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Clerical Workshop

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Clerical Workshop. Adhoc reports and Custom Reports Overview of Custom Reports Overview of Adhoc reporting Overview of Student/Staff Labels Student/School Reports How to request new reports Parent Portal Locker Management “Hot List” items (Discussion). Overview of Custom Reports.

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Clerical Workshop

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Presentation Transcript
clerical workshop
Clerical Workshop
  • Adhoc reports and Custom Reports
    • Overview of Custom Reports
    • Overview of Adhoc reporting
    • Overview of Student/Staff Labels
    • Student/School Reports
    • How to request new reports
    • Parent Portal
    • Locker Management
    • “Hot List” items (Discussion)
overview of custom reports
Overview of Custom Reports
  • Reporting Services is our current standard
    • Web based reporting program
    • Supported program with SQLServer (Campus database)
      • Username: reports
      • Password: campus
overview of custom reports3
Overview of Custom Reports
  • Advantages of Reporting Services:
    • Web Based – No installs needed
    • Customized Parameters
      • Date ranges, Drop down list options, etc.
    • Customized output format
      • Labels, Excel (spreadsheet), PDF
    • Written in standard SQL
overview of custom reports4
Overview of Custom Reports
  • Disadvantages of Reporting Services:
    • Currently Works properly only in IE (not Firefox)
    • Which means only in Windows
      • (Not Macintosh)
overview of custom reports5
Overview of Custom Reports
  • ISD728 Reports
    • Reporting Services Custom Reports
  • Filter Designer
    • Creates/Edits filters for Data Export
  • Report Designer
    • Create student detail reports
  • Report Builder
    • Runs a Designer report with 1 or more Student Filters
  • Data Export
    • Extracts data from a Ad-Hoc Filter
overview of custom reports6
Overview of Custom Reports
  • School Labels
    • 10 x 3 labels for ISD 728 use ONLY!
    • Not for outside vendors/clients
  • Public Labels
    • Limits to student information that can be send out to vendors/clients
    • Excludes households that requested not to be contacted (marked private)
  • Report Cards
  • Miscellaneous Reports
overview of custom reports7
Overview of Custom Reports
  • Custom Report Parameters
    • Many parameters will have a default value
    • Some parameters need a value selected
    • Parameters have tried to be consistent
common parameters



Starting Col/Row



Defaults to current in Campus

Doesn’t limit to a specific calendar

“ALL” or specific within calendar

For labels to reuse sheets

For Main household and/or secondary household

Specifies how data is organized

Common Parameters
overview of ad hoc reporting
Overview of Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Filter Designer to select students/select fields
    • Used for selecting students for Campus reports
    • Used for generating list of data elements on students
    • Be careful about data privacy, may allow others see items not under their user rights
ad hoc filter designer
Ad Hoc Filter Designer
  • Selection Editor
    • Useful for picking specific students for a specific list
    • Ex: quick mailing label for a handful of students
ad hoc filter designer11
Ad Hoc Filter Designer
  • Select the specific students you want reported on
  • De-select students you don’t need
  • Control-Click and Shift-Click supported
ad hoc filter designer12
Ad Hoc Filter Designer
  • Query Wizard
    • More flexible in selecting students
    • Able to select column to be printed with Data Extract
ad hoc filter designer13
Ad Hoc Filter Designer
  • Select fields that you will want extracted
  • Select fields for limiting student records
ad hoc filter designer14
Ad Hoc Filter Designer
  • Common fields used:
  • Demographics
    • Current Calendar fields
  • Active Enrollment
    • Any enrollments without an end date
  • Enrollment History
    • Any enrollments
ad hoc filter designer15
Ad Hoc Filter Designer
  • Selection Criteria Summary
    • =, <> Equal to, Not equal to
    • Is Null, Is Not Null Field is empty, field is not empty
      • Ex: student.middleName IS NULL would mean that the student does not have a middle name
    • = ‘ ’ Field is not empty, but has a blank
    • IN, NOT IN Field is equal to one of the values within the list seperated by commas and no spaces
      • Ex: student.grade NOT IN 01,02 would mean all students not in 1st or 2nd grade
ad hoc filter designer16
Ad Hoc Filter Designer
  • Selection Criteria Summary cont.
    • LIKE Pattern matching equation
      • Student.lastName LIKE JOHN%
        • Finds Johnson, Johnston, John
      • Student.lastName LIKE %son
        • Finds Anderson, Johnson, Sampson
      • Student.lastName LIKE [ABCDEFG]%
        • Finds all students starting A though G
overview of mailing labels
Overview of Mailing Labels
  • Mailing labels use Avery 5150 Labels
    • 3 Columns by 10 Rows
  • Student Labels
  • Household Labels
  • Staff Labels
student labels
Student Labels
  • Labels Main (under ISD728)
    • Most common used
  • Address Spreadsheet
    • Creates Excel file of addresses
    • Useful for mail merge processes
  • Mailing Labels (under Census)
    • Campus canned mailing labels
    • Useful for printing selected students
household labels
Household Labels
  • Labels Household
    • One label, no matter how many students
    • Sorted by address
  • Household Label Detail
    • Spreadsheet detailing students with each label, including homeroom
  • List Household
    • Spreadsheet of Labels Household
staff labels
Staff Labels
  • Staff Labels under ISD 728 Reports
    • Only people currently assigned to your school
    • Mailing address is what is defined in Campus (not linked to HR/Finance system)
other custom reports
Other Custom Reports
  • Birthday List
    • Enter date range for kids’ birthdays, sorted by date
  • Credit Earned Warning
    • Lists students who haven’t received the credits entered yet.
how to request new reports
How to request new Reports
  • What type of report will it be
    • Label, summary, student detail?
  • What will be the scope of the data
    • Grade, Calendar, entire school for 1 year, entire district
  • Data fields needed
  • How you want the data sorted (in what order)
  • Wanted by date -> what date you would like it by
  • Drop Dead date -> can’t get work done by this date
hot list
“Hot List”
  • Group Discussion of what’s coming up