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My ideal school

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My ideal school. Of: Aitxiber, Josune Sharon and Alexis. Smile school. Smile school start at eleven o´clock and finish at one o´clock. In our school there are a lot of playground but there isn´t an internet café also there aren´t any church.

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my ideal school

My ideal school

Of: Aitxiber, Josune Sharon and Alexis

smile school
Smile school

Smile school start at eleven o´clock and finish

at one o´clock.

In our school there are a lot of playground but there isn´t an internet café also there aren´t any church.

Our school is very big and color ful.

schools subjects
Schools subjects:
  • The subjects are:

P.E, music, I.T., ride a horses, french and


  • We haven´t got books, because, the books

are boring.

  • We study with the computers because
  • And we haven´t got any homework
school mates
School mates:
  • The school mates are:






P.E the teachers are Elsa Pataki for boys and Taylor Lautner for grils.

I.T teacher is Sara Carbonero.

Music teacher is Cody Simpon.

French teacher is Miley Cyrus

In a ride a horses subject, the teacher is Cesar Millán.

And in dance subject the teacher is Justin Bieber.


The Music teacher: The R.H teacher:

  • The I.T teacher: The P.E teacher:
  • On Monday: Have got music and I.T.
  • On Tuesday: Have got P.E and ride a horses.
  • On Wenesday: Have got music and french.
  • On Thursday: have got dance and I.T.
  • On Friday there is not school.
  • In the afternoon there isn´t school.
after school subjects and canteen
After-schoolsubjects and canteen
  • After- school is the surf class and we go to the beach, it is in front of our school.
  • We haven´t got canteen, we eat in the limusine and there is a free bufeet.
the break and school facilities
The break and schoolfacilities
  • The break is very big because we have thirteen minutes and we can go to the internet café.
information about us
  • Josune´s love P.E becuase, she like sports. P.E is easy for her. She isn´t good at English because it´s difficult. She hate Spanish language because it´s very boring.
  • Alexis´s like Tecnology, I.T. and Spanish but is easy for him. He doesn´t like English, P.E, maths and history because they are boring.
information about us1
  • Sharon´s favorite subjects are P.E, riding a horse, dance and english. She love dance and english because, they are great, and because she is good at it.
  • Aitziber´s love riding a horse because is easy subject and is fun. She like dance because she is good at it and teacher is very beautiful and funny. She doesn't like music but the teacher is funny.
school rules and uniform
School rules and uniform
  • I go to the bathroom when I want to
  • There aren´t any punishments or expulsion
  • There isn´t book and there is computer
  • There isn´t uniform because it is expensive