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The Role of Wireshark in Industrial Ethernet or “Why things just have to work!” 17 June 2009 Mike Hinz President | YR2 PowerPoint Presentation
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The Role of Wireshark in Industrial Ethernet or “Why things just have to work!” 17 June 2009 Mike Hinz President | YR2

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The Role of Wireshark in Industrial Ethernet or “Why things just have to work!” 17 June 2009 Mike Hinz President | YR2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Role of Wireshark in Industrial Ethernet or “Why things just have to work!” 17 June 2009 Mike Hinz President | YR20 SHARK FEST '09 Stanford University June 15-18, 2009 YR20 – Who We Are and What We Do

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Presentation Transcript

The Role of Wireshark in Industrial Ethernet

or “Why things just have to work!”

17 June 2009

Mike Hinz

President | YR20


Stanford University

June 15-18, 2009

yr20 who we are and what we do
YR20 – Who We Are and What We Do

YR20 Group – a Texas Corp. – Operating Cos in Houston, Texas and Aberdeen, Scotland

Over 100 years of experience in mission critical networking and telecommunications

Totally independent - objective, fact-based services completely aligned with our customers

We operate utilizing our in-house tool-set backed up with years of hard experience to offer our customers optimal solutions to their networking and telecom needs

Network Engineering and Analysis as a Service

No capital investment in equipment

We supply the expertise and equipment on a simple contractual basis

Full range of services – lab simulating and testing, incident and problem management, traffic engineering and capacity planning, equipment evaluation, application evaluation and optimization

Sales or Leasing of Standards Based Network Data Capture Appliances

PCAP-Probe™ family

Standards based – Training and Support Available, Extremely Rugged with Remote Management – High Performance

industrial ethernet and this project
Industrial Ethernet and This Project

Simply Stated – Industrial Ethernet must work

Lives and huge economic values are at stake

Focused on plant, process, and control

Directly contributes to the revenue stream of an organization

Installation requires detailed approval by a classification society such as DNV, LR, ABS, etc. to get insurance

“There must be a tie-wrap on the cable every metre”

Likely to be in hazardous environments

the project why yr20
The Project – Why YR20?

The MV Well Enhancer was conceived by Helix ESG to be the largest, most high tech offshore service vessel available

Very high market visibility

Helix ESG demanded that this vessel ‘simply must work!’

Lives, Safety and Revenue were at all risk

YR20 was identified as the Company that could make this happen.

Design, implementation, FAT, and ongoing support

We had the tools, technique, reputation and ability to get it done!

mv well enhancer stats
MV Well Enhancer - Stats

132m long - 1 1/2 football pitches

12,000 ton displacement - more than a USN Ticonderoga Class Cruiser

Top of Tower is almost 50m above sea-level (10 storey building).

Accommodation for 120 people.

Diesel electric power for propulsion and equipment with total of 15MW of generation capacity in x6 engines in x3 engine rooms.

Dynamic Positioning Class 3.

18 saturation divers in x4 chambers living under pressure.x2 ROVs.

what does this network compare to
What Does This Network Compare To?

A ship with crew

Plus a power station

Plus an airport

Plus a hotel for 120 people

Must cover the needs for work, safety, personal use, and regulatory

All over the equivalent of a poor rural DSL 512k x 512k 140,000 km long!!

You cannot design this without knowing the traffic!

Wireshark is a key and critical item in getting it right!

how does a project like this start 1
How Does a Project Like This Start ? (1)

A very pensive Mr. Everitt!!

here s one of the ending points
Here’s ONE of the Ending Points
  • 4 servers
  • Redundant SatCom
    • 2x SeaTel Controller
    • 2x Comtech modems
  • Redundant UPSs
  • Cisco switches and routers
stern of vessel
Stern of Vessel
  • Well Intervention Tower
    • Can handle 22m tool strings
  • Kenz Crane
  • 20 Ethernet devices on Tower
  • 10 Ethernet devices on crane
cctv roof of well intervention cabin
CCTV – Roof of Well Intervention Cabin
  • IP67
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Video IP
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom - IP
network enclosure
Network Enclosure
  • Not your standard office!
  • Note Industrial Ethernet Switches
  • Note cable termination technique
  • ALL work MUST be approved by DNV
    • Det Norske Veritas
kenz crane drive by wire
KENZ Crane – ‘Drive by Wire’
  • Crane by Wire
  • Cyber Chair
  • Networked into vessel
  • Visibility of Crane ops
  • Safety
  • Necessity for Ops
vessel networks
Vessel Networks

Industrial Ethernet round vessel

total of 25 switches

Resilient gigabit core.

Approximately 100 miles of copper installed PLUS fibre!

Total of 25 configured VLANs of which about 8 are in service now.

VLANs for:

General desktop PCs, printers, etc. About 40 devices.

Voice; About 30 VoIP devices. (there is a full general PBX on the vessel that is not connected).


About 60 CCTV channels incl. inside monitoring of winches, etc., external monitoring for decks, cranes, etc. diver helmet video and audio feeds, ROV camera feeds, etc.

Control; x5 separate VLANs for control systems

Likely to be more in the future

Ranges from Modbus/TCP, ProfiNet, etc to HTTP.

Dual VSAT antennae for shoreside link.

traffic engineering
Traffic Engineering

All traffic divided into classes at Layer 2 for LAN priority using IEEE 802.1P marking and QoS/queues in switches.

All traffic divided into classes at Layer 3 for VSAT WAN priority using DiffServ marking and QoS/queues in routers.

Note: LAN trunk capacity is 1Gbps - no bottlenecks at this time.

Note: VSAT/WAN traffic capacity is symmetric 512kbps - significant bottlenecks from start.

Have to deliver all the operational and social requirements for a very large industrial facility and the 120 people who live and work there over the equivalent of a very poor DSL service. This is commonly known in the offshore oil industry as the "elephant and the drinking straw" trick.

Simply would not be possible to do this correctly without tools like Wireshark.


YR20 PCAP-Probes™ to collect traffic 7x24

Large amounts of data captured to be analyzed

Up to .5 T / month

RSD to divide the traffic into Layer 2 or Layer 3 classes of traffic for examination

Wireshark for packet-level analysis

L1 analysis for automated analysis of large volumes of traffic to spot problems

L2 being developed and tested

commissioning process
Commissioning Process

Proper Initial Design

FAT – Field Acceptance Testing

Use of all tools to confirm correct configuration and traffic flows at layers 2 and 3

If operational problems occur traffic can be compared to commissioning traffic to see what's different.

Ability to respond very rapidly to operational issues

thanks to the wireshark community
Thanks to the Wireshark Community!!

Without remarkable tools like Wireshark it simply would not be possible for us to design, build and operate systems like this for serious industrial use.

questions contact us at the following
Questions?Contact Us At The Following

In the US

1718 Fry Road

Suite 440

Houston, Texas 77084


In the UK

Unit 16, James Gregory Centre

Aberdeen Science & Technology Park

Balgownie Drive

Aberdeen AB22 8GU UK