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SCI 3010 Environmental Science

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SCI 3010 Environmental Science. SCI 3010 Environmental Science. SCI 3010 Environmental Science. SCI 3010 Environmental Science. SCI 3010 Environmental Science. Forms of Carbon. Materials containing Carbon are called “organic” chemicals. SCI 3010 Environmental Science.

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aristotle born 384 bc died 322 bc
Aristotle born 384 BC, died 322 BC

Aristotle was the tutor of Alexander the Great, and the author of many writings about philosophy, natural history, physics and astronomy. He is regarded as the greatest of the ancient Greek scholars.

Many of his ideas were brilliant, but he also made some serious errors. His teachings were adopted by the early Medieval Christian church and so they became part of the “authorized” teaching of the church. Two major errors related to the composition of matter, and the arrangement of the sun and planets – he believed that the Earth was at the center of the universe with the sun and planets revolving around us…(Geocentric ).


1. A tree weighing 5 pounds was planted in 200 pounds of dirt. 2. After several years Von Helmont dug up the tree and it weighed over 100 pounds. How much did the dirt weigh?


Starting weight of tree = 5 pounds

Starting weight of dirt = 200 pounds


Ending weight of tree = 100 pounds

Ending weight of dirt = 199 ½ pounds


So what is the tree made of? Not dirt!

sci 3010 environmental science6

SCI 3010 Environmental Science

Aristotle and Galileo


Galileo’s notebook drawings of the surface of the moon (showing the shadows of moon mountains) and his notebook page with the observations of the moons of Jupiter….


Glacial “till”- a mix of different sizes and types of rocks. Very familiar to anyone who has hiked or tried to dig a hole in New England ground!