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Science and Technology for Sustainability PowerPoint Presentation
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Science and Technology for Sustainability

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Science and Technology for Sustainability
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Science and Technology for Sustainability

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  1. Science and Technology for Sustainability Emmy Simmons, Co-chair, STS Roundtable Thomas Graedel, Co-chair, STS Roundtable Marty Perreault, Director (Marina Moses – new Director starting June 15)

  2. Roundtable on Science and Technology for Sustainability: History Long-term goals of a transition toward sustainability: • Meet the needs of a much larger but stabilizing human population, • Sustain the life support systems of the planet, and • Substantially reduce hunger and poverty.

  3. Institute of Medicine National Research Council Governing Board National Academy of Sciences National Academy of Engineering Office of Communications Office of News & Public Information Report Review Committee Office of Congressional and Governmental Affairs Institute of Medicine Programs Transportation Research Board Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education Division on Earth and Life Studies Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences Policy & Global Affairs Division

  4. STS Roundtable (est. 2002) Mobilize, encourage, and use scientific knowledge and technology to help achieve sustainability goals and to support the implementation of sustainability practices.

  5. Overarching Principles for Roundtable’s Work • Focus on strategic needs and opportunities for science and technology to contribute to the transition toward sustainability. • Focus on issues for which progress requires cooperation among multiple sectors, including academia, government (at all levels), business, nongovernmental organizations, and international institutions. • Focus on activities where scientific knowledge and technology can help to advance practices that contribute directly to sustainability goals, in addition to identifying priorities for research and development inspired by sustainability challenges.

  6. Roundtable Members Thomas Graedel (NAE) (Co-Chair), Yale University Emmy Simmons (Co-Chair), U.S. Agency for International Development (retired) Matt Arnold, PricewaterhouseCoopers. Ann Bartuska, U.S. Department of Agriculture* Arden Bement (NAE),National Science Foundation* Michael Bertolucci, Interface Research Corporation Nancy Cantor (IOM), Syracuse University John Carberry, DuPont (retired) Leslie Carothers, Environmental Law Institute William Clark (NAS), Harvard University Glen Daigger (NAE), CH2MHILL Sam Dryden, Wolfensohn and Company Nina Fedoroff (NAS), U.S. State Department* Marco Ferroni, Syngenta Foundation Mohamed H.A. Hassan, The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World Neil Hawkins, Dow Chemical Geoffrey Heal, Columbia University Catherine Hunt, Dow Chemical Lek Kadeli, Environmental Protection Agency* Jack Kaye, NASA* Gerald Keusch (IOM), Boston University Suzette Kimball, USGS* Kai Lee, Packard Foundation Thomas Lovejoy, The Heinz Center Pamela Matson (NAS), Stanford University J. Todd Mitchell,Houston Advanced Research Center M. Granger Morgan (NAS), Carnegie Mellon University Prabhu Pingali (NAS), Gates Foundation Per Pinstrup-Andersen, Cornell University Christopher Portier, NIEHS/NIH* Harold Schmitz, Mars Inc. Robert Stephens, Multi-State Working Group on Environmental Performance Denise Stephenson Hawk, The Stephenson Group Dennis Treacy, Smithfield Foods Vaughan Turekian, AAAS* *Denotes ex-officio member Roundtable Members

  7. Current Activities • Partnerships for Sustainability: Examining the Evidence (Just released) • Certification of “Sustainable” Products and Services (Workshop – January 19-21, 2009; workshop report being prepared) • Expanding Biofuel Production – Lessons from the Upper Midwest for Sustainability (Workshop – June 23-24)

  8. In Development • Research and Development on Urban Systems: A Workshop (Fall, 2009) • Urban Implications for Sustainability • Food Security and Sustainability • Sustainability and Health

  9. Ongoing Core Activities • Roundtable on Science and Technology for Sustainability • Network for Emerging Leaders in Sustainability • Sustainability E-newsletter • Website: Inventory of Sustainability Science and Technology Activities

  10. For more information: • Website • • Monthly newsletter • To subscribe, send email to: • Contact Marty at or (202) 334-2143. (Marina’s email is – same phone number)