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Behavioral Health Provider Agencies PowerPoint Presentation
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Behavioral Health Provider Agencies

Behavioral Health Provider Agencies

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Behavioral Health Provider Agencies

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  1. February 2019 • Presented by the • Department of Behavioral Health and • Intellectual disAbility Services • DBHIDS Behavioral Health Provider Agencies

  2. History The Department of Behavioral Health has offered the camp grant to the Philadelphia community since 1998. It started with one member of the Children’s Unit, Madeline Moore, working to inspire her unit and the department to gather finances to help families who could not afford camp and needed summer programming for their children. That first year we were able to pay for 12 children to attend camp. Over the years the grant has grown and now funds camp for over 1300 children each year. The grant now bears the name of Madeline Moore in her memory.

  3. General Guidelines • Children must reside in Philadelphia and have a behavioral health diagnosis. • Children must be between the ages of 6 and 17 years old at the time of application submission. • Camps are pre-approved by DBHIDS are considered Participating Camps. • Participating camps have a program that is 75% recreational. • The grant offers up to four hundred dollars ($400.00) per child to attend a participating camp of the parent’s choice. • Provider Agencies are required to visit camps during the summer. • Applications are accepted starting March 1 through May 15, on a first come first served basis.

  4. Summer Camp Online Steps to Online Application Submission • Register your agency • Logon with your login credentials • Agency management • Create new grant application • Submit grant application • Complete Camp Monitoring Form

  5. Step 1: Agency Registration Register your agency online at: • Complete all agency profile fields. • email address becomes your username. • Create a unique password. You will receive a confirmation email when your agency has been approved.

  6. Step 2: Logon • Logon using your email address as the User name. • Use the password you created during registration. • Forgotten password: Choose “Forgot Password”. The system will send you a temporary password. Cut and paste the temporary password into the password field. • Locked out: Send an email to Include agency name, person’s name and email address • SuperAdmin is no longer with agency: Send an email to DBH. Include the former SuperAdmin’s name and email address and the new SuperAdmin’s name and email address.

  7. STEP 3: AGENCY MANAGEMENT The Super-Admin assigns each user a role.

  8. Step 4: Create New Applications • Select “Create New Application”. Each application receives a unique reference number. • Complete child and parent/guardian information. • Complete Referral Source information. • Select Camp (optional) • Save the application. • Print the application Parent will take application to camp for fees and signatures. Note: Diagnosis and SS # will not display and should not be written in.)

  9. STEP 5: SUBMITTING APPLICATION (cont.) Supporting Documents The following documents will be needed to submit grant application: • Signed Grant Application • Camp Brochure/Flyer • Camper Registration Form • Authorization Letter Create using template found on Summer Camp homepage.

  10. STEP 5: SUBMITTING APPLICATION (cont.) Complete - Submit • Under “New to be Submitted” select the reference number • Complete all fields. • Save application • Scan/Attach supporting documents • Select appropriate attachment type. (application, brochure, registration, authorization) • Submit • Application will move to the “Submitted to DBHIDS” list. • Attachments will appear in the PDF window.

  11. STEP 5: SUBMITTING APPLICATION (cont.) Submit Application Unable to scan and attach? You can fax supporting documents. After the grant application has been submitted: • Select “Print Letters” and print the Cover Sheet. • Fax documents to 215-685-5564. • Documents for each application should be faxed separately.

  12. Application Status Review the status of applications on a regular basis.

  13. Step 6: Camp Monitoring Form A camp visit is required for each child that has been approved for a grant. • The Camp Monitoring Form is printed from the SummerCamp Website. The form is completed during the camp visit. • Open the Approved application • Select the “Print Letters” button • System will fill in reference #, child and camp information. • Fax completed forms for each reference # individually to 215-685-5564. • No cover sheet required • Deadline to submit forms is August 30.

  14. Contact Info Access SummerCamp Online at: Fax supporting documents and monitoring forms to: 215-685-5564 Email: Always send Secure if using names: Enter “[Secure]” in the subject line.