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GME Management System

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GME Management System E*gme TM E*Value TM Office of Graduate Medical Education GME Management System GME Management system incorporates the E*gme and E*Value modules on a web-based system for Residency and Fellowship Management .

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GME Management System

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gme management system

GME Management System



Office of Graduate Medical Education

gme management system2
GME Management System

GME Management system incorporates the E*gme and E*Value modules on a web-basedsystem for Residency and Fellowship Management .

This system will consolidate all the following functions into one single integrated system.

  • Resident and Fellow appointments
  • Rotation schedules
  • Evaluations (E*Value) - Performance
  • Duty Hours
  • Procedure Tracking
  • Portfolios
  • Manage Affiliate Billing

Office of Graduate Medical Education

what is e gme
What is E*gme ?
  • E*gme is a web-based application that works hand in hand with E*Value. Together these applications are designed to track resident and fellow activities, support GME affiliation agreements, optimize Medicare reimbursements, and provide information to better support operational improvements and planning for GME programs, teaching hospitals and providers.
  • The GME Management System will help bridge the gap between the GME office, programs and the Medical Center Finance office and ensure accurate and timely information is available for reporting purposes.
  • In order for these reports to run successfully, correct information needs to be entered into the system. Most of this information is entered at the individual training program level.

Office of Graduate Medical Education

seamless modules
Seamless Modules
  • E*gme
  • E*Value

Biographic Data

- Eras Import

- E*gme Workbook Import

- Manual Entry

  • Training History/ CV/ Ranks
  • Medical School- Residency - Fellowship


Health Insurance


Provider IDs

Rotation Data

Activity List

- Affiliate Billing- Medicare- Cost Reports

The 4 pillars of E*gme

Duty Hours Tracking


Performance/Comments/ Ranking Reports

Custom/ Offline Reports & Data exports

Trainee Biographic Database, CV, Certifications,Training

Procedure Tracking

Evaluations:Trainee Performance

Educator Performance

Rotation Assessment

Praise/Concern Cards

E*gme populates E*Value functionalities


MyFolioTM -- Learning Portfolio

Curriculum Management

Conference Attendance Tracking

Office of Graduate Medical Education

acgme abms non acgme graduate training programs
ACGME/ ABMS/ Non-ACGMEGraduate Training Programs

The E*gme module will replace RFS for appointments and rotation schedule management. 

  • ACGME & ABMS programs will use both E*gme & E*Value.
  • Non-ACGME programs are required to use E*gme.

They are encouraged to enroll to use E*Value to transition their program’s evaluation process to a web based system.

Office of Graduate Medical Education

the system access
The System access…..

Office of Graduate Medical Education

biographic database
Biographic Database

Manage All Biographic Information on Trainees, Educators, Staff and Alumni

  • Bio Info – Track Name, Photo, SSN, visa status, citizenship, credentials, immunizations, etc.
  • Roles, Groups and Specialties – Define the users’ program roles and E*Value viewing privileges
  • Training and Education – Track CV history, training locations, Medicare eligibility 
  • ECFMG Certification – Track certification issue & validity dates, set expiration auto-reminders
  • Contact and Address – Manage personal and organizational contact information
  • Custom Fields – Create up to 250 custom fields, incl. exam scores, insurance.
  • Export to Excel –Export bio data and data collected in the custom fields, export to Excel in custom format
  • Auto-reminders – Manage and set reminders for licensure expirations, ACLS & certifications
  • Auto-promotion – Set dates and auto-promotion of trainee rank on dates of your choice
  • Contract In & Out Dates – Set dates for incoming and outbound contracts, self-assessments
  • Stipends & Benefits – Track stipends, bonuses, grant funding, waivers, insurance costs, etc.

Office of Graduate Medical Education


Create Rotation Schedules, Manage by User or Activity

  • Scheduling –  automatically generate the release of evaluations based on schedule
  • Block Scheduling – Schedule individuals for block rotations
  • Shift Scheduling – Schedule shifts, clinics, call, vacations, and other activities
  • Team Scheduling – Assign individuals to teams within a rotation for greater flexibility
  • I/O Scheduling Report – Track inbound and outbound rotators
  • Default Educator Scheduling –  Link educators to rotations for automatic scheduling
  • Group Scheduling – Schedule groups of people with one click
  • Amion/ OnCall Schedule Import – Link E*Value to your existing shift scheduler
  • Multiple Views – View color-coded schedules per person, activity, and rank
  • Activity Coordinators – Limit the scheduling abilities of users to only relevant activities
  • Schedule Downloads – Download schedules into Excel files for further management
  • Aged Evaluations – Review evals suspended by trainee, accept or reject suspension

Office of Graduate Medical Education

evaluations management
Evaluations Management

Manage Evaluations & Generate Performance Reports of People, Sites, and Activities

  • Evaluation Types – Choose from Trainee, Educator, Staff, Patient, Peer-to-Peer, Alumni, Activity/Rotation, Site, Competency, 360-degree, Conference, Mini CEX, Hallway Interaction, Praise Cards, Concern Cards, Performance Snapshots, and nearly 500 other evaluation types
  • Completed Evaluations – Review a permanent record of all evaluations completed
  • On-the-Fly Evaluations – Make impromptu evaluations available to users at all times
  • Creation – Create your own, or have AI create your evaluation forms
  • Question Formats – Choose scale, radial buttons, text entry, drop-down, check box, layered, etc.
  • Questions Types – Make questions mandatory, not-mandatory, or confidential
  • Question Groups – Define question groups to address core competencies and objectives
  • Photographs – See an image of the person you are about to evaluate at the top of form
  • Survey Set-up – Store, manage, and retrieve all evaluations that have been built for program
  • Reciprocity Rules – Help prevent retaliation or “payback” evaluation reviews by blocking data
  • Review/Release – Review completed evals for appropriateness, act as a gatekeeper
  • Error Checking – Red flag notices for missing required data, and spell check option
  • Low Score Notification – Receive automatic notifications of low scores being given
  • Oldest Evaluations First – Require evaluators to complete oldest evals first to boost compliance
  • Suspend Evaluations – Suspend evaluations if they were mis-assigned, auto-notify administrator
  • Evaluation Sign-Off – Trainees can document level of agreement w/ evals, provide comments

Office of Graduate Medical Education

evaluations management cont d
Evaluations Management (cont’d)
  • Notifications – Users receive auto-generated emails notifying them of eval release
  • Auto-login – Email notifications contain auto-login URL links to E*Value
  • Save for Later –  Users can save incomplete evaluations and finish them later
  • Auto-save – E*Value saves evaluation information automatically, even if computer is shut down
  • Auto-scroll – Review forms more efficiently by turning on the auto-scroll feature
  • Reminders – Non-compliant trainees can receive auto-email reminders of increasing urgency
  • Printing – Print button found within evaluation forms for creation of auto-formatted paper copies
  • Enter Eval Answers - Administrators can use this tool to review and complete open evaluations for participants in their program.
  • Compliance Reports – Monitor eval completion rates by program, user, rank, time-frame, etc.
  • Performance Reports – Track performance of Trainee, Educator, Activity, Site, or Groups
  • Comments Reports – Review comments aboutTrainee, Educator, Activity, Site, or Groups
  • Scores Reports – Reviewscores about Trainee, Educator, Activity, Site, or Groups
  • Question Group Reports – Track trainee progress toward ACGME core competencies
  • Time Trend Reports – Java-enabled plotted-points graph tracks performance over time
  • Educator Bias – Determine educator reviewing biases & validity of scores given
  • Notes – There are no additional fees or quantity limits for Advanced Informatics’ evaluation maintenance services
  • Notes – Reports can be generated in HTML, Excel, and Word format
duty hours educator hours management
Duty Hours & Educator Hours Management

Log shifts of various types on the Web or PDA, monitor violations and statistics

  • Monthly Hours Calendar – Quickly log shifts of various customized task types
  • Default Settings – Save defaults by user of commonly worked shifts
  • Shift Comments – Enter optional comments about each shift
  • Educator Hours – Link education activities, lectures, and audience types to shifts
  • PDA App (Palm & Windows) – Log hours on handheld in calendar or text view
  • Edit Trainee & Educators Hours – View,log or edithours for individuals
  • Custom Activity & Task Types – DesignateIn-house, night float, call, vacation, or custom tasks
  • Violation Red Flags – Trainees receive instant notification/ stop-check if logging a violation
  • Duty Hours for GME – Hours can be fed to E*gme for GME reimbursement purposes
  • Duty Hours Violations Reports – Identify and respond to trainees in violation
  • Violations Rules Settings - Monitor compliance by ACGME, NY State rules
  • ACGME Reports –  Answersthe 6 duty hours questions posed by ACGMEpart 7b (see notes below)
  • Stats Reports – Manage hours & violations, notify trainees
  • Compliance Report –  Review number & percentage days logged over period of time, by trainee
  • Notes – Part 7b of the Web Accreditation Data System asks for documentation on each trainee for: 1. Avg Hrs/Wk  2. Avg Days of In-house Call/Wk  3. Max continuous hrs/week; 4. How often resident worked 30+ hour shifts in last 28 days  5. How many off days in last 28    6. Avg hours per shift   
curriculum and document management
Curriculum and Document Management

Store and Manage all Program Documents on the Web with E*Value

  • Document Storage – Store all docs (Word, Excel, PPT, etc) at central point on web
  • Custom Homepage Docs – Place important curriculum docs on top of the trainee homepage
  • Upload – Upload documents, store in group of your choice
  • Index – Re-index your documents after they’ve been put into storage
  • Search – Search by document grouping or file name
  • Curriculum Evaluation Link – Link docs to evals for review during eval completion
  • Automatic Notification – Automatically send curriculum docs at the beginning of course
  • Document Distribution – Email curriculum docs as attachment or as a link into E*Value
  • Document to Rotation Link – Link docs to specific courses for auto-distribution
  • Curriculum Review Tracking – Track when users receive or download curriculum docs
  • Notes – Virtually all handheld PDA devices come with a built-in document storage application, making it possible to store the same documents on E*Value and PDA

Office of Graduate Medical Education


Manage Events, Attendance & Learning Objectives on Web or PDA

  • Conference Summary – View past & upcoming conferences, handouts & docs, attendance
  • Conference Calendar – All assigned events are posted on user calendar
  • Custom Conferences – Customize and schedule conferences for GME or CME types
  • CME Credits – Link a count of CME credits to conferences, track over time
  • Attach Documents -  Attach documents and weblinks to conference descriptions on calendar
  • PDA App (Palm & Windows) for Attendance – Sign-off on trainee attendance on-the-spot
  • Conference Types -  Set basic infosuch as presenters, & link evals for auto-generation after event
  • Conference Categories – Create conference categories, link to educational competencies 
  • Conference Details – Track CME credits offered, attach notes or website links
  • Conference Reminders – Set automatic email reminders to presenters
  • Attendance Status Change Request – Petition attendance status from past events
  • Schedule –  Schedule conferences, select attendees, clone from existing, send notifications
  • Link Activities –  Automatically schedule conferences when trainee activities are set
  • Manage Attendee – Review and update all attendance status by % or CME credit for all users
  • Sign-in Sheets – Access printer-friendly sign-in sheets for each conference
  • Attendance Reports – Track attendance by conference, trainee, setting, time-frame, etc
  • User Notification – Email non-compliant trainees directly from attendance report
  • Notes – Virtually all handheld PDA devices come with a built-in scheduling application, making it possible to store the same documents on E*Value and PDA

Office of Graduate Medical Education

procedure diagnosis pxdx management
Procedure & Diagnosis (PxDx) Management

Track Patient Encounters on the Web or PDA with Program-Customized Fields and Reports

  • Custom Fields – Designate any data entry field of your choice
  • Custom Formatting – Format fields as drop down menus, radial buttons, or text entry  
  • Custom Data Sets – Import Procedure & Diagnosis lists, track ICD and CPT Codes
  • Custom PxDx Groups – Find PxDx’s faster with structured hierarchy groupings, sort by ICD code
  • PDA App (Palm & Windows) for Trainees – Log and review encounters, synch data to web
  • PDA App (Palm & Windows) for Supervisors – Sign-off on trainee PxDx’s on-the-spot
  • Email auto-notifications – Supervisors can receive automatic notices regarding encounters
  • Passive Certification – Supervisors automatically notified when procedure has been completed
  • Active Certification –  Certify a procedure has been completed by a resident via PDA or web
  • Competency Certification –  Complete an eval about how well the procedure was performed
  • Procedure Order -  Trainees log primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary procedures on patient
  • Operative Logs –  Track specific requirements such as CPT codes or RRC groupings 
  • Procedure Privileges – Define and track unique trainee privileges for each trainee, procedure type
  • PxDx Evaluations – Supervisors can complete periodic evaluations based on performance
  • Review/Edit – Review or edit completed PxDx encounters
  • Accepted / Rejected Status – Supervisors can accept or reject trainee completion of an encounter
  • Printing – Print PxDx summary logs, patient logs & outcomes, or single encounter reviews
  • Summary Reports – Customize PxDx benchmarks by user and monitor their progress
  • Log Reports – View log of all patient encounters, filter the log contents by various criteria
  • Custom Reports –  Create custom report s in HTML or Excel showing only desired PxDx data
  • Counts Report – Monitor count summaries of all procedures and diagnosis completed
  • Report Filter Options – Customize reports by custom field, trainee, setting, time-frame, etc.
  • Notes – PDA applications come standard with selection of E*Value

Office of Graduate Medical Education

more e value reporting
More E*Value Reporting

Unit-Level Reports

  • Cross-Compare Institutions, Residencies, Clerkships, Activities and People at GME, Deans Office or Program Level
  • Program Selection Menu – Login to the residency or specialty E*Value site of your choice 
  • GME-level Macro Mgmt – Performance outcomes by institution or program
  • Program-level Micro Mgmt – Performance by user, activity, people group, time frame
  • Cross-comparison – Compare performance between programs, activities, people groups, and time frames
  • Viewing Privileges – Customize viewing privileges by individual throughout entire organization

Office of Graduate Medical Education

more e value reporting cont d
More E*Value Reporting (cont’d)

Offline Reports & Data Exports

  • Request Useful Reports, User-Data Downloads & Education History Exports
  • ADRDS Catalog – Request detailed trainee, educator, activity reports anytime
  • Data Exporting – Request program “data dumps” whenever they are desired
  • Education History Exports – Provide trainees a permanent record of CV, training & experiences
  • Notes- No additional fees for standard Offline Reports or data exporting services

Educator Reports

  • Track Educator Hours, CME Credits, and Performance
  • Educator Hours – Track hours worked by educator, task, and activity
  • CME Credits – Link CME credits to educators conferences, lectures
  • Educator Rankings – Compare and rank educators by performance data
  • Notes – The above educator reports are in addition to the standard performance reports described in the evaluations management section of this overview
  • Notes – No additional fees for standard educator management

Office of Graduate Medical Education

other e value features
Other E*Value Features

Work More Efficiently with the Following E*Value Tools

  • Custom Homepages – Create program-wide notifications, documents, or weblinks for program
  • Promotions – One click method - Promote Trainees each academic year.
  • Password Login Change –  Change you login and password information
  • Request Password or Login – Enter your email address to receive login info
  • Auto-login – Login to E*Value directly from your email notifications with the auto-login URL
  • My Calendar / Program Calendar –  Toggle between personal and program calendar
  • Program Events Reminders – Set email automatic reminders for events and manage related documents
  • Auto-promotion – Set dates for users that will auto-promote trainees from one year to the next
  • Mailing Labels – Merge user contact info into various mailing label templates for easy printing
  • User-Data Downloads – Request downloads of all information every collected on each user
  • Post Office – Use this internal email engine to send emails, attach docs with E*Value
  • Help Menu –  Access Advanced Informatics, FAQs, user manuals and Flash tutorials in moments
  • Wireless Evaluations – Complete evaluations on PDA via your wireless network
  • Link E*Value to Program Website – Access your program website with a single click from within E*Value

Office of Graduate Medical Education

contact gme
Contact GME
  • Gitanjali Kapur – Education Technologies Analyst

GME Management System consultation, training, technical or 415-476-1346

  • Amy Day - Manager, Resident & Fellow AffairsResident & Fellow Appointments, Credentialling. or 415-476-1346

  • Lorenzo Woo – Director, Office of Graduate Medical Education

Policies, Contracts, Program related info. or 415-476-1346

Office of Graduate Medical Education