information technology and the automobile industry l.
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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND THE AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY Chester Kumm Sue Murali Praveen Punnam Desiree Vance IT and the Auto Industry Information Technology has transformed the car into Mobile Work Fronts – for the professional Entertainment Centers – for passengers

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information technology and the automobile industry


Chester Kumm

Sue Murali

Praveen Punnam

Desiree Vance

it and the auto industry
IT and the Auto Industry
  • Information Technology has transformed the car into
    • Mobile Work Fronts – for the professional
    • Entertainment Centers – for passengers
    • Search and rescue – for the lost
    • Weather stations – for fans of the weather channel
    • Gizmos – for tech freaks ;-)
it in automobiles
IT in Automobiles
  • Electronic Systems that control various functions – brakes, fuel injection etc.
  • Auxiliary Services based on Wireless IT – navigation aids, for e.g..
say what
Say What ?!?
  • 1990 – “the average new car carried more on board computing tools than the vehicle that took Armstrong et al to the moon and back.”
electronic systems
Electronic Systems
  • Back in the 70’s, vehicle emission systems were crude and mechanical.
  • By the 90’s, engine management computers take over.
electronic safety standards
Electronic Safety Standards
  • Airbags – can be traced back to the 60’s but only became viable with electronic controls.
  • ABS, Traction control and Stability control are other examples.
auxiliary services
Auxiliary Services
  • In the 1930’s, radios in cars or telephones in cars were unheard of.
  • Early Satellite Navigation Systems – not user friendly. ( the Hyundai example )
  • Pioneer’s voice recognition idea in 1996 -market reaction was non-existent.
the industry today
The Industry Today
  • “Digitization and Networking”
  • Revolution of IT – Market Globalization
  • Commercialization of the Internet
the industry today9
The Industry Today -
  • Information Technology - Contributions to the Auto Industry
    • Product Development
    • Procurement and Supply
    • Manufacturing System
    • Vehicle Order to Delivery Management
the industry today10
The Industry Today -

IT- Research and Development

  • AHTRI (1995) – Collaboration with other research organizations
  • Other activities
the industry today11
The Industry Today -

Features once considered luxuries are Standard features in cars today.

the industry today12
The Industry Today -
  • Hybrid Technology
    • More mileage
    • Low emissions
  • Telematics
    • ACN (Automatic Crash Notification)
the industry today13
The Industry Today-
  • LCD Technology
    • Several keys integrated into a single multi-functional key
    • User friendly
    • Interactive guidance
    • Space saving
the auto industry

The Auto Industry

What the future holds

software and hardware advances
Software and Hardware Advances
  • Continually improving
  • CAD and CAE advances enable simulations to replace physical models
  • Order tracking and delivery management applications
e commerce and the internet
E-Commerce and the Internet
  • Increased Revenue
  • Cost Savings
  • End-to-End integration of the value and supply chains
  • Less vertical organizations – Partnering
  • Evolutionary vs. Revolutionary
  • Build to order - Customization
  • Traditional Push approach vs. Pull approach
    • Production pulled from real time information
    • Inventory buildups will be eliminated
    • Need for incentives reduced
supply chain management
Supply Chain Management
  • A Good IT system is the backbone of a good supply chain management system
  • Partnering – with real time, networked collaboration
  • Increased role of vendor in development
  • Internet – order tracking
  • Industry consortium developed B2B hub
  • Benefits
    • Reduced Costs
    • Increased efficiency
    • Enhanced quality
    • Improved time to Market
    • Logistical Improvements
      • Provide vendors access to real time production information
industry wide it standards
Industry Wide IT Standards
  • XML Labels
  • COVISINT Standards
    • Vendors will not need to support multiple processes and technologies
  • CAD / CAE applications available to smaller firms
    • Enables partnering and co-development
in vehicle systems
In Vehicle Systems
  • Creating value by providing customized services
  • Increased revenue opportunities
    • Subscriptions and repeat upgrades
    • Requires merely a software upgrade
    • Upgrade and configuration management services
  • Standardization - Eliminate system compatibility issues
in vehicle systems22
In Vehicle Systems
  • Modular approach
    • Assembly and Design Cost savings
  • Increased Software control of functionality
future in vehicle systems
Future In-Vehicle Systems
  • Entertainment
    • MP3 players
    • Satellite radio expanded
  • Information Services
    • News Headlines, weather, sports
    • Investment portfolio updates
    • Movie or theatre times
future in vehicle systems24
Future In-vehicle Systems
  • Communication Services
    • Safer docking facilities for cell phones and PDAs
    • Improved voice activation and recognition
      • Hear email or navigation instructions
    • Pay for items like fast food or movie tickets
future in vehicle systems25
Future In-Vehicle Systems
  • Driver Assistance Services
    • Enhanced GPS Systems
      • Dynamic routing directions based on real time traffic reports
  • Operational Assistance
    • Sensors diagnose problems and proactively alert
      • Driver
      • Roadside Assistance
      • Service Personnel
future in vehicle systems26
Future In-Vehicle Systems
  • Operational Monitoring
    • Insurance Companies
    • Repair Shops
  • Safety and Security
    • Different levels of access
      • Drivers
      • Passengers
      • Mechanics, Valets..
future in vehicle systems27
Future In-vehicle Systems
  • Virtual Dashboard
    • All gauges consolidated into one flat panel monitor
      • Safer
        • Voice technology
        • Hands stay on the wheel
        • Eyes stay on the road
future in vehicle systems28
Future In-Vehicle Systems
  • Integrated Services
    • Sensors automatically activate or control an event
      • Velocity of the airbag
      • Doctor or family members notified after accidents
      • Trend analysis leads to proactive repairs
future in vehicle systems29
Future In-Vehicle Systems
  • Parental Monitoring
    • Safeforce Teen Driving System
      • Audio warnings to unsafe driving
      • Removable memory card
      • GPS option to track real time driving
    • Will be available in early 2003.
    • Roadsafety Inc.of Thousand Oaks, CA

Technology transforming the Auto Industry.