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Digital Television (DTV) Transition Campaign Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Television (DTV) Transition Campaign Overview

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Digital Television (DTV) Transition Campaign Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digital Television (DTV) Transition Campaign Overview. DTV Awareness. Awareness jumps to 91% nationally. DTV Transition Awareness. NAB Survey Fielded May 2008 State by state data currently being analyzed News releases on state-by-state awareness coming out in the next two weeks

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Presentation Transcript

Digital Television (DTV)

Transition Campaign Overview

dtv awareness
DTV Awareness

Awareness jumps to 91% nationally

dtv transition awareness
DTV Transition Awareness

NAB Survey

Fielded May 2008

State by state data currently being analyzed

News releases on state-by-state awareness coming out in the next two weeks

NAB will distribute awareness data to our primary station contacts list

Goal: Distribute important info to stations while creating news about the transition


Digital Television (DTV)

Transition Campaign Overview

government actors
Government Actors


  • 15,302,839 coupon applications received from 8,077,114 households
  • 2,346,855 coupons redeemed
  • 184,583 coupons expired
  • Average daily order: 103,398 coupons per day
  • 86 converter boxes certified, 20 with analog pass through
  • Retail certifications closed; last retailers trickling in
government actors1
Government Actors

Most coupon applications

  • Texas: 1,414,131 21% OTA 1,715,000 OTA households
  • California: 1,431,621 16.5% 1,990,900
  • Michigan: 678,354 14.5% 566,100
  • Pennsylvania: 683,704 9.6% 465,840
  • Illinois: 819,666 17.1% 801,940
  • Ohio: 702,918 15.9% 720,800
  • Florida: 718,185 8.9% 637,410
  • New York: 676,413 9.5% 668,330
  • Indiana: 476,793 18.6% 453,380
  • Missouri: 437,479 20.9% 478,030

(as of 5/30) Numbers available by state and zip at

government actors2
Government Actors


Coupon Distribution

  • NTIA began taking orders Jan. 1 – started distributing coupons on 2/17/08
  • Two weeks to process applications – additionally, working through a backlog
  • With coupons, consumers get list of local retailers, web retailers, and catalogs accepting the coupon
  • Coupons expire 90 days after delivery of coupon
  • Consumers cannot re-apply for coupons – yet
government actors3
Government Actors


Certifications: Boxes

  • 86 DTV converter boxes are certified for purchase with coupon
  • EchoStar box retails for $39.99 (Coupon is $40)
  • 20 boxes have analog “pass-through” option
  • Boxes certified for coupons cannot have analog tuners
  • See for updated lists of boxes
government actors4
Government Actors


Certifications: Retailers

  • 1,735 retailers, representing over 19,100 stores are participating in coupon program
  • Includes leading retailers: Best Buy, Circuit City, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Radio Shack
    • New retailers: Sears & Target
  • No new retailers can enter program (March 31 deadline)

Digital Television (DTV)

Transition Campaign Overview

challenge low power
Challenge: Low Power

Low power stations remain in analog

  • Issue: Boxes without “analog pass through” option block analog signals
  • Low power stations – community broadcasters, Class A, translators – stay in analog; stations across border in analog
  • Extremely complicated message for low-power viewers – community broadcasters and translators
  • Low power message can and will confuse full-power viewers if disseminated widely
  • NAB concerned with translator issue
challenge low power1
Challenge: Low Power


NAB crafted plan to educate consumers on DTV

Market identification: Complete

Web provides info for consumers

National retailer outreach: Complete

Local station meetings: Ongoing

Local retailer outreach: Ongoing

DTV Speaker’s Bureau activation: Complete

LPTV Action Spots: Complete – distributed in April

challenge antennas
Challenge: Antennas

Antennas maximize reception…

But in some cases, are necessary to upgrade

  • Problem: 1295 stations relocating to a channel different than their NTSC channel; many across bands
    • UHF antennas can’t pick up low VHF, and vice versa
    • Stations moving from UHF to VHF, or from VHF to UHF, need to talk about antennas
  • Problem: “Digital cliff” effect
  • Solution: Antenna spots in next round of DTV action spots
  • Solution: Talk about antennas in newscasts
  • Solution: Multidirectional antennas like these

Digital Television (DTV)

Transition Campaign Overview

best practices
Best Practices

Station Analog Shut-Off Tests

Simulating digital-only during newscasts

KVBC-TV (NBC) in Las Vegas and KGMB-TV (CBS) in Honolulu

Market-wide tests

Orlando, FL on June 25th

11 stations, excluding Fox affiliate

1 minute shutoff test at 7:59 p.m.

2 more tests before the end of the year

Omaha, NE in planning stages

best practices1
Best Practices

KVBC-TV Case Study

“Pulling the Plug”

Station simulated analog shut-off during several of its newscasts on May 2nd

Viewers saw cable getting pulled in control room

Used static graphic with DTV phone number and website

Crawl with DTV Answers logo and information

best practices2
Best Practices

On the Phone:

Lisa Howfield

General Manager


Las Vegas


Digital Television (DTV)

Transition Campaign Overview

industry and consumers
Industry and Consumers

DTV Transition Coalition

  • 232 members, up from eight last year
  • Industry, consumer, grassroots organizations
  • Monthly meetings at NAB are national “forum” of DTV issues
  • Organizations have pledge to distribute DTV materials to their membership
  • State-level coalitions in early stages in Nevada, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and Maine
  • Mailed DTV information to all state public utility commissions
outreach dtv action spots
Outreach: DTV Action Spots

DTV Action Spots

  • Six spots released thus far
    • Fed by satellite (Re-fed on 4/4)
    • Scripts available at:
    • State associations instrumental in getting word out about spots

30 minute educational TV program

  • Focus: A-Z of DTV transition, with special focus on converter boxes
  • Shot and distributed in SD, HD, English, Spanish
  • Fed by satellite in mid-March
  • Format/timing sheet available at:
outreach dtv toolkits
Outreach: DTV Toolkits

DTV Toolkits

With help of SBA’s, DTV toolkits were sent to educate elected officials at the federal, state and local levels

Sample speeches, op-eds, press releases

PowerPoint presentation

Web banner ads

Background info sheet

Talking points

Marketing collateral

Flash countdown clock

outreach dtv toolkits1
Outreach: DTV Toolkits

Toolkits sent to:

All 535 members of Congress

Governors, Lt. Governors, Sec’s of State

7600 state legislators

Mayors of 200 largest big cities

State aging agency directors

State municipal association executive directors

State county association executive directors

Working with National League of Cities to distribute e-kits to municipal officials

Next step: E-kits to state legislators and local officials

outreach media relations
Outreach: Media Relations

Media outreach

  • Launching weekly email to reporters with updates about DTV transition, coupon program and NAB campaign
  • Electronic press kit sent to reporters nationwide
  • 19,000 contacts with reporters since early 2007
  • Over 7,500 stories generated, with increasing frequency, in all 50 states
  • Reporter briefings: New York, Chicago, Silicon Valley, Washington D.C.
  • Facilitating media briefings with state broadcaster associations in 50 state capitals
outreach online
Outreach: Online

  • Launched in March 2007
  • Best consumer Web site on DTV
  • Link to, or use copy for station Web sites
  • Banner ads to promote site available at
  • Station tools available at
outreach dtv road show
Outreach: DTV Road Show




First Step:

We Contact

State Assn’s

DTV Trekker stop at NBC 4 Fitness Expo in Washington, DC

outreach dtv road show1
Outreach: DTV Road Show

How NAB promotes DTV Trekker

  • News Alerts
    • Phone contact with news desks of stations, newspaper reporters
    • E-mail alert to GM of stations in market
    • E-mail from NAB to group executive
    • State broadcaster associations notified
    • Participation by local broadcasters maximizes events
outreach dtv road show2
Outreach: DTV Road Show

Recent Visits

OK Assoc. of Broadcasters (Oklahoma City)

Phoenix, AZ

San Antonio, TX

New York, NY

Upcoming Visits

Memphis, TN (6/12)

San Diego, CA (6/13)

Detroit, MI (6/20)

Minnesota (Late August)

outreach speakers bureau
Outreach: Speakers Bureau

DTV Speakers Bureau

  • Purpose: Utilize industry’s grassroots and personnel resources as a “ground campaign” to compliment “air campaign” of spots and news coverage
  • Goal: 8,000 speaking engagements
    • Audiences: Rotary clubs, Kiwanis clubs, retirement centers, manufacturing plants, schools, etc.
outreach speakers bureau1
Outreach: Speakers Bureau

DTV Speakers Bureau

  • 1,091 speakers registered thus far from 665 stations and broadcaster associations
  • 3200+ engagements booked
  • 1720+ engagements completed
  • Average audience: 128 (Goal is 125)
outreach nab to stations
Outreach: NAB to Stations

NAB Station Outreach

  • Webcasts
    • First webcast: December 5, 2007
    • Second webcast: January 31, 2008
    • Third webcast: April 4, 2008
    • Schedule: Every 6-8 weeks
    • Webcasts archived at:
outreach nab to stations1
Outreach: NAB to Stations


  • All station tools available at:

    • DTV Style Guide and Messaging Toolkit
    • Graphic elements available for stations:
    • Station Checklist:
    • “Cheat Sheet” to handle viewer phone calls
    • Sample op-ed on DTV Transition
    • Teaser copy for station news stories:
    • Sample crawls for stations:

Digital Television (DTV)

Transition Campaign Overview

dtv transition
DTV Transition

Wilmington Experiment

Four commercial TV stations – WWAY (ABC), WILM (CBS), WECT (NBC) and WSFX (Fox) go exclusively digital September 8, 2008 at 12pm

Public station, WUNJ, not participating – cites concerns over emergency weather

Other low power stations not participating

dtv transition1
DTV Transition

Wilmington Experiment


Wilmington Awareness: 89% aware that TV is going digital, but…

31% believe it is happening February 17, 2009

19% believe it is happening September 8, 2008

A lot of “unlearning” to do

dtv transition2
DTV Transition

Wilmington Experiment

Other challenges

66% of viewers in Wilmington view programming originating outside of the market

CBS station (WILM) is low power and does not reach entire DMA

Public station WUNJ is promoting February date

Confusion: These viewers will see PSAs promoting two different transition dates

dtv transition3
DTV Transition

Wilmington Experiment

Other Challenges

Network, syndicated spots: Networks and syndicators are running national spots promoting a February 17, 2009 transition – all of which must be blocked by stations

Vacation Homes: Thousands of vacation homes may have antennas, but homeowners may not be there to upgrade before September 8

dtv transition4
DTV Transition

Wilmington Experiment

Broadcasters taking action

Public Service Announcements

Four commercial stations have produced their own Wilmington spots

NAB is producing Wilmington versions of our national spots

NAB working with radio stations to promote transition

Extensive news coverage of transition

dtv transition5
DTV Transition

Wilmington Experiment

Web site: NAB purchased for stations to educate viewers


DTV Speakers Bureau: Eight broadcasters trained to speak at local venues

National Black Church Initiative in Wilmington

DTV Trekker: Road Show to visit Wilmington full two weeks before switch

Stations are contacting retailers, property managers

dtv transition6
DTV Transition

258 Days Left!