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A serious shortage of rental units PowerPoint Presentation
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A serious shortage of rental units

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A serious shortage of rental units - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pets in People Places A serious shortage of rental units More than 50 per cent of B.C. residents have pets, but just 5 per cent of rental suites allow dogs, and only 9 per cent allow cats Pets in People Places

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Pets in People Places

A serious shortage of rental units

More than 50per cent of B.C. residents have pets, but just 5 per cent of rental suites allow dogs, and only 9per cent allow cats


Pets in People Places

The availability of pet-friendly housingis limited even further by a low rental vacancy rate

Landlords are more selective about who they rent to, and tenants with pets are forced to compete for housing


Pets in People Places

About 2,500 animals a year are surrendered to the SPCA because their guardians couldn’t find pet-friendly housing

These animals are often relinquished in multiple numbers and are older, less adoptable pets who have spent most of their lives with a single family


Pets in People Places

Nearly 80per cent of B.C. residents are in favour of legislation that allows pet guardians the right to keep companion animals


Pets in People Places

It’s easy for landlords and strata councils to prohibit pets, but it’s compassionate, humane, wise and profitable to permit and regulate them


Pets in People Places

Regulating Pets

P Landlords can put in place various safeguards to help ensure pet guardians are respectful of their neighbours and that they take proper care of their rental property and their pet

P Tenants can increase their desirability as renters by providing prospective landlords with proof that they are responsible pet owners, and by agreeing to follow established pet policies


Pets in People Places

The Benefits:

  • Pet guardians typically pay between 20 and 30 per cent more for rental units
  • Tenants with pets tend to stay longer – an average of 46 months, compared to 18 months for tenants without pets
  • Pet guardians have a vested interest in being model tenants

Pets in People Places

m Building security is increased when pets are present, both in the unit of residence, and around the complex during late-night or early-morning walks

m Pets reduce feelings of loneliness, anxiety and stress

m Pets teach children empathy and responsibility, and contribute to their overall self-esteem


Pets in People Places

The Tools

For Landlords:

  • Pet damage deposit – In addition to the regular damage deposit, a landlord can require a pet damage deposit of up to 50 per cent of one month’s rent
  • Landlords can restrict the size, kind and number of pets

m Landlords can restrict where pets are permitted inside and outside a unit


Pets in People Places

mTenant interviews – Asking a few key questions of tenants during a preliminary interview will help reveal whether they are responsible pet guardians

m Landlords can have tenants abide by a strict Pet Policy setting out the number and type of pets a tenant can have, proper pet behaviour, pet vaccination and identification requirements and leash laws


Pets in People Places

For Tenants:

  • Pet resumé – Tenants should list pet’s achievements and attributes on a pet resumé. Include a photo as well as references from veterinarian, trainer, previous landlord, breeder, neighbour, dog-walker, or animal shelter where pet was adopted
  • Tenants should make sure their pet always appears groomed and wears proper identification

Pets in People Places

  • Tenants should provide the landlord with proof of pet’s spay/neuter, and any certificates of pet’s obedience training
  • Tenants should invite a prospective landlord to meet their well-behaved pet
  • Tenants should indicate their willingness to respect the wishes of people who are fearful of or allergic to animals

Pets in People Places

  • Tenants permitted to have pets should always adhere to the established Pet Policy and encourage other pet guardians to do the same
  • Tenants should never acquire a pet unless permitted to do so

m The website is an excellent resource to find pet-friendly housing


Pets in People Places

The BC SPCA believes that these clear and humaneguidelines that establish a code of conduct for pets and their guardians will reduce conflict and ensure harmony between pet guardians and their neighbours


Pets in People Places

Where to Start

Visit for:

  • Facts
  • Sample Pet Policy
  • Sample Pet Resumém Landlord and Tenant FAQs
  • Letter from the BC SPCA

m And more …


Pets in People Places

Living with animals is one of the greatest benefits of life. Only by behaving as responsible pet guardians will we be able to initiate positive changes that result in a housing market that is as eager to accept our pets as they are to accept us