
  • How can you display your best qualities?
purpose of a resume
Purpose of a Resume
  • Attract attention & stimulate interest …to get you an INTERVIEW!
  • Basis for interview discussion
  • Highlights credentials & qualifications
rules for resume writing
Rules for Resume Writing
  • Consider the Employers Perspective

What skills, abilities, interests, experiences, and personal characteristics do you have that will meet the employer’s needs ?

types of resumes
Types of Resumes
  • Chronological
    • Focuses on time; looks best for stable employment
    • Jobs organized by date, reverse chronological order
    • Most common & familiar to employers
  • Functional
    • Focuses on skills; best for little experience or large employment gaps
    • More flexible and creative format
  • Combination
    • Combines the features of Chronological & Functional
basic resume format
Basic Resume Format
  • Main Heading - Contact Info
  • Objective Statement
  • Qualification/Skills Summary
  • Education/Licenses/Certifications
  • Professional Experience
  • Activities or Affiliations
  • Additional Skills/Experience
main heading contact info
Main Heading ~ Contact Info
  • Name (As large as or larger than anything else on the page)
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail or web site
    • must be checked daily
    • professional website or email address only
  • Alternate address only if you will be moving during your job search (move date)
main heading examples
Main Heading Examples


After May 10, 2000

152 South Woodcrest

Olympia, WA 98501


115 Lincoln Street

Gainesville, FL 32607



152 South Woodcrest

Olympia, WA 98501



115 Lincoln Street

Gainesville, FL 32607


objective statements optional
Objective Statements (optional)
  • The focal point around which all other elements in the resume relate.
  • Work or employer centered
  • Lists the title or position desired and the qualities you provide for the job.
examples of career objectives
Examples of Career Objectives
  • A position in marketing with special interest in market research and product planning.
  • A consulting position utilizing skills in relationship building, sound financial planning, and customer service.
action words
Action Words
  • Accomplished
  • Initiated
  • Achieved
  • Adjusted
  • Directed
  • Instructed
  • Built
  • Maintained
  • Conducted
  • Managed
  • Promoted
  • Motivated
  • Led
  • Composed
  • Operated
  • Organized
  • Designated
  • Established
  • Reported
  • Persuaded
  • Developed
  • Presented
education section
Education Section
  • Degree / Anticipated Degree
  • School & Location
  • Minor or Specialization
  • Graduation Date
  • GPA
  • No high school (community college optional)
  • “Selected Courses” in select cases
  • Licenses, Certifications or Accreditations
education section17
Education Section

EDUCATIONBachelor of Arts in Psychology, May 2000

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Minor: Finance G.P.A. 3.23/4.0

Financed 75% of college expenses through

part-time employment.

Additional Coursework:

Advanced Managerial Theory

Production Management

Fundamentals of Accounting

Principles of Supervision

EDUCATIONBS in Business Administration, Marketing

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

December 2000 Business G.P.A. 3.4/4.0

experience section
Experience Section
  • Job Title
  • Organization or Company
  • Location
  • Employment Dates
  • Description
    • past tense action verbs & key words
    • sentence fragments
    • highlight skills that relate to objective
    • Include accomplishments, major projects, outcomes (quote endorsements)
    • Be concrete and quantify ($, %, #) when possible
experience section19
Experience Section
  • EXPERIENCE Waitress, Red Lobster June 1998 - July 1999
  • Gainesville, FL
  • Primarily responsible for serving customers in fast- paced restaurant environment. Developed skills in customer service, especially in dealing with angry or upset patrons.
  • EXPERIENCE Waitress, Red Lobster, June 1998 - July 1999
  • Gainesville, FL
  • * Maintained superior service to customers in fast- paced college-oriented restaurant.
          • * Operated cash register.
          • * Dealt with angry or upset customers.
additional section examples
Additional Section Examples

COMPUTER C++, Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Lotus 1-2-3,

SKILLS Filemaker Pro, Html.

LANGUAGE Basic French, Intermediate Latin, Fluent Spanish

ACTIVITIES President, Minorities in Action, 2002-2003

LEADERSHIPPresident, April 2003- May 2004

Zeta Zeta Zeta Fraternity, University of Florida

Allocated annual budget of $25,000.

PROFESSIONAL Chi Sigma Iota, 2001 - Present

AFFILIATIONSFlorida Education Association, 2006-Present

COMMUNITY Weekly Volunteer, Habitat for Humanity, 2004-2005

SERVICE Hospice Volunteer, 2002-2004

PUBLICATIONS Smith, J. & Moore, K. (2002), Treatments for Chronic

& PATENTS Pain. Journal of American Medicine, 2, 123.

quick tip
Quick Tip
  • Use O*Net, OOH or UF Guide to identify skills that you might want to add to your resume.
  • Use job postings to get an idea of what the employer is looking for and be sure to include the skills they are looking for (only if you really have them)
  • Provide separate sheet only upon request
  • Use same letterhead as resume
  • 3-5 References
    • Name & Title
    • Address
    • Phone Number(s)
    • Email (if used regularly)
    • Their relationship to you
  • Use Combination of References
    • Employment, Academic (no family or friends)
  • Be Sure to Ask Permission /Notify them
resume format basics
Resume Format Basics
  • 1-2 full pages (8.5 x 11”)
  • Conservative color paper & consistent alignment
  • .75 to 1.0 inch margins – 10-12pt standard font
  • Avoid fancy typeface (italics, script, underlining)
  • PROOF READ for spelling, grammar & punctuation
  • Laser printed / scannable (use keywords)
  • If emailed, submit in .pdf to maintain formatting
  • Employer’s Perspectives
resume dont s
Resume Dont’s
  • Abbreviations
  • Personal Pronouns
  • Personal Data
  • Lies
    • only include true things; leave out the information that may be perceived as negative
  • Include Irrelevant Information
    • Example: 20/20 Clip on Aleksey Vayner
information to leave out
Information to Leave Out
  • Photo
  • Hobbies/Personal Interests
  • Weaknesses
  • Childhood Background
  • References
  • Letters of Reference
  • Reason for Leaving
  • Salary
  • Social Security #
  • UFID
  • Age/Birth date
  • Marital Status
  • Race/Citizenship
  • Religion
  • Health/Description
  • Sexual Orientation
resume critique
Resume Critique
  • Find a partner & exchange resumes
  • Your partner will briefly describe the career they are looking for and the experience they have. Look through their resume to identify transferable skills or details that need to be included or clarified.
  • Give feedback on format, details, and fit
leela de souza the phi beta slacker dances for herself
Leela de SouzaThe Phi Beta Slacker Dances for Herself
  • After leaving ballet (her passion), she danced around a variety of other jobs but never seemed to find something she loved. She stated “you have to select something and make it work for you. I can’t just keep looking for that perfect job – there isn’t a perfect job…. That’s too outside myself. It’s going to come from me, inside, and from my committing to something.”
  • How can you effectively design your resume to reflect a completely different career?
lady j lady reads the news a good day job
Lady JLady Reads the News: A Good Day Job
  • Lady J loves radio and works from 6-8am. Radio does not pay well, so she also works a day job.
  • What can she do to fulfill her dreams?
  • Can she tie her interests and skills into a meaningful objective?
other correspondence
Other Correspondence
  • Cover Letter
  • Follow-up/Thank you Letter
  • Acceptance/Rejection Letter
  • Company Applications
what is a cover letter
What is a Cover Letter?
  • An introduction
  • A sales pitch (low key and masterful)
  • A proposal for further action
things to think about before writing
Things to Think About Before Writing
  • What does the prospective employer need?
  • What are your objectives?
  • What are 3-5 qualities that you would bring to this employer or this job?
  • How can you match your experience to the job? (at least two specific accomplishments you can mention to give credence to the qualities you have identified in #3)
  • Why do you want to work for this particular organization or person?
cover letter
Cover Letter
  • Address it to the hiring authority (call and ask for name if necessary or look on website)
  • Introduce yourself
  • Highlight skills or experience
  • Reason you want to work for their company
  • Include the name of the person who referred you if applicable.
  • If emailed, shorten it to 1-2 small paragraphs

See Model & Sample Cover letter on website

other correspondence36
Other Correspondence
  • Application
  • Follow-Up Letter
  • Acceptance Letter
  • Rejection Letter
  • Email Correspondence
  • Obtain & complete ahead of time
  • Read the directions!
  • Use a practice form to determine best spacing
  • Answer all questions or use N/A
  • Verify all information is correct
follow up thank you letter
Ask any questions you forgot

Highlight any other pertinent information that you didn’t cover or covered inadequately

State how the organization could benefit from hiring you (your VIPS)

Restate that you would like to work for them.

Thank the person for their time and information

Follow Up / Thank You Letter
acceptance letter
Acceptance Letter
  • Accept the offer
  • Refer to the offer letter or document
  • Tell your travel plans and anticipated date of arrival, if known
  • Express your appreciation and your pleasure at joining the organization
rejection letter
Rejection Letter
  • Refer to the offer letter or document
  • Express your appreciation for the offer and the organization’s interest in you.
e mail correspondence
E-mail Correspondence
  • The speed of today’s interviewing process makes email correspondence necessary.
  • General guidelines:
    • Include all formal touches you would use in a written letter.
    • Use the subject line effectively
    • Include your contact information with your signature
    • Condense cover letter into 1-2 paragraphs
    • Follow-up email correspondence with a written note - especially when sending a “Thank You” note.
keep it all organized
Correspondence Activity Log

Names, addresses and dates

Actions taken & Follow-up items

Remember to save / print out all email correspondence

Interview Record Log

Company or organization

Date of interview

Name(s) of interviewer(s)

Follow-up action

Date Thank You note sent

Personal impressions

Keep It All Organized
final thoughts
Final Thoughts
  • There is no perfect resume but you can get close by getting it critiqued & revised.
  • Doing your research about the company or hiring person will let you know what they are looking for and how you might tailor your resume and cover letter.
resume cover letter goals resume
Resume, Cover Letter & Goals Resume
  • Résumé and Cover Letter
    • Cover your actual past & present experiences
    • Written for a job, internship or grad school
    • Handouts & samples on the class website
    • Visit a Career Ambassador at the CRC for resume critique
  • Goals Resume
    • Identify the gaps in your resume
    • Add the activities that you want to see in your list of achievements.
    • Put your ideal goals in another color to separate them from actual experiences.
    • Create the opportunities for yourself to turn them into real ones!
for next week
For next week…
  • Job / Internship Search Strategies, Informational Interview & Experiential Ed
    • Read Bronson Ch 26, 33, 54
      • Julia – abandoned engineering for something else, but no one every asked why
      • Marcela – hated being identified by her job
      • Phil – took the opportunity to learn about a variety of job to learn more
  • Resumes & Cover Letter due