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how each laptop compartments work l.
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How Each Laptop Compartments Work PowerPoint Presentation
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How Each Laptop Compartments Work

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How Each Laptop Compartments Work
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How Each Laptop Compartments Work

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  1. How Each Laptop Compartments Work By: William, Blessing, Rose, Mind, Jirat, Achawin

  2. Laptops • Laptops are becoming more popular than desktops. • Laptops can work on battery. • Laptops are also portable.

  3. When was the first laptop invented? • Laptops were invented at 1981 by Adam Osborne. • It was first called “Osborne 1”. • Osborne 1 had a tiny computer screen built in it.

  4. Laptop Compartments • Just how does all the equipment fit into such a tiny package? How can laptops run on battery power too? • Laptop and desktop compartments are similar. The difference is how each compartment fit.

  5. Desktop • In this CPU it shows the parts a desktop need. • It is often called “Brain of a desktop”. Look at how much space the components fit. • Now how does these parts fit into a laptop?

  6. Laptops • In a laptop all of the parts are fit together with very little space. Because of this, the laptop components have to: • Fit into a compact space • Use less power • Produce less heat than a desktop

  7. Laptop Screen • The picture you see in the laptop screen is made up of red, green, and blue dots. • These tiny device could also be called a “cell”. The white light that comes from the back of the screen goes through each cell. • When the red, green, and blue are together it is a pixel. One pixel is made up of three cells.

  8. Laptop Processor • The laptop processor is lower-powered processor than a desktop’s. • Some laptop users use the desktop processor in their laptops. Processors that are made for mobile computing use less power and run cooler than the desktop processor. • This is important because you would want to make your battery last longer.

  9. Laptop Heat Sink • Laptop heat sink’s job is to remove heat to keep the components cool. • Can have difficulties in cleaning. • Taking it out is also a problem because you might rearrange the laptop compartments in the wrong position. • The tiny screws could also be lost.

  10. Laptop Graphic Cards • Laptop graphic cards are smaller than those in a desktop’s. • Used to create a wire frame image, then fills it in with texture and shading.

  11. Laptop Motherboard • The laptop motherboard is the component that ties all the things together. • Allows all the components of your laptop to receive power and communicate with each other.

  12. Laptops

  13. Thank you • We hope you liked our PowerPoint.