talking with students about the cost of study abroad l.
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Talking with Students about the Cost of Study Abroad PowerPoint Presentation
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Talking with Students about the Cost of Study Abroad

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Talking with Students about the Cost of Study Abroad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Talking with Students about the Cost of Study Abroad  Fit  Finances  Fear  Family and Friends  Faculty and Adviser Support On-line survey to 1700 UM sophomores-- 473 responded Focus groups with students of color confirm COST as top barrier

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you are the motivators you are the mentors of the message why should students study abroad
You are the motivators.You are the mentors of the message.Why should students study abroad?
value of study abroad investment in education cost benefit too expensive fear
Value of Study AbroadInvestment in EducationCost...Benefit“Too Expensive” = Fear?
Cost as the #1 issue

Demystifying the cost barrier- Promoting the value benefit

Defining our roles

  • Planning for the cost of study abroad

Overcoming real and perceived barriers

  • Case Studies

Modeling the language advisers use with students

  • Role play

What happens in the Study Abroad Office

  • Financial Aid

Resources and limits of Federal Aid


Academic Advisers:

• Motivating, suggesting, mentoring, planning, informing

Study Abroad Advisers:

• Program selection, cost planning, suggest strategies to meet costs

Financial Aid Counselors:

• Nuts and bolts of Federal Student Aid, address financial issues more globally

real vs perceived barriers
Real vs. Perceived Barriers


• Admission into extremely costly program

• No additional loan eligibility at grade level


• Sounds expensive

• Anecdotal situations (my friend...)

• Compare SA program costs with tuition only

real vs perceived barriers18

Real vs. Perceived Barriers

We hope to see students overcome both

sets of barriers by looking at their resources in a planful objective manner

advisers as mentors in the planning process
Advisers as Mentors in the Planning Process
  • Aware of students developmental level
  • Help students prepare by using the tools and expertise at your disposal
  • Teach planning by giving students responsibility and holding them accountable
  • Can we talk about study abroad cost in terms of the planning process?
the tutorial
The Tutorial
  • Budget Comparison
  • Program Choice
  • Financial Aid for Study Abroad
  • Scholarships
  • Savings, Work Abroad
program cost comparison
UM-Crookston $ 6, 582

IT Exchange in Korea $ 6,690

UM-Morris $ 6, 994

Stidu om Cuernavaca, Mexico $ 7, 425

UM-Duluth (resident) $ 7,660

UM-Twin Cities (resident) $ 8,160

Study in Venezuela $ 8,405

Exchange in Sweden $ 8,595

Council Semester in Dominican Republic $ 9,741

MSID India $ 10,600

ISEP Exchange to Argentina (Cordoba) $ 11,223

Exchange in Finland $ 11,223

Study in Montpellier, France $ 11,850

UM-Duluth (non-resident) $ 12, 789

Denmark International Study $ 12, 987

UM-Twin Cities (non-resident) $ 13,447

BU- Australia (U Queensland) $ 13,910

Program Cost Comparison
financial aid process
Financial Aid Process
  • Study abroad office certifies increased cost (if any)
  • Increased cost means increased eligibility
  • Increased eligibility usually means more loans
  • Scholarships are available and realistic
  • Can apply for most scholarships before program selection
  • Most scholarships can be used for study abroad
  • Students should confirm with outside provider
  • University study abroad scholarships are relatively small (+/- $750) and widely disbursed
financial planning
Financial planning
  • Plan to reduce costs at home

(sublease apartment, store car at parents?)

  • Is work abroad an option?
  • Students can set priorities and save-- every little bit helps
  • Global Campus web site has more information

including scholarship applications for all four campuses

working together
Working Together
  • Let students know that study abroad programs can fit financially and academically.
  • Motivate planning: The earlier students begin to research study abroad options, the more time they will have to compare programs, search for aid, and find creative funding sources.
  • Help us create developmentally appropriate tools to help students plan for study abroad.