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VEHU 2008

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VEHU 2008 Class 181 – VistA Imaging Do you feel lucky? Make certain your VistA Imaging system is up. If you have any questions, please write them on an index card and give them to the moderator. Daily Checklist

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vehu 2008

VEHU 2008

Class 181 – VistA Imaging

Do you feel lucky?

Make certain your VistA Imaging system is up.

daily checklist
Daily Checklist

This will not be an all encompassing presentation for your site. Use common sense, don’t make it too difficult, but try not to miss anything either.

Try to “touch” every box. You senses can tell you something is not normal. Things might sound different like a fan’s bearings going out, a light might be red instead of green, a rack can be warmer than normal in the back, something might look loose, etc…

Should take no longer than 15 minutes.

gateway management
Gateway Management
  • Database Management
  • Image Gateway
  • Text Gateway
database management

Option 4-3-5 in MSM.

image gateway

DICOM Image Gateway

Commonly referred to as DIG1, Image1, etc.

Processes the digital images into the database.

Has Instrument Listeners. Shows the date and time of the images.

Displays status of undefined modalities, studies needing correcting, and the number of images behind.

text gateway

HL7 messenger.

Generates modalities worklist.

Simulates modalities to test before they actually come online, eliminating the need to walk up to the modality.

Note: A Gateway can be both a Text and an Image Gateway.

cluster servers
Cluster Servers

IMM1 or IMM2

Cluster Administrator

Windows Explorer

Backup Exec

Background Processor

Disk Management/ Array Configuration Utility

jukebox server
Jukebox Server

Dex Admin

MediaStor Admin

Windows Explorer

Disk Management/ Array Configuration Utility

Note no spare drive, so when one of these drives go out, you need to get on the phone with HP to get the drive replaced.

ACU – Jukebox Server

long term trending
Long Term Trending

Weekly RAID usage.

Weekly Image IEN usage.

Long term tracking of the numbers.

Weekly UDO usage.

Time for drive scans.


Any questions? Please write them on a card and give it on the moderator.