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netflow analyzer drilldown to the root qos l.
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NetFlow Analyzer Drilldown to the root- QoS PowerPoint Presentation
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NetFlow Analyzer Drilldown to the root- QoS

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NetFlow Analyzer Drilldown to the root- QoS
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NetFlow Analyzer Drilldown to the root- QoS

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  1. NetFlow AnalyzerDrilldown to the root-QoS Product Overview

  2. Product Introduction • Powerful traffic analysis and network forensic tool • All-software solution and requires no hardware probes • Provides an in-depth visibility into network traffic and its patterns • Multiple Monitoring Technologies in a single solution • NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, etc – All Major Flow Formats Supported • CBQoS Monitoring for Validating QoS Policies • Cisco NBAR support – SNMP and Flexible NetFlow • VoIP Monitoring via Cisco IP SLA • Flow based security analytics

  3. Need for NFA • Reports on Network Bandwidth usage • Top Talkers • Top Conversations • Top Application, DSCP values • Class Based Traffic Analysis – Validate QoS Policies • Deep-Packet Inspection for Better Traffic Analysis • VoIP Monitoring to ensure Best Call Quality • Centralized monitoring for thousands of routers and switches • Flow based security analytics

  4. Features • Traffic Analysis • Network Forensics • Network Planning • IP Accounting • Enhanced Cisco ASA NetFlow support • Cisco NBAR report via SNMP and Flexible NetFlow • Reporting on Cisco CBQoS • Usage Based Billing • CapacityPlanning • Flow based security analytics • Cisco IPSLA based VoIP Monitoring • Vertical Enhancements

  5. Key Features Traffic Analysis • Visualize traffic patterns with real time graphs • View detailed time based network data Top Sources and related Conversation reports Ranging from last minute to forever Top destinations and related Conversation reports Top Applications and protocol reports

  6. Key Features Network Forensics • Conversation Awareness Ability to examine packets and their numerous fields in detail, so that unauthorized and hostile activity can be traced and analyzed. • Conversations and Interfaces Knowing the source IP addresses of conversations and their inbound and outbound interfaces is critical to tracking and understanding unusual behavior.

  7. Key Features Network Planning

  8. Key Features IP Accounting • Identify department wise bandwidth usage • Advanced IP group classification engine • Scales up to thousands of IP groups

  9. Key Features Cisco ASA NetFlow Supported • ASA NetFlow support to see Pre and Post NAT IP Addresses • Better Visibility about traffic usage beyond NAT • Original and Mapped IP Addresses shown in Conversations

  10. Key Features Cisco NBAR Support • Better Application Recognition through Deep Packet Analysis • Allows identification of applications which use dynamic ports as well as those using well known ports • NBAR Reporting - Via SNMP and Flexible NetFlow • Flexible NetFlow - NBAR • Removes Requirement for SNMP Polling • NBAR data exported along with NetFlow data • Deeper Visibility than through SNMP based NBAR

  11. Key Features Reporting on Cisco CBQoS • Validation of QoS Policies • For monitoring • Class based pre and post policy traffic usage • Class based drops • Class based queuing • Reports for each Match Statement

  12. Key Features Usage Based Billing • Generation of periodic bills for accounting and for charge-back. • Useful for service providers and enterprises • Value addition to the basic need of traffic analysis and network forensics • With no additional infrastructure cost

  13. Key Features CapacityPlanning • Trend analysis over a period of time • Helps predict the traffic growth in your network

  14. Add On Features Network Behavior Analysis - NBA • Network anomaly detection leveraging on NetFlow data • Detect anomalies that surpass firewall and IDS • Detect anomalies by problems and problem classes for easy understanding • Detailed forensic investigation. • Licensed based on number of NetFlow interface purchased.

  15. Add On Features Cisco IPSLA – VoIP Monitoring • Monitor VoIP Network health using Cisco IPSLA • Report on : • Jitter • Latency • Packet Loss • MoS • Along with NetFlow reports, helps find the exact cause of VoIP issues in the network. • 100 monitors to be given for each VoIP Add-On purchase

  16. Vertical Enhancements Other Major Features • Support for sampled NetFlow v5 and v9 • Geo-Location Report for IP Address • User specific Customizable Dashboard • New Graphical Widgets • Network links in Google Map • SNMP V3 Support • Report Profiles • Schedule all UI reports including conversations

  17. Edition’s Professional Edition • Bandwidth monitoring, network forensics and network traffic analysis tool. • Provides in-depth visibility into their network traffic and its patterns. • Licensing starts from minimum of 10 interfaces to a maximum of 600 interfaces Professional Plus Edition • All features of Professional Edition with NBAR, CBQoS, Billing and Capacity Planning. • Licensing starts from minimum of 10 interfaces to a maximum of 600 interfaces Add on available for Pro and Pro Plus:- VOIP ASAM - Advanced Security Analytics Module

  18. Edition’s Enterprise Edition • Scalable traffic analysis and network forensic tool for large enterprise or distributed networks • Multi layer architecture based on multiple collectors and central server. • Licensing starts from minimum of 250 interfaces to a maximum of 20,000 interfaces Add on available:- NBAR & CBQoS reporting Billing Fail Over NetFlow Plug-In with OpManager • Addon for OpManager • For customers who wish to see both the reports in single user interface • Licensing starts from minimum of 10 interfaces to a maximum of 300 interfaces. Add on available:- CBQoS Monitoring Billing ASAM – Advanced Security Analytics Module

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