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Webmail Basics

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Webmail Basics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Webmail Basics Veraldi Instructional Technology Resource Center (VITRC) Lawrence Technological University Slides will auto advance in 20 sec intervals or Manually with each mouse click Webmail Basics Webmail allows you to pick up your LTU e-mail anytime from anywhere in the world! 

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Webmail Basics

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webmail basics

Webmail Basics

Veraldi Instructional Technology Resource Center (VITRC)Lawrence Technological University

Slides will auto advance in 20 sec intervals


Manually with each mouse click

webmail basics2
Webmail Basics

Webmail allows you to pick up your LTU e-mail anytime from anywhere in the world! 

this session will show you how to
This session will show you how to:
  • View and send e-mail messages using your favorite "Outlook-like" interface,
  • Create and manage mailboxes,
  • Create and manage contacts and groups,
  • Delete spam and trash,
  • Create a spam filter,
  • Customize a signature,
  • Enable an auto reply “vacation or out-of-office” message.
instructions for using webmail
Instructions for using WebMail
  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Go to URL: http://webmail.ltu.edu
  • Log in to WebMail using your LTU username and network password (this is the same username and password you would use to log on to your LTU desktop or laptop.)
webmail interface is customizable
Webmail interface is customizable
  • Choice of several named “stock” Skins –
  • Named Skins provide graphic intense interfaces. “Golden Fleece” is your default (as shown above.)
  • All pages shown in this presentation are displayed using the “***” unnamed stock Skin.
  • Click the Settings icon to customize the interface.
settings page
Settings Page

This page allows you to customize your Webmail Interface.

setting page general
Setting Page - General
  • Layout: use the menu to specify the Layout “Skin” of the Webmail Interface. Select the *** option to use the “unnamed” Skin.
  • Click Update
  • Log out and Log in again to use the newly selected Skin.
trash management
Trash Management
  • Settings to specify how mail is deleted.
  • Click Settings and Options
deleting messages
Deleting Messages
  • Message Delete Method: Set this option to Move To Trash if you want to move deleted messages to the special Trash mailbox, so they can be recovered from there.
  • Trash Mailbox:This setting allows you to specify the mailbox to be used as Trash
message received time
Message Received Time

Keep Message Received Time: If this option is enabled, then messages moved to Trash keep the Received ("Internal") time attribute, it shows the time when the message was received.

on logout
On Logout

On Logout Remove from Trash if Older than: When you logout of the WebUser Interface, the system checks the Received date of the messages in the Trash mailbox, and removes all messages older that the specified period of time.


Click the Submit button to update after making selections.

customize a signature
Customize a Signature

Webmail’s Settings & Options feature allows you to specify your name on all outgoing messages AND complete a personalized “signature” that will appear on all outgoing messages.

Select the Composer tab.

Type in your preferred name and signature information.

Click the Submit button.

webmail help
Webmail Help

To assist you in with WebMail navigation, click the help button for a printable list of ICONS and BUTTONS.

message view page
Message View Page

This page presents the content of the selected message. You can read, copy, move, delete, redirect, forward, and reply to the open message.

message deletion
Message Deletion

Click the checked box to Mark all items, then click the red X to send to Trash


Check only the messages you wish to delete and click the red X to send to Trash

compose page
Compose Page

Click the Send button to send

  • Allows you to compose and send a message
  • Click Compose/Send Message

Browse to attach a file

composing a message options
Composing a Message: Options
  • Note: By default a copy of each message will be placed in Sent Items mailbox
  • Other options include: Notify When Delivered and Notify When Read,these settings are specific to each message
notify when delivered
Notify When Delivered

Example of a “Notify When Delivered” report

notify when read
Notify When Read

Example of a “Notify When Read” report

creating mailboxes
Creating Mailboxes
  • Create a mailbox (folder)
  • Click Add
  • Name the mailbox
  • Click Create
removing mailboxes
Removing Mailboxes
  • To Remove/Rename a mailbox, click on the mailbox
  • Then click the Options button
removing mailboxes23
Removing Mailboxes

Click Remove to delete mailbox or type a new mailbox name and click Rename

NOTE: You do NOT need to click Submit Settings button

contacts page
Contacts Page
  • These pages allow you to browse your Contacts mailboxes ("folders"), and create/edit groups of contacts
  • Click to open Contacts
contacts list address book
Contacts List/Address Book
  • You can add single names to your address book or create a group of names
  • Click the Contacts mailbox
creating a new contact group
Creating a New Contact Group

Click Create a New Contact Group

creating a new contact group27
Creating a New Contact Group
  • Name Contact Group
  • Add New Member: e.g. Paula Nranian <nranian@ltu.edu>
  • Click Add – name/e-mail will appear within Members box
  • Repeat until all members are added
  • Click Submit button
  • Use < > brackets around e-mail address
setting a vacation or out of office message
Setting a Vacation or Out-of-Office Message
  • Click the Rules/Filters icon
  • Type your message and then click the Enable button
  • NOTE: Do not click the Update button!
setting a vacation or out of office message29
Setting a Vacation or Out-of-Office Message
  • Remember to Disable Vacation Message upon your return!
  • Your vacation message will remain stored until you revise or delete it.
  • The vacation message will be sent to each message author only once.
setting a vacation or out of office message30
Setting a Vacation or Out-of-Office Message

Optional: Click Clear Replied Addresses List